11th October 2000 Archive

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  • Motorola's G4 Apollo augurs 1GHz Macs

    Ok, but when exactly?

    Channel 11 07:23

  • Samsung greases the Alpha skids

    Which is just as well...

    Channel 11 07:23

  • Gerstner dodges questions on IT economy

    New IBM chip plant more important

    Business 11 07:23

  • AMD grabs high ground with SMP Athlon

    A convincing tour de force...

    Channel 11 09:23

  • ARM heralds two ‘major product innovations’

    As royalties roll in

    Channel 11 09:23

  • Dell: ‘When will Europeans embrace technology’

    Why oh Why oh Why

    Business 11 09:23

  • Boxman goes titsup.com

    CD retailer 'nears liquidation'

    Business 11 09:23

  • Lastminute beefs up board

    Yahoo! announces best ever results

    Business 11 09:23

  • Palm speeds into in-car device market

    Automotive industry partnership to be announced later today

    Business 11 09:55

  • Chipzilla and Transmeta in power squabble

    Microprocessor forum hosts war of words

    Channel 11 10:15

  • Hypnotizer in brain washing scare

    Don't look into their eyes

    Bootnotes 11 10:32

  • ATI revamps Radeon roadmap

    Rage 128 Pro not long for this world?

    Channel 11 10:36

  • Anarchist hacker voted onto ICANN board

    And a grumpy libertarian

    Media 11 10:37

  • Motorola makes $598m Q3 profit

    Set-top boxes doing well

    Business 11 10:46

  • QuickTime 5 brings MacOS X feel to Windows

    Fortunately, you can change the skin if you don't like Aqua

    Mac Channel 11 10:59

  • Seagate hit by component famine

    It's gonna last well into March 2001

    Business 11 11:30

  • Porn biz sets sights on PlayStation 2, XXX-box

    Come PlayStation with me...

    Business 11 11:30

  • EC blesses AOL Time-Warner wedding

    But US government still has to say 'yes' too

    Business 11 11:47

  • BT to offer free local calls

    Just like they have in America, Ma, well, almost

    Data Networking 11 12:36

  • HWRoundup Is the 1.1GHz Athlon all it is cracked up to be?

    Plus yet more gaming roundups, and a glimpse of the P4

    Hardware Roundup 11 12:49

  • Myveggie
    patch.com – grow your own online

    E-gardens for E-potatoes

    Media 11 13:42

  • Hacktivist edits on-line newspaper

    And we see a handy libel defence

    Media 11 14:30

  • Oftel launches LLU board game

    Fun for all the family

    Data Networking 11 14:36

  • RIAA readies for legitimate Net music sales

    But doesn't bother to explain how

    Media 11 14:41

  • Carrera seeks protection from creditors

    System builder off to High Court

    Business 11 14:50

  • The UN says technology makes us sad

    Information overload is no laughing matter

    Media 11 15:59

  • Oftel's all fingers and thumbs

    Still can't count, though

    Media 11 16:01

  • MS moves slowly to patch latest IE5.5 hole

    Don't think it thinks it's that big a deal

    Media 11 16:42

  • SubSeven variant rears its ugly head

    Baby, I'm your backdoor man

    Software 11 17:05

  • China tech wriggling may snag PNTR

    Silicon Valley needn't pop the Champagne corks just yet

    Media 11 17:17

  • Antitrust trial goes into slow lane as Court sides largely with MS

    So March it is...

    Software 11 17:37

  • MS appeals schedule set

    Appellate Court splits the difference

    Media 11 18:21

  • Windows-based destroyer to dominate littoral battlespace

    The US Navy loves Microsoft, true

    Software 11 18:38

  • New York VC warns of more public dotcom deaths

    But this will be cathartic

    Business 11 22:17

  • VIA to get into cheap PCs with new chips

    Has parts to deliver $200 machines

    Channel 11 22:22

  • AMD beats forecasts with $219 million profit

    Tough quarter though, and worse to come

    Business 11 22:23