19th October 2000 Archive

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  • Rogue ISPs are pirate havens

    The BSA claims...

    Business 19 07:45

  • Telecity t/o up by half

    Hip hip...

    Business 19 08:35

  • MS beats Street, ungrateful Street beats up MS

    The gift horse's teeth are coming under closer scrutiny...

    Software 19 09:02

  • Illinois bans sale of votes

    And we thought this was a great Chicago tradition

    Media 19 09:57

  • Apple sees growth despite depressed sales

    Inventiory issues to hit Q1 2001 results too

    Mac Channel 19 10:25

  • Sun posts 60 per cent sales growth

    Global factors worry McNealy, not IBM and HP

    Business 19 10:38

  • Apple creates Europe-wide retail, education sales ops

    European centralisation continues

    Mac Channel 19 10:44

  • Chipzilla jilted in Germany

    AMD über alles

    Business 19 11:26

  • BT justifies increase in line rental

    It's good - very good

    Data Networking 19 11:29

  • Digital Angel wireless implant set for unveiling

    Captain Cyborg, read and weep...

    Channel 19 13:16

  • BT to confirm ‘free’ local calls

    The kimono finally slips open...

    Software 19 14:01

  • Bluetooth server for sale

    Yes, a real live product

    Business 19 14:04

  • Amdahl stops making mainframes

    Users want Unix

    Business 19 14:04

  • Recalled 1.13GHz PIII will never resurface

    Too little, too late

    Channel 19 16:20

  • BT confirms free local calls from 1 Dec

    Reg exclusive drags top brass off golf course

    Data Networking 19 16:21

  • Detector vans can't tell you're watching TV streamed to your PC

    Licensing authority admits the obvious

    Media 19 16:22

  • VNU turns Computing into Ebusiness Age

    Something new for the round filing cabinet

    Bootnotes 19 16:51

  • Gateway hit with credit card lawsuit

    Updated Punters paying till the cows come home, apparently

    Business 19 17:04

  • BT free local calls available Dec 1

    But the telco still won't come out and admit it

    Data Networking 19 17:04

  • BT listens to its punters

    Course it does...

    Data Networking 19 17:04

  • 3dfx on course to win Nvidia patent clash

    Or so recent court rulings have led it to believe

    Channel 19 17:04

  • Virtual Sellers rages against ‘malicious’ BB posters

    Enjoins Raging Bull, AltaVista and CMGI in lawsuit

    Media 19 17:04

  • Accounting change would wipe £2.3bn value from Hi-tech UK

    Share options in P&L

    Business 19 17:04

  • Taxman bows to BT pressure

    Telco wins massive refund

    Business 19 17:04

  • MP3.com settles with Paul McCartney, NMPA

    Agrees to pay $30 million for rights to over one million songs

    Media 19 17:04

  • HWRoundup Gonzo game card groupies

    And mega Celeron 600 overclocking

    Hardware Roundup 19 17:48

  • SDMI hack: the ‘golden ears’ ride to the rescue

    Did you know the music companies use real people to measure things? Wow...

    Software 19 18:52

  • E-Exchange goes titsup.com

    B2B = Back to Banking

    Business 19 21:20

  • License Online dumps UK office

    B2C = Back to Consultancy

    Business 19 21:21