2nd October 2000 Archive

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  • HWRoundup The battle for the GHz crown is officially on

    Plus other gems from the world of semiconductors

    Hardware Roundup 02 12:13

  • ISP whacks game fan with $24,000 bandwidth fine

    Halo movie posting made mincemeat of 500MB download limit

    Media 02 12:34

  • HWRoundup Dr Tom takes the Asus A7V to the limit

    And the Duron gets tweaked agian

    Hardware Roundup 02 16:19

  • MS breakup could cost world $310bn – crazed new study

    Windows to cost more than petrol, wolves howl on Highway 101..

    Software 02 16:19

  • Click here for furniture porn!

    Look at the cushions on that....

    Bootnotes 02 16:19

  • We won't cut Euro PlayStation 2 allocation – Sony

    Glosses over earlier delay to launch date

    Business 02 16:19

  • Intel's Timna dead – official

    So long, SOCker

    Channel 02 16:19

  • Apple retail chain plan back on agenda

    Hints come together to suggest important announcements soon

    Business 02 16:19

  • Analysts blackball DRAM makers

    Spot price could go anywhere

    Business 02 16:19

  • Net builders Kahn, Cerf recognise Al Gore

    Grateful for the inventor's genius

    Media 02 16:19

  • Singapore's former PM says no to sloppy seconds

    Nation learns bigamy "not on" in online chat

    Bootnotes 02 16:19