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AMD Athlons to sell out in Q4

AMD expect to sell out its production of Athlons during the fourth quarter and forecasts that sales of "AMD Athlon processors, AMD Duron processors, and PC processors in the aggregate will set new records, individually and collectively, in both units and dollars".
Drew Cullen, 12 Oct 2000

Vocalis talks the walk

Cambridge-based Vocalis Group plc is to export its natty speech technology to a gaggle of ISPs in the US.
Tim Richardson, 12 Oct 2000

Colour Handspring Visor debuts on Web

UpdatedPalmOS licensee Handspring's upcoming colour PDA, the Visor Prism, has made an unexpected early appearance on the Web.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2000

Apple offers cash for Cubes

Apple is to offer US buyers $300 cash-back in an attempt to beef up sales of its poor-selling Power Mac G4 Cube, Mac retailers have claimed.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2000

Swedes mash 512-bit Code Book crypto challenge to get £10,000

A team of researchers in Sweden has cracked the final cipher set by Simon Singh in "The Code Book" and claimed the £10,000 prize. It took a year and month between publication of the challenge and its completion without the use of a super computer.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Oct 2000

Micron licences MIPS to do more than DRAM

US DRAM maker Micron has signed a licensing deal with MIPS for the MIPS32 4Kc and MIPS64 5Kc processing cores. The agreement has been seen as an attempt on Micron's behalf to reposition itself as doing more than just DRAM.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Oct 2000

Only UK viewers have to pay for the BBC on the PC

Following The Register's revelation that the TV Licensing Authority are out to nail those of you geeky enough to only watch television programmes via streaming media on your PCs, the TVLA have now said that they'll only be chasing people watching those programs in the UK, writes Chris Ward-Johnson.
Our correspondent, 12 Oct 2000

Palm to get voice recognition via in-car kit

Palm bared all last night re. its partnership with US in-car systems manufacturer Delphi Automotive Systems, as anticipated.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2000

Intel to hype P4 over 1.13GHz PIII, and barely ship either?

Intel Architecture Group VP Bill Siu is a versatile man, evidently. At this week's Microprocessor Forum he seems to have on the one hand told journalists that the Pentium 4 won't be Intel's big earner until 2002, while on the other he says that the amount of emphasis Intel will be putting on the P4 in Q4 will mean there won't be a lot of demand for the 1.3GHz Pentium III.
John Lettice, 12 Oct 2000

IBM chip output hit by ceramic panic

IBM yesterday fell victim to claims that it can't supply enough chips to Cisco, one of its largest customers. The rumour knocked six per cent off Big Blur's share price, which closed at $112.81 after hitting a day low of $107.5.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2000

Darwin Awards in print

The Darwin Awards are now in print for the first time.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Oct 2000

Fujitsu pumps out super shushed hard drives

Fujitsu has launched a series of high capacity hard drives that the company says will be it quietest offering yet.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Oct 2000

Honeywell builds wireless web appliance

The division of Honeywell usually responsible for making central heating controls has announced its made a wireless portable web access device.
Robert Blincoe, 12 Oct 2000

Vodafone bags £7 billion for Infostrada

Vodafone pocketed more than £7 billion from the sale of Italian telecoms business Infostrada to the utilities company Enel. Vodafone boss Chris Gent said that the deal raised more cash for stockholders than a float would have.
Team Register, 12 Oct 2000

Poorest Brits to be given PCs

The Government is to paper over the digital divide in Britain by dishing out 35,000 PCs - at a cost of £10 million - to the poorest areas of the country.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Oct 2000

Infineon set for record sales despite market fears

Chip company Infineon poo-poo'd rumours of a downturn in the world semiconductor market today, when it reiterated its claim that it expects the current fiscal quarter to break previous records.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2000

The ISP liability Demon invoked again

The issue of ISP liability for user postings has cropped up again on a newsgroup for software company Gipsy Media. And, sadly, it involves Demon Internet again. The saga has been extensively covered by Meejahor.com and revolves around a so-called beta tester, Andy Mabbett, and his criticisms of the TV listings program DigiGuide.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Oct 2000

Software patents: will Europe roll over for the multinationals?

AnalysisSoftware patents could become the kiss-of-death for many software developers, because it is becoming impossible to write a program without a serious risk of falling foul of some patent - frequently, an undeserved and opportunist one. The threat is also grave for many smaller businesses in Europe. They could easily be threatened by out-of-the-blue demands for patent licensing fees for their software, or for some process on their Internet site.
Graham Lea, 12 Oct 2000

Dotcom lad gets drunk after year on the wagon

Reg tips its beak to 20-year-old Ben Way who's abstained from women and beer for a year - and all to placate his dotcom investors.
Tim Richardson, 12 Oct 2000

Sun touts Java Embedded Server 2.0

Sun yesterday released Java for Fridges - aka Java Embedded Server - version 2.0 to loud hurrahs from no one in particular.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2000

Watchdog Oftel – one paw doesn't know what the other is doing

Oftel is in a tizz. Several newspapers today quote Oftel officials as saying that only 17 per cent of BT's local exchanges would be opened up to rival telcos by next July.
Tim Richardson, 12 Oct 2000

Intel talks up low power chips to battle Transmeta pressure

Intel has allowed the first glimpses of its mobile processor roadmap, taking the company through to 2002.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Oct 2000

Emailer done for libel

A British man has been found guilty of libel by email.
Tim Richardson, 12 Oct 2000

AOL, Time Warner confident of merger success

AOL today announced that Time Warner's CFO, Joseph Ripp, will become its own CFO, once the two companies' merger becomes complete.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2000

Sony's latest robot dog comes out of the kennel

Sony is to give birth to a cheaper, more lifelike version of its robot dog.
Linda Harrison, 12 Oct 2000

Here's what Novell says NetWare 6 can do

Novell is concerned about a swathe of stories that suggest it is leaving NetWare at home while it goes out pulling with its more attractive brothers eDirectory and Single Sign-On. And so we've been treated to a rundown of what NetWare version 6 (currently in alpha) is going to be able to do. It's amazing, it can do everything.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Oct 2000

Intel plots P4 Xeon roadmap

Intel will ship the server-oriented version of the Pentium 4, codenamed Foster, from Q2 next year, after the workstation release arrives (fingers crossed), alongside the 900MHz PIII Xeon, in Q1.
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2000

E-Angels cast out Satan

An ISP in Lancashire has recruited heavenly bodies to help manage its congregation of business users.
Tim Richardson, 12 Oct 2000

HP kits out cyberpoor with $1bn worth of goods

Proving that IT companies have a heart and aren't just in it for the money, Hewlett-Packard is to give $1 billion to the world's poor.
Linda Harrison, 12 Oct 2000

Boffins develop brain fry-free X-Ray specs

Satellites are helping to realise the sci-fi fantasy of X-Ray specs without the nasty side effects of blasting the brain with X-Ray radiation. The goggles are designed to help maintenance workers locate precisely pipes and so on underground.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Oct 2000

HWRoundup Odds and Sods

The good Doctor delves into the world of alternatives to the Intel i815/e. The main rival is from SiS, imaginatively titled SiS630S. Go here to see if the competition is up to the challenge.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Oct 2000

Rivals start sniffing round troubled Carrera

UK rivals have started sniffing around system builder Carrera Technology following its application to the High Court for an administration order.
Robert Blincoe, 12 Oct 2000

Canada torches all .ca domain names – owners must reapply

Canada has come with a novel way of dealing with URL disputes. From 1 November it has decided to tear up all its country's domain names and start again. We thought someone was having a laugh when they informed us the new non-profit organisation set up to deal with .ca domains, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, had decided to make everyone reapply for their URLs.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Oct 2000

Want toys? Amazon gives you dildos and Disney

Robert Blincoe, 12 Oct 2000

Corel plan for MS .NET Linux revealed in SEC filing

A Securities and Exchange Commission filing detailing the Microsoft-Corel relationship has shed light on the "outstanding legal issues" that neither side wanted to talk about when the deal was struck last week.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Oct 2000

George Dubya blames Net for Columbine massacre

Republican hopeful George W. Bush blamed the Internet for causing 'hearts to turn dark', which in turn caused the Columbine High School massacre in Colorado, while attempting to defend his opposition to gun control during Wednesday night's Presidential debate.
Thomas C Greene, 12 Oct 2000

Egg Internet banking – what's that rhyme with?

Should you wish to pay off the bulk of your Egg credit card balance, you'll be advised by the bank's call centre to send in a cheque.
Andrew Thomas, 12 Oct 2000

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