16th October 2000 Archive

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  • Egg loses cash

    Anyone thought of looking in the sock drawer for it? Could be in there

    Business 16 Oct 08:20

  • Dell, AMD and Taiwan: the final, final word

    Now will you leave us alone?

    Channel 16 Oct 09:12

  • UK awaits G4 Cube discount and speed bump

    Not such a Square Deal

    Business 16 Oct 09:25

  • IBM bumps up Unix flagship with SOI

    It's x.xx faster, says IBM. Just fill in the blank.

    Business 16 Oct 09:25

  • SMEs get ‘cyber slingshot’ from Telewest

    Watch it, that thing could take your eye out

    Data Networking 16 Oct 10:34

  • Secret IRA Web site shut down

    Content points to targeting of Prince William

    Media 16 Oct 11:19

  • Colour Handspring Visor on sale

    $449 65,000 colour Prism

    Business 16 Oct 11:20

  • Oftel to be grilled by MPs

    ...and served up on a platter with relish no doubt

    Data Networking 16 Oct 11:21

  • IT giants who don't pay tax part 1: how Cisco does it

    And how it could all end in tears

    Business 16 Oct 11:46

  • IT giants who don't pay tax part 2: how Microsoft does it

    And how the Weimar republic may beckon...

    Business 16 Oct 11:46

  • Register no longer the worst search engine in the world

    Held together by string

    Site News 16 Oct 11:52

  • New radio software: the legal Napster?

    As long as you don't mind irritating DJs

    Media 16 Oct 12:17

  • Freeserve ‘right to kick out heavy users’

    Contentious issue

    Letters 16 Oct 12:52

  • MS spends $250k to shore up ‘Most Net-Friendly Senator’

    Or Senator H-1B, as you might style him...

    Software 16 Oct 12:57

  • Who's the most powerful IT exec in the UK?

    Top 300 power list for UK causes a few surprises

    Business 16 Oct 13:07

  • TSMC sales soar on fab contracts

    Not high enough for analysts, though

    Business 16 Oct 13:09

  • HP gets its garage back

    Prime bit of real estate

    Business 16 Oct 13:09

  • Oops! Bush email campaign sparks blizzard of spam

    Send these emails to as many people as possible, as the RNC chairman said...

    Media 16 Oct 14:08

  • NTL in cut-price broadband trial

    guilty or not guilty - that's for you to decide

    Data Networking 16 Oct 14:13

  • Reg readers get the hump with BTOpenwoe

    Anyone had trouble-free ADSL?

    Data Networking 16 Oct 15:13

  • SCH confirms Compel stand-off

    While reserving right to change mind

    Business 16 Oct 15:27

  • Toshiba pays US govt $33.5m for ‘defective’ laptops

    But admits nothing

    Business 16 Oct 15:36

  • Sony goes iMac with trendy Transmeta Vaio

    Fashion statements R US...

    Business 16 Oct 16:11

  • Brits are miserable

    Survey proves what most of you think

    Media 16 Oct 16:42

  • HWRoundup 3dfx and Nvidia PCI punch-up

    Meet Asus' A7Pro mobo - the A7V lite

    Hardware Roundup 16 Oct 17:09

  • ICANN steps over mark – again

    Registrar threatens to sue

    Media 16 Oct 17:10

  • Brit sentenced in Daily Mail hacking plot

    Turned in by the competition

    Media 16 Oct 18:26

  • 1.33GHz Athlon ‘for sale’ – in Sweden

    Doesn't appear to be a typo, but..

    Channel 16 Oct 21:31

  • Taxan scraps plan to make PCs in UK

    Japanese bosses get the jitters

    Business 16 Oct 21:34

  • Hi-tech South Africa is ‘too white’

    So says black IT forum chairman

    Business 16 Oct 22:33

  • AMD price cuts revisited

    Comedy of (our) errors

    Channel 16 Oct 23:43