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Egg loses cash

British Internet-cum-telephone bank, Egg, reported an increase loss, before tax, for the nine months to September 30 of £115.1 million - up 7 per cent compared to last year (£108 million).
Team Register, 16 Oct 2000

Dell, AMD and Taiwan: the final, final word

The weekend before last, a new Dell sources AMD rumour floated to the surface, courtesy of a report in Taiwanese newspaper The Commercial and Industrial Times, and amplified by way of the press-clippings service on chip firm VIA's Web site.
Drew Cullen, 16 Oct 2000

UK awaits G4 Cube discount and speed bump

Although Apple cut $300 from the G4 Cube in the US on Friday, there's no word yet of similar discounts being made available to UK buyers. To make matters worse, US punters have the option of a high-end G4 Cube as standard that isn't available through the UK store.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Oct 2000

IBM bumps up Unix flagship with SOI

IBM still has some life to squeeze out of its POWER3 chips, and today it tops up the RS/6800 S80 line with processors based on Silicon on Insulator (SOI) process technology. Except it isn't called the S80 any more, and it isn't even the RS/6000 these days, either. So as two successful brands slip down the disposal chute, say hello to the "eServer pSeries p680". We're sure this makes sense to someone, somewhere....
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Oct 2000
DVD it in many colours

SMEs get ‘cyber slingshot’ from Telewest

Peter Wood - the founder of insurance outfit, Direct Line and the man responsible for that annoying little beeping red phone on wheels - is to chair a new broadband operation aimed at SMEs.
Tim Richardson, 16 Oct 2000

Secret IRA Web site shut down

A Web site run by the Real IRA has been pulled by its American ISP. UK newspaper Daily Express is claiming credit for the discovery and subsequent removal of the site, which contained security details for Prince William while at St Andrews university.
Kieren McCarthy, 16 Oct 2000

Colour Handspring Visor on sale

Handspring has released the Visor Prism, the colour-screen version of its electronic organiser.
Robert Blincoe, 16 Oct 2000
server room

Oftel to be grilled by MPs

The head of telecoms regulator, Oftel, is to be hauled up in front of a committee of MPs next month to explain how local loop unbundling is progressing in Britain.
Tim Richardson, 16 Oct 2000

IT giants who don't pay tax part 1: how Cisco does it

AnalysisCisco is "a modern house of cards, in which the cards are Cisco's stock and the companies acquired for Cisco stock" according to Barrons. Part of the problem is that Cisco is not employing astute financial engineering techniques, so it has been increasing its exposure with little or no appreciation of the potential downsides. One sneeze from the market, and maybe the whole lot could go over.
Graham Lea, 16 Oct 2000

IT giants who don't pay tax part 2: how Microsoft does it

AnalysisMicrosoft makes much more money from dealing in stock options than from Windows, and as a result paid no tax in fiscal 2000. It's not the picture you'd expect, and it's not exactly easy to get the real picture either - but it's all perfectly legal, really.
Graham Lea, 16 Oct 2000

New radio software: the legal Napster?

Some new fancy software from SongCatcher.com may mean you'll never have to pay for your favourite songs again. And the good thing is that it's perfectly legal.
Kieren McCarthy, 16 Oct 2000

Freeserve ‘right to kick out heavy users’

Last week's we reported the (Consumer Association's attack on Freeserve for terminating the flat fee accounts of its 700 heaviest users.
Drew Cullen, 16 Oct 2000

MS spends $250k to shore up ‘Most Net-Friendly Senator’

Microsoft's recently discovered interest in politics has resulted in substantial, disguised company backing for embattled Michigan Republican Senator Spencer Abraham, today's Wall Street Journal reports. By a strange coincidence two major issues pushed by Abraham, H-1B visas for IT workers and the high tech business itself, are both dear to Microsoft's heart.
John Lettice, 16 Oct 2000

Who's the most powerful IT exec in the UK?

AOL supremo Steve Case is the fourth most powerful man in the UK (just behind the prime minister, chancellor and Alan Greenspan, chairman of the American federal reserves), according to a Power 300 list compiled by Channel 4.
Kieren McCarthy, 16 Oct 2000

TSMC sales soar on fab contracts

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co(TSMC) last week announced that sales in September reached a record monthly high. However the company's stock fell by almost the maximum limit as the market had been anticipating even stronger revenue figures, analysts said.
Our correspondent, 16 Oct 2000

HP gets its garage back

HP has bought the famous garage where William Hewlett and David Packard used to keep their Bar-B-Q, charcoal briquettes, and broken sun lounger.
Robert Blincoe, 16 Oct 2000

Oops! Bush email campaign sparks blizzard of spam

UpdatedSelf-styled "leader in permission-based email marketing/e-messaging" ClickAction says it is working closely with the FBI and various ISPs to nail the spammers responsible for sending "millions of unauthorised emails" in the past few days. Said ClickAction coyly: "These illegal emails included references to a ClickAction hosted web site, but are neither sent nor authorised in any way by the Company."
John Lettice, 16 Oct 2000

NTL in cut-price broadband trial

NTL has cut the cost of it broadband cable modem service for punters in the Cambridge area as part of a trial.
Tim Richardson, 16 Oct 2000
Cat 5 cable

Reg readers get the hump with BTOpenwoe

Reg's mail bag was worryingly full this morning following Friday's report about the hassles experienced by someone trying to sign up to BTopenworld - the broadband ADSL service from BT.
Tim Richardson, 16 Oct 2000

SCH confirms Compel stand-off

It's all working out rather nicely for Specialist Computer Holdings, the UK's second biggest reseller group.
Our correspondent, 16 Oct 2000

Toshiba pays US govt $33.5m for ‘defective’ laptops

Toshiba has agreed to cough up $33.5 million to settle a lawsuit in the US over potentially dodgy laptops.
Linda Harrison, 16 Oct 2000

Sony goes iMac with trendy Transmeta Vaio

Sony is to bring out two trendy versions of its Viao computers aimed at fashion-victim laptop users.
Linda Harrison, 16 Oct 2000

Brits are miserable

People in Britain are bloody miserable with nearly a quarter of men and women fearing a hopeless future, according to research out today.
Tim Richardson, 16 Oct 2000

HWRoundup 3dfx and Nvidia PCI punch-up

At Viahardware Buck has put the 3dfx Voodoo 4 PCI up against Nvidia's MX PCI in a PCI budget card punch-up. It's billed as a young gun versus the wise master kind of thing. Uncle Buck reckons the "GeForce2 MX PCI would most likely scale better than the Voodoo4 4500 PCI with faster CPU's. However the Voodoo4 4500 PCI can do Glide, something that the GeForce obviously lacks at."
Robert Blincoe, 16 Oct 2000

ICANN steps over mark – again

Domain name registrar Regland.com has threatened to sue ICANN with regard to the new top level domains unless it apologies for damaging behaviour and makes a public statement of its official policies.
Kieren McCarthy, 16 Oct 2000

Brit sentenced in Daily Mail hacking plot

Former Daily Mail employee William Culbert approached the Daily Express with an exclusive offer to disable the Mail's operations for a week in exchange for £600,000, but earned himself eighteen months in the slam instead.
Thomas C Greene, 16 Oct 2000

1.33GHz Athlon ‘for sale’ – in Sweden

Dustin, a Swedish computer reseller, is touting on its Web site for the spanking price of 8,225.00 kr. We say "touting" because Dustin announces the part is "Ej i lager" - or not in stock (we've also removed the link, as the company has excised references to the part since we first wrote this story).
Drew Cullen, 16 Oct 2000

Taxan scraps plan to make PCs in UK

Taxan Europe has ditched plans to manufacture PCs in the UK after its Japanese parent company got the jitters.
Linda Harrison, 16 Oct 2000
The Sentinel 2-A mosaic of Africa

Hi-tech South Africa is ‘too white’

The information and communications industry is still too white, a black achievers gala in South Africa heard at the weekend.
Linda Harrison, 16 Oct 2000

AMD price cuts revisited

AMD revised its OEM price lists to take effect, yesterday, October 16. The new prices pave the way for 1200MHz Athlon and 800MHz Duron parts, which ship officially today. That's what AMD is telling the OEMs, at any rate (it wants to make their Q4 "go with a bang").
Drew Cullen, 16 Oct 2000

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