29th September 2000 Archive

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  • Compaq's Rosen steps down

    Text of email says it all

    Business 29 07:09

  • 850 chipset delays Pentium 4 launch

    Tehamagate - it really takes the Garibaldi biscuit

    Channel 29 07:30

  • Benhamou quits as 3Com CEO

    Ten-year 'privilege'

    Business 29 07:40

  • Wanted: non-criminal hackers for new security start-up

    iXSecurity launches in the UK

    Media 29 07:47

  • Halifax opens Net bank doors – two months late

    ...and only the telephone bit

    Media 29 08:39

  • Apple Q4 earnings to take a kicking

    Profits down by a third

    Mac Channel 29 08:57

  • Motorola sues AMD CEO-in-waiting

    Staff hire irks former employer

    Business 29 09:11

  • Apple denies Cube is cracking

    But it is mouldy...

    Mac Channel 29 09:50

  • Hijacker beaten to death with mobile phone

    They do things differently in China

    Data Networking 29 09:55

  • Chip tester TransEDA floating nicely

    Shares bumped up 67 per cent in first day's trading

    Business 29 10:07

  • Europe to OK $135bn AOL/ Time Warner merger

    But EMI/Warner deal set to be nuked, claims insider

    Business 29 10:10

  • Breakup remedy was Microsoft's own fault, says trial judge

    And he might be hinting that the government case will go pear-shaped...

    Software 29 10:36

  • IBM, Toshiba team on Linux cluster systems

    Ally to sell clustered NetFinities

    Business 29 10:53

  • The rest of the stuff

    Mix it up, dat's what we say

    Letters 29 10:56

  • There is no ‘F’ in Rambus, Ink

    Not RIMMs, they're RIMMs with a view

    Bootnotes 29 11:27

  • Photocopy your stack of CDs

    For pirates wanting that professional touch

    Business 29 12:02

  • Bad road planning could stunt Silicon Fen

    UK high tech development threatened

    Business 29 12:19

  • WorldSport falls into Net oblivion

    And other ebiz tales

    Business 29 12:47

  • Only uneducated Yanks respect copyrights – study

    Confirmed: US education corrupts morals

    Media 29 14:05

  • WinME sanity and praise

    Pros, cons, hints and tips

    Letters 29 14:21

  • Californian faces 100 years in jail and £10m fine for false press release

    Emulex not happy

    Media 29 14:26

  • Readers' Letters A quiet one this week

    But that don't mean what we got ain't good

    Letters 29 14:35

  • End of road for CharlotteStreet

    Makeover for Women's portal

    Business 29 15:38

  • MP3.com launches email war on Congress

    Find out how to lobby your political candidate here

    Media 29 16:36

  • Brits buy 3.6 million mobile phones during summer

    Orange carrot most appealing

    Data Networking 29 20:34