10th October 2000 Archive

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  • FBI cyber-ethics road show commences

    'OK kids, repeat after me: I will not hack the government....'

    Media 10 Oct 04:51

  • Bad fungi blamed in Psion pix nix

    There's something in the Norwegian Wood Shed

    Business 10 Oct 09:22

  • COMA chameleons: The Reg goes inside Sun's Serengheti

    So it's COMA vs ZzzzSeries. But which one is cash coherent?

    Business 10 Oct 09:28

  • ntl suffers LLU frustration

    Tries to cure it at a stroke

    Data Networking 10 Oct 09:29

  • Violence breaks out at genteel seaside resort

    Telecoms...it's a dangerous business

    Bootnotes 10 Oct 09:30

  • Conference hit by freak weather

    People get wet

    Bootnotes 10 Oct 09:32

  • Sir Pete denies BT break-up

    You wouldn't expect him to say anything else

    Data Networking 10 Oct 09:36

  • TV licence needed to watch the BBC on your PC

    Even streamed content from its site

    Media 10 Oct 10:35

  • Lib Dem emails hacked

    Fingers are pointing at the Labour Party

    Media 10 Oct 10:37

  • Ebookers buys its parent for $15m

    Boo founders write book on how to burn £180m

    Business 10 Oct 10:51

  • Taiwan chip makers slam silent fab claims

    We're just back to normal after months of over-production

    Channel 10 Oct 11:31

  • Sinclair ZX-81 back from the dead

    Archaeologists unearth unsold inventory

    Business 10 Oct 11:32

  • Sony's Transmeta PC: Speeds and feeds

    It's evolution, not revolution folks.

    Channel 10 Oct 11:32

  • Consumer Association gets mad with Freeserve over abnormal users

    ISP sends notices to quit

    Media 10 Oct 11:32

  • Spam a friend for Dubya! Bush campaign mounts email assault

    Relax, libs - it's accidentally bombing London...

    Media 10 Oct 11:32

  • DTI petitions to wind up £100 PC business

    Trading Standards acts to stop PC Help

    Business 10 Oct 11:32

  • Psion's Series 9, Odin found in Norwegian wood

    Symbian's Crystal breaks cover

    Business 10 Oct 11:32

  • Infineon countersues Rambus

    We're Rambushed - take cover...

    Channel 10 Oct 11:32

  • Kenwood moots Bluetooth shopping mall LANs

    Public basestations to take wireless printer cable killer outdoors

    Data Networking 10 Oct 11:32

  • Famous Five remake with added technology

    Internet, WAP and lashings of ginger beer

    Media 10 Oct 11:32

  • Wickes resigns from InterX board

    Transition complete

    Business 10 Oct 11:32

  • Energis pushes telco love-in

    Move your body real close

    Data Networking 10 Oct 11:32

  • EC to rule on AOL, Time-Warner Wednesday

    Well, they'll discuss it at least

    Business 10 Oct 11:32

  • ISPA bottles LineOne ruling

    LineOne gets away, punters must pay

    Media 10 Oct 11:40

  • The Sun accuses PC dealers of fencing stolen goods

    But names no names

    Business 10 Oct 11:54

  • SGI Q1 2001 loss to double expectations

    Company spends to buy back stock, clear fiscal decks

    Business 10 Oct 11:58

  • DRAM spot prices expected to surge

    But not for long

    Business 10 Oct 12:07

  • In-stadium instant messaging for sports fans

    Hitachi ePlate handhelds and lots of stats

    Data Networking 10 Oct 12:13

  • Orange reshuffle brings in France Telecom exec

    All in all a good compromise

    Data Networking 10 Oct 12:17

  • Printing with warpaint

    Woad is on the brink of commerciallity

    Business 10 Oct 12:20

  • IR35 protestors win first round of legal challenge

    High Court sides with Professional Contractors Group

    Business 10 Oct 12:22

  • Burglar.com is illegal, coppers claim

    They're gonna sit on the fence

    Media 10 Oct 12:25

  • Apple sales chief quits

    Mandich to 'spend more time with his family'

    Mac Channel 10 Oct 12:35

  • Europe to OK AOL, Time-Warner deal tomorrow

    But conditions will apply

    Business 10 Oct 12:40

  • The race for the P4: Chipzilla shuffles top jobs

    Nothing sorts trouble like a game of musical chairs

    Channel 10 Oct 14:11

  • Yahoo! gives US free phone calls via Web

    Plus a stack of other gratis cybergoodies

    Media 10 Oct 14:33

  • S3 unveils badged Psion PDA

    Mako mine Revo

    Business 10 Oct 15:27

  • IBM builds $2.5bn chip plant in New York

    Big Blue flies to Big Apple to outline plans

    Channel 10 Oct 15:36

  • Nobel prize awarded to computer chip inventor

    He's astonished

    Channel 10 Oct 16:03

  • BBC controls your mind

    Why waste your time on individual thought?

    Bootnotes 10 Oct 16:20

  • HWRoundup Game board overload

    Hoodoo Voodoo5, GeForce2 do-be-do-be-doo

    Hardware Roundup 10 Oct 16:35

  • Celebs mince cybersquatters

    Rich French bird + singer wins URLs

    Media 10 Oct 16:43

  • MS drags feet on AMD Sledgehammer support

    But we shouldn't be surprised...

    Software 10 Oct 18:04