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HWRoundup Duron v Celeron slugfest

Duron vs. Celeron and a homage to the virtues of overclocking. Sharky's homepage. Need I say more? This is a fairly decisive look at the potential of both pieces of hardware. If you want the full story, click here
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Oct 2000

We saw Apple's troubles all along – market researcher

US-based market research agency OneChannel.net is claiming to have spotted the downward sales trend that last week forced Apple to admit that its profits will be 30 per cent off predicted targets.
Tony Smith, 06 Oct 2000

Flame of the Week true delusion

[This bloke must be living in a parallel universe. One where The Reg loves corporates and is afraid to say what it thinks. BT and Oftel are probably top of the list in companies that we have consistently lambasted. We despair of you Arvind - unles you've mistaken us for ft.com]
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Oct 2000

Pedants of the world unite

[Grammar bods just can't resist. Fortunately we found one with a sense of humour]
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Oct 2000

It's ferret madness!

[Ain't email a wonderful, intangible thing? Well here we have a weird conversation struck up by our Andrew and two ferret lovers in California. We've had to remove their names because apparently ferrets are illegal in California. Read on for details and pics]
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Oct 2000

Readers' Letters We're back on form

[Hey, good to have you all back. We thought that since hits were staying the same that we'd embarrassed you all into keeping quiet. But, no. This week it appears that the letter-writing nuts have come back. We have more hits and, more importantly, some class letters. God bless you all]
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Oct 2000

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