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Rogue ISPs are pirate havens

Rogue European ISPs are acting as havens for illegal software download sites, anti-piracy outfit the Business Software Alliance claims.
Drew Cullen, 19 Oct 2000

Telecity t/o up by half

Telecity plc - which runs Internet exchanges in the UK and Europe - reported an operating loss of £3.4 million in Q3 to September 2000. Turnover for the same period was up 47 per cent to £3.8 million. The company's invested £12.3 million during the quarter in fitting out Internet exchanges across Europe, including Amsterdam and Frankfurt. In the next three months it will focus on Paris and Dublin. The company currently has cash in hand of £61million.
Team Register, 19 Oct 2000

MS beats Street, ungrateful Street beats up MS

Microsoft's Q1 results comfortably 'beat the Street' - but the Street seems to be getting a mite suspicious. The company yanked earnings up from $2.19 billion a year ago to $2.21 billion, but the increase came from a surge in income from company investments, up from $550 million to an impressive $1.13 billion.
John Lettice, 19 Oct 2000

Illinois bans sale of votes

A Chicago judge has ordered Voteauction.com to shut down in Illinois, pending further legal action. The site offers US citizens the opportunity to sell their votes to the highest bidder.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Oct 2000

Apple sees growth despite depressed sales

The leaks from Apple's sieve-like HQ in Cupertino hinted that the Mac maker's latest fiscals, announced last night, wouldn't be as bad as the company warned t'other day, and sure enough they weren't.
Tony Smith, 19 Oct 2000

Sun posts 60 per cent sales growth

Sun's revenues grew by 60 per cent in the first quarter causing CEO Scott McNealy to say it was only the global economy and interest rates that worried him - not IBM and HP.
Robert Blincoe, 19 Oct 2000

Apple creates Europe-wide retail, education sales ops

Apple Europe's centralisation continues apace, demonstrated by today's announcement of the creation of pan-European retail and education sales teams.
Tony Smith, 19 Oct 2000

Chipzilla jilted in Germany

PC sales in Germany's PC Spezialist stores show that AMD processors are gaining popularity at the expense of Chipzilla's Pentiums.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Oct 2000
Cat 5 cable

BT justifies increase in line rental

According to documents seen by The Register BT has really thought hard about justifying the increase in the overall cost of its domestic line rental.
Tim Richardson, 19 Oct 2000

Digital Angel wireless implant set for unveiling

Applied Digital Solutions' deeply weird Digital Angel, a wireless microchip device which can be planted under the skin and used for all sorts of... er... interesting applications, is to be unveiled in Florida at the end of this month. The demo, according to ADS, will combine GPS, wireless and body function monitoring.
John Lettice, 19 Oct 2000

BT to confirm ‘free’ local calls

BT has called a press conference today at 3:45pm to discuss new pricing packages. It is believed the telco will confirm the introduction of US-style unmetered or "free" call packages
Tim Richardson, 19 Oct 2000

Bluetooth server for sale

Red-M, the Madge subsidiary, has announced a new wireless server, the 3000AS, worthy of note because it is the "first Bluetooth-enabled networking product".
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Oct 2000

Amdahl stops making mainframes

Amdahl is pulling the plug on its mainframe business - it is getting out of the market for System 390-type servers.
Robert Blincoe, 19 Oct 2000

Recalled 1.13GHz PIII will never resurface

While Chipzilla's website maintains its legendarily-tenuous grip on reality in boasting that the Pentium III is currently available in speeds of up to 1.13GHz, The Register learns that the truth is somewhat different. Not only is the recalled chip not available, Intel today confirmed that it isn't scheduled for its second coming until Q2 next year.
Andrew Thomas, 19 Oct 2000

BT confirms free local calls from 1 Dec

At a hastily convened press conference this afternoon BT confirmed a Register exclusive that it was set to introduce unmetered phone tariffs in the UK from 1 December.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Oct 2000

Detector vans can't tell you're watching TV streamed to your PC

The Television Licensing Authority seems to be admitting defeat in the quest to winkle out viewers illegally watching TV programs on their computers in the UK, writes Chris Ward-Johnson.
Our correspondent, 19 Oct 2000

VNU turns Computing into Ebusiness Age

Dutch publisher VNU is preparing to share the exciting story behind the revamp of its corporate IT newspaper Computing.
Team Register, 19 Oct 2000

Gateway hit with credit card lawsuit

Cow-fixated computer maker Gateway is on the receiving end of a nasty class action lawsuit claiming the firm misled customers.
Andrew Thomas, 19 Oct 2000

BT free local calls available Dec 1

BT is to start offering "free" local calls from December 1 as part of a massive shake-up of its residential business, according to detailed internal documents seen by The Register.
Tim Richardson, 19 Oct 2000

BT listens to its punters

According to documents seen by The Register, BT is set to offer unmetered calls from 1 December.
Tim Richardson, 19 Oct 2000

3dfx on course to win Nvidia patent clash

3D graphics chip company 3dfx has described court rulings in its long-running patent infringement case against arch-rival Nvidia as "favourable", and is now sufficiently confident of success it intends to file for a summary judgement.
Tony Smith, 19 Oct 2000

Virtual Sellers rages against ‘malicious’ BB posters

VirtualSellers.com has filed a lawsuit against "malicious' anonymous posters on a message board hosted by financial site RagingBull.com.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Oct 2000

Accounting change would wipe £2.3bn value from Hi-tech UK

As much as £2.3 billion could be wiped off the value of UK technology companies if new proposals from the Accounting Standards Board are taken up. The board recommends that IT companies be compelled to show share options as a cost in their profit and loss accounts. According to a report from Capital Strategies, this would lop an average of 5.65 per cent off the value of each company.
Team Register, 19 Oct 2000

Taxman bows to BT pressure

BT has won a five year legal battle to reduce the amount it pays in tax.
Tim Richardson, 19 Oct 2000

MP3.com settles with Paul McCartney, NMPA

MP3.com has reached a potential out-of-court settlement with the US National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) to license the industry organisation's members' songs.
Tony Smith, 19 Oct 2000

HWRoundup Gonzo game card groupies

Sharky Extreme has put the moves on the Hercules' 64MB GeForce2 Ultra and ended up doing the 'moonwalk all night at the Sharky Extreme Top Secret Moon Base and Brewery'.
Robert Blincoe, 19 Oct 2000

SDMI hack: the ‘golden ears’ ride to the rescue

SDMI executive director Leonardo Chiariglione's denunciation of the claims that the "Hack SDMI" challenge resulted in a complete whitewash of the music protection and identification system is looking increasingly shaky. Salon, which claimed earlier this month that all of the proposed technologies were successfully hacked, has come up with a lot more information from one of its sources, and The Register has received information that supports Salon's claims.
John Lettice, 19 Oct 2000

E-Exchange goes titsup.com

London B2B dotcom E-Exchange, darling of the Sunday Times e-league table, has laid off all staff and fallen into administration.
Linda Harrison, 19 Oct 2000

License Online dumps UK office

US dotcom License Online is to pull out of the UK and re-jig its business model.
Linda Harrison, 19 Oct 2000

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