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Washington Roundup

The House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday took a halting step toward preventing law enforcement from reading e-mail messages with a mere administrative subpoena to an ISP as they often do, by approving the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, which would require agents to obtain a real search warrant signed by an actual judge before reading messages stored on a server.
Thomas C Greene, 30 Sep 2000

German police swoop in child porn surf sting

Police are investigating hundreds of people across Germany, after conducting a "major sting" against child porn on the Internet, AP reports.
Drew Cullen, 30 Sep 2000

Swap your fakes for genuwine software

Microsoft UK is offering resellers the chance to replace counterfeit MS programs with a genuine copies.
Drew Cullen, 30 Sep 2000

BOFH gets Committed

Episode 33BOFH2000: Episode 33
Simon Travaglia, 30 Sep 2000

Trust me, I'm a Bastard

Episode 30BOFH 2000: Episode 30
Simon Travaglia, 30 Sep 2000

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