13th October 2000 Archive

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  • Dotcoms told to swallow advice of sex industry

    Keep it cheap and easy

    Business 13 07:18

  • Urbanfetch and don't carry

    More than 100 job losses

    Business 13 07:18

  • Blame Europe: now it's 3dfx's turn

    Soft markets

    Business 13 08:38

  • Stan-the-man offers tax free betting

    And Ziggy doesn't just play guitar

    Business 13 09:36

  • Ericsson signs $1bn Compaq Alpha dev. deal

    OK, it's for switches, but it's still a big thing for Alpha

    Channel 13 10:16

  • Taiwan's DRAM makers signal shift to 16Mb

    Margins higher than 64Mb parts

    Channel 13 10:34

  • Europe gives LLU the thumbs up

    And a one fingered salute to incumbent telcos

    Data Networking 13 10:36

  • Code Book code setters reveal crypto cock-up

    Single DES/triple DES switcheroo

    Software 13 10:59

  • French Echelon report says Europe should lock out US snoops

    And it wants better encryption, all made in Europe...

    Media 13 11:07

  • Win Physicus software and save the world

    It's all about the appliance of science

    Site News 13 11:20

  • LCD price crash pushes manufacturers into PDAs and phones

    Think small

    Business 13 11:29

  • Blackmailed football star named on Web

    Not that it will do you any good

    Media 13 11:31

  • 3Com Audrey Net appliance to debut Tuesday

    Net access cookin' in your kitchen

    Business 13 11:44

  • Get some of the Fuhrer's hair online

    Goering, goering, gone

    Media 13 11:59

  • Half Gateway's profits come from software and services

    Posts Q3 income of $152.6m

    Business 13 12:00

  • Music biz to define digital music ID system

    We'll know what you're downloading

    Media 13 12:38

  • BT Openworld on show next week

    Forget the glitz and glamour - here's the nitty gritty

    Data Networking 13 13:15

  • Callnet bought by E-Tel

    ISP ASP combo creation

    Media 13 14:03

  • More banks put down payment on Net

    Barclays, Nomura, Alliance & Leicester - do they never learn?

    Media 13 14:20

  • Dell recalls fire hazard notebook batteries

    Wants 27,000 of the Sanyo components returned

    Business 13 14:26

  • Get Carter more boring than En Carta

    Stallone you slag you're a dead man

    Bootnotes 13 14:29

  • UK rail staff to get kitted out with WinCE Pocket PC timetables

    Is this the end to useless rail folk? (Don't be stupid)

    Business 13 14:47

  • UK brains deliver 8-fold increase in data processing speeds

    From the boffins who crammed 10.8TB of data on a PC card

    Business 13 15:24

  • Scotland joins dotcom revolt

    Jocks away

    Media 13 15:38

  • HWRoundup Fine tune your i815 chipset

    High res top marks for ATI Radeon 32MB SDR version

    Hardware Roundup 13 16:34

  • Printer ink will make you high

    Well woad you believe it?

    Letters 13 16:37

  • Canadians – dem not like the rest of us I tell you

    Novel approach to domain name disputes? Or lunacy?

    Letters 13 16:44

  • Other stuff

    Not much of it though

    Letters 13 16:45

  • A licence to print money?

    The Internet is no different to Auntie

    Letters 13 17:34

  • Readers' Letters The main topics

    Focussed letter writing this week

    Letters 13 17:35

  • Open sourced StarOffice 6 vapes download site

    What a surprise. So Sun servers must stink after all, right?

    Software 13 17:54

  • Whistler public beta slips again – but say hello to Build 2281

    The good, the bad and the UAE

    Software 13 22:30