17th October 2000 Archive

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  • NSA stakes out virtual battlefield

    Throwing elbows with a dozen federal agencies

    Media 17 04:33

  • Robbing Peter to pay Paul: IBM pension plan comes under fire

    Very cross subsidy

    Business 17 08:31

  • Chip demand for phone and web devices boosts profits

    Philips and Novellus are quids in

    Business 17 10:04

  • Madonna wins her domain namesake

    WIPO - friend to rich people everywhere

    Media 17 10:09

  • AMD price war hits Intel stock, MS falls to two year low

    Wintel walloped...

    Business 17 11:07

  • HWRoundup 1.2GHz Athlons and 800MHz Durons get the treatment

    The boys love 'em

    Hardware Roundup 17 11:08

  • Bosses join email snooping scrum

    Keep us up to date, CBI asks

    Media 17 12:07

  • Lastminute.com ‘worst travel site’

    The People's choice

    Media 17 12:09

  • NEC shows off Transmeta notebook

    Claims 11 hours life between battery charges

    Business 17 12:39

  • Breathe answers calls to free WAP

    Personally, we'd like to see it stay behind bars

    Data Networking 17 12:40

  • 1.33GHz Athlon on streets by December?

    Swedish retailer removes product

    Channel 17 13:04

  • Vodafone and Verizon ditch IPO plans

    And more dotcom tittle tattle

    Business 17 13:18

  • ‘Victim’ threatens satirist with libel suit

    Do we not like this

    Bootnotes 17 14:32

  • Net washing machine renders women redundant

    Actually it doesn't - there's still the ironing

    Bootnotes 17 15:45

  • US finally gets two-way mobile phone text messaging

    Get with it, grandad

    Data Networking 17 15:59

  • SDMI was cracked, and is doomed: count on it

    Bury it quietly...

    Media 17 18:56

  • Audrey comes in Linen, Slate, Ocean, Meadow and Sunshine

    Guess which gender 3Com is targeting?

    Business 17 20:21

  • Colleague kicks Captain Cyborg in the nuts

    Dancing with Pixies

    Bootnotes 17 20:21

  • TLDs, ".web", ICANN, Afilias and IODesign

    The battle for the future of the Internet

    Media 17 20:21

  • Long distance compensation get me Verizon on the phone

    Switch Bitch

    Data Networking 17 20:44