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Congress has H1-B visa epiphany

Congressional Democrats have found a way to preserve their attenuating social-progressive credentials while at the same time supporting a very popular bill which would raise the quota on H-1B work visas for skilled immigrant labour. The proposed legislation would grant about 200,000 high-tech visas for each of the next three years.
Thomas C Greene, 28 Sep 2000

Wall Street savages Priceline.com

Shares of name-your-price Web shopping outfit Priceline slid by a whopping $7.89 to $10.75 for a forty-two per cent loss Wednesday on warnings that its third-quarter revenues look set to fall short of expectations.
Thomas C Greene, 28 Sep 2000

Intel's McKinley tapes out, Itanium is Itanic

Sources close to Intel said that its next generation of IA-64 processor, codenamed McKinley, has already taped out, a term which means that the chip company has advanced its plans for the chip by a clear 12 months.
Mike Magee, 28 Sep 2000

Via, Qualcomm threatened by Intel-TSMC deal

The Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which, as we reported last week, will outstrip every other chip factory in the world next year, is brokering a deal with Intel which threatens the futures of both Via and Qualcomm.
Mike Magee, 28 Sep 2000

Carnivore review team rudely unmasked

When the US Department of Justice (DoJ) released the winning Carnivore review proposal in Adobe .pdf format, they apparently failed to mask the names and other details of the review team adequately.
Thomas C Greene, 28 Sep 2000

PowerPC G4 Plus taped out

UpdatedRegister sources have added their voice to earlier hints that Motorola has completed the PowerPC G4 Plus, a process known in the trade as 'taping out'.
Tony Smith, 28 Sep 2000

Sun's 600MHz workstations to be available by auction only

Sun CEO and chairman Scott McNealy has come up with a novel way of flogging his low-end Sun Blade 1000 workstations.
Linda Harrison, 28 Sep 2000

Sony slashes US PlayStation 2 allocation to 500k units

Sony has confessed it's not going to be able to supply enough PlayStation 2s to meet demand when the console makes its US debut late next month.
Tony Smith, 28 Sep 2000

Exodus buys Global hosting business

Exodus is to buy Global Crossing's Web hosting business for $6.5bn in shares, the WSJ Web site reports. Global Crossing will end up with 20 per cent of Exodus, already the world's biggest Web hosting company. In July, an attempt to do the deal fell apart in a disagreement over price.
Team Register, 28 Sep 2000

Corel stems sales shrinkage

Corel's troubles appeared to be easing yesterday when the company posted third quarter results which included both a narrowing loss and stabilising sales.
Tony Smith, 28 Sep 2000

Inventory cutbacks torpedo VIA's sales forecasts

VIA Technologies tried its best to keep out of the limelight today as it reduced September revenue forecasts to NT$3 billion.
Our correspondent, 28 Sep 2000

Intel criticised for constructive criticism

A damaging dialogue is the essence of Intel's business methods, according to a number of ex-employees canvassed over the last six months.
Mike Magee, 28 Sep 2000

New MS revenue categories show what's hot, what's not

Microsoft is taking a one-time charge of $350 million against earnings in its fiscal Q1 in order to comply with new US Financial Accounting Standards Board rules. One of the more interesting side-effects of the move, however, is that the company intends, from the release of its Q1s in 18th October, to provide a more detailed breakdown of the revenue for its various product lines.
John Lettice, 28 Sep 2000

AMD bites Intel in Germany

Less than a week after Tiny, one of the UK's biggest OEMs, stopped being 100 per cent Intel (see Tiny goes AMD), Vobis, Germany's leading PC retailer has also adopted AMD processors.
Andrew Thomas, 28 Sep 2000

I/O, I/O it's off to work we go

Intel has a new I/O chipset which the chip Behemoth claims can triple the processing capabilities of Internet storage systems and large-scale databases.
Andrew Thomas, 28 Sep 2000

Freeserve in Xmas FRIACO deal

Britain's biggest ISP, Freeserve, reckons it will be offering a FRIACO-based Net access by December.
Tim Richardson, 28 Sep 2000

Europe outpaces US in e-banking

Companies rank security concerns below competitiveness in the race to get businesses online according to research published by Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Sep 2000

Amstrad results find Sugar bittersweet

Amstrad has released its year-end results and ole Alan Sugar the indomitable chairman is pleased... to report "excellent progress". Gross profit is £15.4 million - 85 per cent higher than last year. Oh, that's excluding Amserve's £2.3 million loss.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Sep 2000

Modern woman: from Web to bed

One in ten women who use the Internet end up shagging someone they met on the Web, or so says a survey by newomanonline.co.uk. A quarter of the click-chicks have also used the Net to build a "romantic friendship" - which is probably a euphemism for only sleeping with them on the third date.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Sep 2000

Elpida Memory expects 0.13 micron samples by Jan 2001

Elpida Memory, previously known as NEC-Hitachi Memory, has announced the first silicon for memory products based on the 0.13 micron geometry.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Sep 2000

Colt boots BT and Oftel over LLU

Colt Telecom has become the latest telco to put on its 18-hole Dr Martens and give BT and Oftel a good kicking over the issue of local loop unbundling.
Tim Richardson, 28 Sep 2000

HWRoundup Asus A7V v Abit KT7 – no holds barred

We think that those "Compare and Contrast" essays we all had to write at school have left a behind a compulsion to evaluate in every human being. Witness this phenomenon at Alereon.org. These guys have put together what they call a Goliath vs Goliath battle between the Asus A7V and the Abit KT7. If it is Goliath vs. Goliath, does that mean no-body wins?
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Sep 2000

Dell hacks server, PC and notebook prices to pieces

Dell has hacked the price of its servers, PCs and notebooks to pieces, citing cheaper component prices.
Linda Harrison, 28 Sep 2000

California to get tough on cyber-deviants

A new bill has been introduced in California that will allow harsher penalties to be handed out to people who intentionally distribute computer viruses or carry out denial of service attacks on commercial Websites.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Sep 2000

How to get a shag online

[A woman's mag did a survey that said one in ten women online have got it on with someone they met on the Net. A quarter of them had had a "romantic relationship" all thanks to Uncle Web. We said we didn't believe it. Then we got emails coming in. By the way, we've changed the names of the emailers because we figured someone might get in trouble]
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Sep 2000

Women nab quarter of IT jobs

Women hold just a quarter of IT jobs and even less top management roles, and it's all men's fault.
Linda Harrison, 28 Sep 2000

Sony launches wireless home Net access device

Sony has unveiled a product to bring the Net to the Net-less - a home-oriented mobile device that gives users access to the Net without the need for a PC.
Tony Smith, 28 Sep 2000

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