9th October 2000 Archive

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  • Dell, MS big winners in EDS $9bn US Navy contract

    Windows for Warfare everywhere as .mil buys the pitch big time

    Business 09 08:14

  • Billary Clinton handles email surcharge hoax

    Not so her Congressman opponent

    Media 09 08:25

  • 'They could kick me off the case,' says MS trial judge

    And Gates doesn't know a lot about business ethics...

    Software 09 08:45

  • IR35 protesters play Human Rights card

    Tax refugees

    Business 09 08:55

  • Make MS happy: send in your hooky software

    Pirates ahoy!

    Business 09 09:11

  • Warner attempts to out-hack DVD hackers

    Modified region coding to 'discourage' region-free DVD player sales

    Business 09 09:53

  • Chip sales to dry up 2003-4

    Growth will fall sharply then go negative

    Channel 09 10:31

  • BT finance director quits

    And the share price soars

    Data Networking 09 10:35

  • So how much did InterX pay for its domain name?

    Six figures or seven?

    Bootnotes 09 10:38

  • Malaysia closes down game arcades

    Like opium to the nation's youth, apparently

    Business 09 10:52

  • UK boffins reckon they can cram 10,800GB of data on a PC card

    And 245GB on a DVD style disk

    Channel 09 12:00

  • BT and Oftel fight back

    But newspaper defences leave us unswayed and unimpressed

    Data Networking 09 12:19

  • BT brings out broadband services

    'We're not dragging our feet'

    Data Networking 09 12:41

  • MS submits to Digital Divas

    The fat lady sings

    Media 09 13:39

  • Eidos scraps plans to sell

    Shares flop

    Business 09 14:48

  • HWRoundup Keeping cool in the Aussie outback

    Dr Tom celebrates Ferrari's win in Japan

    Hardware Roundup 09 14:58

  • Price cut sends Dreamcast sales through roof

    Still has a long way to go to catch PlayStation - let alone PSX 2...

    Business 09 15:38

  • BT moans about speed of LLU – in Ireland

    Oh the irony

    Data Networking 09 16:36

  • Tower Records Web launch confuses UK customers

    Bit of a sticky tape and glue solution

    Media 09 16:37

  • Employee email monitoring saga continues

    Yea, says government; nah, says data protection commissioner

    Media 09 17:11

  • Accounting masterclass: how Cisco and MS avoid tax

    And it's all, shockingly, legal

    Business 09 17:14

  • MS unleashes ‘free’ Web access Companion

    Subject to three year contract, of course, but it's still tempting...

    Business 09 18:06