12th October 2000 Archive

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  • AMD Athlons to sell out in Q4

    No flash in the pan

    Channel 12 07:40

  • Vocalis talks the walk

    Technology over here, going over there

    Software 12 07:41

  • Colour Handspring Visor debuts on Web

    Sort of

    Business 12 07:51

  • Apple offers cash for Cubes

    Rebate to be used to tempt buyers

    Mac Channel 12 08:14

  • Swedes mash 512-bit Code Book crypto challenge to get £10,000

    Tjr klq t pumgp-eljmuqgo bk pbsaq!

    Media 12 09:39

  • Micron licences MIPS to do more than DRAM

    System on a chip shenanigans

    Channel 12 10:41

  • Only UK viewers have to pay for the BBC on the PC

    Don't know how they'll catch you though

    Media 12 10:46

  • Palm to get voice recognition via in-car kit

    Automobile-oriented offspring MobileAria to create Palm-based hands-free stuff

    Business 12 10:51

  • Intel to hype P4 over 1.13GHz PIII, and barely ship either?

    Stimulate demand for a short-supply chip to reduce demand for a non-existent one. Right...

    Channel 12 11:17

  • IBM chip output hit by ceramic panic

    No, not a shortage of coffee mugs for engineers...

    Channel 12 11:17

  • Darwin Awards in print

    People from the shallow end of the gene pool head for the showers

    Media 12 11:28

  • Fujitsu pumps out super shushed hard drives

    20.4GB per platter and data transfer rates of 60.7MB/s

    Business 12 11:42

  • Honeywell builds wireless web appliance

    Surf, email, and adjust your thermostat

    Media 12 11:42

  • Vodafone bags £7 billion for Infostrada

    Plus a rather nasty willy alert

    Business 12 12:05

  • Poorest Brits to be given PCs

    And reduced phone rates for Net access

    Media 12 12:11

  • Infineon set for record sales despite market fears

    Semiconductor biz isn't slumping... yet

    Channel 12 12:22

  • The ISP liability Demon invoked again

    Legal threats override free speech?

    Media 12 12:36

  • Software patents: will Europe roll over for the multinationals?

    Battlelines are being drawn up, and it's too close to call

    Software 12 12:38

  • Dotcom lad gets drunk after year on the wagon

    Get in there my son...

    Business 12 13:45

  • Sun touts Java Embedded Server 2.0

    Connect your home to the Net - now

    Data Networking 12 14:06

  • Watchdog Oftel – one paw doesn't know what the other is doing

    Cocking its leg and sniffing other's poos would be an improvement

    Data Networking 12 14:11

  • Intel talks up low power chips to battle Transmeta pressure

    But nothing to see for more than a year

    Channel 12 14:40

  • Emailer done for libel

    Careful what you say, right

    Media 12 14:41

  • Cub reporter triumphs at Reg Pop-up Ad Olympics

    But dope testing shame for McCarthy mars otherwise sportmanslike games

    Bootnotes 12 14:48

  • AOL, Time Warner confident of merger success

    CFO move starts talk of shifting staff around

    Business 12 14:49

  • Sony's latest robot dog comes out of the kennel

    $1,400 pooch can play 'rock, paper, scissors'

    Business 12 15:01

  • Here's what Novell says NetWare 6 can do

    And a roadmap to go with it

    Software 12 15:17

  • Intel plots P4 Xeon roadmap

    Fister frank about Foster

    Channel 12 16:03

  • E-Angels cast out Satan

    Halo, halo, halo

    Media 12 16:08

  • HP kits out cyberpoor with $1bn worth of goods

    Is that retail or wholesale value?

    Business 12 16:13

  • Boffins develop brain fry-free X-Ray specs

    The mind goggles

    Business 12 16:19

  • HWRoundup Odds and Sods

    Theme-free park today

    Hardware Roundup 12 16:27

  • Rivals start sniffing round troubled Carrera

    Mesh, Evesham and Hi-Grade we're told

    Business 12 16:36

  • Canada torches all .ca domain names – owners must reapply

    But there's a sort of crazed logic to it...

    Media 12 17:16

  • Want toys? Amazon gives you dildos and Disney

    Kids grow up fast these days

    Media 12 17:18

  • Corel plan for MS .NET Linux revealed in SEC filing

    And guess which one collects royalties from a Linux port?

    Software 12 17:46

  • George Dubya blames Net for Columbine massacre

    Guns don't kill people; the Net kills people

    Media 12 18:03

  • Egg Internet banking – what's that rhyme with?

    Ten days to clear a cheque?

    Media 12 21:34