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NSA stakes out virtual battlefield

Cyberspace is fast becoming a strategic arena in which America must prepare to do battle with foreign adversaries, the US National Security Agency (NSA) Director, Air Force General Michael Hayden, observed on Monday.
Thomas C Greene, 17 Oct 2000

Robbing Peter to pay Paul: IBM pension plan comes under fire

The UK pension regulator is investigating IBM following complaints that wrongly cross-subsidised its pension plans, the Times reports today.
Drew Cullen, 17 Oct 2000

Chip demand for phone and web devices boosts profits

Chip tool maker Novellus saw profits grow almost fourfold in its third quarter as chip makers bought its equipment to meet demand for mobile phones and web devices.
Robert Blincoe, 17 Oct 2000

Madonna wins her domain namesake

What a shock! WIPO has decided that Madonna is entitled to have Madonna.com. We don't mind telling you that we were bowled over when the decision was announced - it's just not like WIPO to make decisions in favour of anyone rich and famous or big conglomerates. Normally it's so fair and balanced.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Oct 2000

AMD price war hits Intel stock, MS falls to two year low

Wintel wobbled badly yesterday in the run-up to results, with Intel's stock price dropping 11.6 per cent and Microsoft plunging to a two year low. Intel's Q3s are due today, while Microsoft's Q1s are out tomorrow.
John Lettice, 17 Oct 2000

HWRoundup 1.2GHz Athlons and 800MHz Durons get the treatment

The hardware sites are giving AMD's 1.2GHz Athlons and 800MHz Durons a good seeing to today.
Robert Blincoe, 17 Oct 2000

Bosses join email snooping scrum

The CBI has slammed the proposed Data Protection Commission's (DPC) draft code of practice on interception of emails and phone calls. The code is currently based on what were draft regulations and so is out of date, it says.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Oct 2000

Lastminute.com ‘worst travel site’

Lastminute.com sucks, according to those discerning and well-educated readers of the Telegraph.
Tim Richardson, 17 Oct 2000

NEC shows off Transmeta notebook

NEC has become the third manufacturer to show off a notebook powered by Transmeta's Crusoe TM5600 processor.
Robert Blincoe, 17 Oct 2000

Breathe answers calls to free WAP

Breathe - the ISP cum mobile phone outfit for modern urbanists on micro scooters - has launched what it describes as Britain' first unmetered WAP service.
Tim Richardson, 17 Oct 2000

1.33GHz Athlon on streets by December?

Dustin AB, the Swedish computer retailer, today tippexed all Web site references to the 1.33GHz Athlon from its price list, following discussions with Microtronica, its AMD distributor (story: 1.33GHz Athlon 'for sale' - in Sweden).
Drew Cullen, 17 Oct 2000

Vodafone and Verizon ditch IPO plans

Vodafone and Verizon have pulled the $80 billion float of joint venture Verizon Wireless for the old "market volatility" reason. The money was needed to capture one of the American mobile telephone licences, up for grabs soon. A postponement of the float until next year means the two0 companies will have to borrow the $5 billion they expected to raise.
Team Register, 17 Oct 2000

‘Victim’ threatens satirist with libel suit

Register fan Andrew Simmons has found himself on the wrong side of the law for the heinous crime of making fun out of the dotcom "revolution" and getting out the dustpan and brush to sweep up those shattered dreams.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Oct 2000

Net washing machine renders women redundant

It seems like only a hundred years or so ago that we were promised robots that would make domestic drudgery a thing of the past. Finally, we've got them - sort of.
Lester Haines, 17 Oct 2000

US finally gets two-way mobile phone text messaging

Two way text messaging via mobile phones has finally hit the US.
Robert Blincoe, 17 Oct 2000

SDMI was cracked, and is doomed: count on it

AnalysisHas SDMI been cracked? Last week Salon claimed that the 'Hack SDMI' challenge had resulted in an embarrassingly complete whitewash for the digital music protection system. This was followed up swiftly by a denunciation of the Salon story by SDMI executive director Leonardo Chiariglione, speaking exclusively and expletively to Inside.
John Lettice, 17 Oct 2000

Audrey comes in Linen, Slate, Ocean, Meadow and Sunshine

3Com finally got to show off Audrey, the first Internet appliance in its Ergo range, in New York today.
Linda Harrison, 17 Oct 2000

Colleague kicks Captain Cyborg in the nuts

A little story in Reading Central this week informed those interested that Dr Mark Bishop of the Cybernetics department in Reading would be giving a talk on Tuesday 24 October entitled "Dancing with Pixies: strong artificial intelligence and pan-psychism".
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Oct 2000

TLDs, ".web", ICANN, Afilias and IODesign

A large and nasty battle has broken out over ownership for the new ".web" top-level domain name, to be awarded at some random time in the future (hopefully this year). Aside from the ever-present arguments over the Internet (capitalism vs individual freedom), however, things have grown a little more serious with allegations of corruption and heavy conflicts of interest.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Oct 2000
SGI logo hardware close-up

Long distance compensation get me Verizon on the phone

Verizon Communications is to cough up $1.75 million to end an enquiry into customers switching to its long-distance phone service in New York.
Linda Harrison, 17 Oct 2000

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