24th October 2000 Archive

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  • Ballmer says some stock (not his) dramatically overvalued

    And AOL's nearly not a competitor after all...

    Software 24 06:40

  • How the hack SDMI challenge was run

    Automated procedure detected failed attempts, so the survivors are..?

    Media 24 07:47

  • New Intel TV ads ‘complete crap’

    Updated Central characters are Mac users

    Bootnotes 24 10:16

  • Pentium 4 to ship bundled with Rambus

    Tech Data SKUs up Pentium 4 offerings

    Channel 24 10:40

  • Dodgy executives ‘four times more likely online’

    The old ones are the worst, apparently

    Media 24 10:53

  • Dutch telco relaxed about LLU in Britain

    Can't wait to get its gear into BT's local exchanges

    Data Networking 24 10:54

  • Company director jailed for kiddie porn

    Naughty wallpaper but thankfully no matching curtains

    Media 24 10:57

  • Wildfire Magee mad at ‘spinmeister’ slur

    Mad, not mystic

    Bootnotes 24 11:04

  • Germany bucks Apple revenue trend

    Deutschland über Apples

    Mac Channel 24 12:06

  • Nat Semi issues profit warning

    Seasonal adjustment

    Business 24 12:14

  • SGI Q1 loss beats Street

    Component shortages still hit revenues, though

    Business 24 12:35

  • Boxman sinks

    No buyers

    Business 24 12:50

  • BTOpenwoe stung by bugs

    Service supposed to be dynamic - but is not

    Media 24 12:51

  • Hitachi jumps on Crusoe bandwagon

    Surely they should announce this stuff on Friday, man?

    Channel 24 12:58

  • Be wins PersonalJava compliance award

    Won't do much to boost its $68,000 revenue, though...

    Software 24 13:11

  • Carrera ceases trading

    To be sold as going going gone concern?

    Business 24 13:11

  • UK Gov't to fund easier-to-use GUIs

    Up to a point, Lord Sainsbury

    Software 24 13:28

  • P4 set to bust 2GHz barrier in Q2 next year

    Lots of lovely confidential roadmap info leaks out

    Channel 24 13:57

  • Debt-ridden Xerox promises ‘aggressive turnaround’

    Bluechip to pauper

    Business 24 14:22

  • Paedo ‘predator’ jailed

    Nasty blokey sent to chokey

    Media 24 14:22

  • Mobile phones get on your (ear) nerves

    What's the damage?

    Data Networking 24 15:53

  • Oftel welcomes shared access

    Tim loses the will to live

    Data Networking 24 15:54

  • HWRoundup: Dr Tom burns fast CDs

    And loads of motherboard action from hardware land

    Hardware Roundup 24 16:17

  • Acer to bring PlayStation games to DVD players

    300MHz Risc CPU, embedded OS and emulator combo in development

    Business 24 16:53

  • ALI joins VIA in race to support P4

    And DDR memory, natch

    Channel 24 16:54

  • Uni team claims SDMI cracked, and ‘inherently vulnerable’

    Hackers say they'll tell us how they did it RSN...

    Software 24 17:37

  • Dotcom dodo loses power of speech

    Keynote Keno at Internet World

    Business 24 20:11