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PCs sell well (including Dell)

Guess what, the sky is not falling down on the PC industry, the US is not saturated with PCs, and Q3 sales - even in Europe - are looking pretty healthy.
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Freeserve: which bit of unlimited don't you understand?

Letter This correspondence is now closed - unless we get something else worth publishing.
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Son of Intel 815E arrives

Intel's popular (aka working) 815E chipset has spawned a mobile offspring, the 815EM, designed for Pentium III notebooks.
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32MB on a humble floppy

Matsushita-Kotobuki has developed a way of boosting the capacity of a standard 1.44MB floppy to 32MB.
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New Intel shortage shock

Intel's aggressive plans to get a new Flash memory fab up and running in 12 months rather than the usual 18 have been foiled by a shortage of plumbers in the Denver area.
Broken CD with wrench

Text me, sex me, anyway you want me

Motherandbaby.co.uk has come up with a cracking use for the mobile phone - it's sending out SMS messages to wannahavebaby subscribers, suggesting when they should have sex.
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Amiga unveils next-gen hardware spec

Amiga re-introduced the computer that bears its name after years of focusing solely on software. It also announced the platform's first licensee.
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Intel worker caught in paedo sting

Ex-Intel employee Scott Berger, 40, sent more than a dozen explicit email messages from his computer at the company's Chandler, Arizona, plant to a chat room member he believed to be a 13-year-old girl. But when he went to a shopping mall to meet his chat room partner, 'she' turned out to be an undercover (male) detective.
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Universal tests Napster-style music service

'Big five' recording company Universal Music Group has begun secret trials of an unlimited access, subscription-based digital music distribution service.
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Watch out, there's PC channel stuffing about!

Blimey! It didn't take long for a riposte to IDC's optimistic assessment of the PC industry. And from Gartner Dataquest, it's bitter rival, too.
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HW Roundup Monitors, roadmaps and drivers

Sharky Extreme has compiled its own version of Intel's plans for the future. A roadmap pieced together from snippets of info from various sources, this is what the big fishy ones think Intel has in store for the desktop CPU and chipset sector. We thought you might like to take a peek. Go here if you do.
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And the Physicus winners are…

It's been a busy week at Reg Merchandising. Our Physicus competition attracted 601 entries, so many that publisher Tivola kindly agreed to offer another five copies.
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US National Security Agency (NSA) badly crippled

Those accustomed to imagine the US National Security Agency (NSA) as some guild of omniscient, malevolent hermits effortlessly deciphering all the electromagnetic noise enveloping the modern world will be bitterly disappointed to learn that its basic, functional competence is in doubt.

Lucent boots out boss

Lucent Technologies has turfed out CEO Richard McGinn - and in a bit of a hurry too - the only person it can find to replace him at such short-notice is chairman Henry Schacht.
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Lucent fires CEO

Lucent Technologies has turfed out CEO Richard McGinn - and in a bit of a hurry too - the only person it can find to replace him at such short-notice is chairman Henry Schact.
Cat 5 cable

BT feeling Blu after Italy 3G bid collapse

BT confirmed today that Italian mobile company Blu has withdrawn from the bidding for the third generation mobile licences in Italy.
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Telcos gang up on e-minister over LLU

Six British telcos have reportedly issued Britain's e-commerce minister with an ultimatum over local loop unbundling(LLU).
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Netvest reports profits

Dotcom VC Netvest.com reported profits before tax of £233,800 for the year to May 31 2000. The company's assets were £6 million and it has £1.6 million stashed away in the bank. Netvest's portfolio includes Kelkoo, Meanfiddler and Sheetmetalworld.com.
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Senator Hatch's Napster Epiphany

A year ago, few would have predicted that a simple software application written by a college Freshman would capture the international media main-stage. Fewer still would have anticipated that this modest computer-science project would quickly swell to grotesque proportions, terrifying the mighty Titans of Hollywood's entertainment industry, taxing the best wits of US judges and high-priced legal teams. But all this, and more, it has managed to do.
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Steve Case funds homophobes – by mistake

Steve Case faces losing the Pink Pound after giving more than $8 million to a school owned by a religious group determined to "cure" homosexuals.
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Punters complain to BTOpenwoe

It was only a matter of time...but a frustrated Reg reader has set up a Web site to give punters the chance to recount tales of ineptitude and farce about BT Openworld.
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Pink slips rain on dotcom parade

Death by dotcom grew 18 per cent in the last month, with more than 5,000 jobs lost.
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Boffin brainteaser book bonanza

Inspired by the impressive response to our Physicus competition, Reg Merchandising got straight on the blower to publisher Fourth Estate to secure 20 copies of The Code Book a bestseller and a very good read, to boot.
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Lexmark ditches 900 jobs

Printer giant Lexmark is to cut 900 jobs and move some of its operations abroad.
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Voteauction.com back in business

An American votes-for-sale Web site is back online just days after an Illinois judge ordered it to shut down.
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Pay reviews for Bastards

Episode 36 BOFH 2000: Episode 36
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BOFH goes to War

Episode 35 BOFH 2000: Episode 35
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FrontPath stomps on pirate Transmeta BeOS webpad

Updated S3 spin-off Frontpath, the maker of the ProGear Web pad, says it has no connection with a company producing an identical product, but with a BeOS twist.