20th October 2000 Archive

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  • Republican Party claims spam was a dirty trick

    A frame-up, or a Dubya fan gone wild?

    Media 20 04:57

  • MS trial judges book themselves remedial tech class

    Oh oh... We're starting from the very basics...

    Software 20 08:06

  • Bush uses I-word, tilts towards Microsoft

    And surely somebody's been briefing him on 'consumer harm'

    Software 20 08:40

  • Schrock Shlock Shock: AltaVista CEO resigns

    To spend more time with his family

    Business 20 09:26

  • Apple's Cube-for-Cash deal comes to Britain

    Buy a pricey Cube and display and get 250 quid back

    Mac Channel 20 09:53

  • Apple to end AppleStore exclusives

    Resellers to be offered AppleStore-only kit too

    Mac Channel 20 10:11

  • How ‘cybersmear’ lawsuits can block free speech

    The growing difficulty of keeping John Doe status

    Media 20 10:54

  • Nvidia to grab market control from ATI

    But only in the desktop PC sector...

    Channel 20 11:06

  • BTopenworld FAQs it up

    FAQing 'ell, not again

    Media 20 11:14

  • LibertySurf in ‘blacklist’ row

    More grief, more problems

    Media 20 11:16

  • Handspring, Citizen prep micro-Visor

    And little fleas have lesser fleas...

    Business 20 11:41

  • Samsung launches 24in TFT monster

    It's not going to be cheap

    Business 20 11:58

  • Silicon Valley: save our power supply

    Wouldn't it be cheaper to move?

    Business 20 12:00

  • Growth may be slowing, but MS magic kicks stock into life

    And maybe the Street just needs something to feel good about...

    Business 20 12:04

  • VIA plans DDR PIII, Athlon support

    Chipsets a go-go

    Business 20 12:31

  • MP3.com losses down two-thirds

    Just beats Street

    Business 20 12:32

  • QXL in talks with ‘prospective buyers’

    Breaking news from Breaking Views

    Business 20 12:44

  • Ambient light powers shiny computer screens

    Two very bright dots

    Business 20 12:49

  • Letsbuyit.com too sexy for stuffed shirt

    Is German judge mad?

    Business 20 13:35

  • Oftel still twiddling its thumbs…

    ...waiting for BT to tell it about new price changes

    Data Networking 20 13:58

  • Energis Squared hacked and used for spam

    Clients' servers down for two days

    Media 20 13:59

  • MS judges use networked PowerBooks, says eye-witness

    Not so IT illiterate after all, apparently...

    Bootnotes 20 14:13

  • Pilots could be usurped by neural networks

    The next thing you know they'll be writing news...

    Software 20 14:28

  • Fujitsu to open server sales outfit in US

    Move follows Amdahl ditching mainframes

    Business 20 14:29

  • Flame of the Week We're biased

    And we don't read or understand things

    Flame of the Week 20 14:31

  • Lame Freeserve kicked by FTSE

    Ouch, that hurt

    Media 20 15:13

  • Secret Intel price cuts revealed

    True Lies?

    Channel 20 15:25

  • Infineon defines ‘very fast’ data transfer speed

    IEEE to standardise on 'like sh*t off a shovel', apparently...

    Channel 20 15:47

  • Flame of the Week 2 Middle East and Reg don't mix

    That Intel Israeli fab - our readers write

    Flame of the Week 20 16:09

  • HWRoundup Ch-ch-ch-Chaintech's i815e ATX mobo

    Clock modifications for K6-2+ and K6-III+

    Hardware Roundup 20 16:27

  • Egghead in damn DRAM jam

    What's honour among retailers?

    Media 20 16:29

  • Middle East situation worries Intel

    Chipzilla to relocate P4 production to Ireland

    Channel 20 16:37

  • Nvidia to buy 3dfx?

    So an unnamed BusinessWeak source reckons...

    Channel 20 16:48

  • Freeswerve freezes ‘unlimited’ sign ups

    The company that likes to say 'no'

    Media 20 18:53

  • World's youngest pump and dumper ‘did nothing wrong’

    Oh Lord won't somebody buy me a Mercedes Benz

    Media 20 19:03

  • Rambus puts all its eggs in two baskets

    Unfortunately, one of them belongs to Intel

    Channel 20 19:14

  • Eve.com goes titsup.com

    Beauty e-tailer sells its last lipstick

    Media 20 20:29

  • Chat-room saves Scot from drug overdose

    Canadian emergency service tips off Edinburgh police

    Media 20 20:29