28th September 2000 Archive

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  • Congress has H1-B visa epiphany

    Quota increase nearly certain now

    Media 28 07:35

  • Wall Street savages Priceline.com

    Earnings disappointment panics investors

    Business 28 08:16

  • Intel's McKinley tapes out, Itanium is Itanic

    Itanium, Itanic, Unobtanium design won't clock

    Channel 28 08:27

  • Via, Qualcomm threatened by Intel-TSMC deal

    Only real men have fabs, continued

    Channel 28 08:56

  • Carnivore review team rudely unmasked

    DoJ censorship backfires

    Media 28 09:05

  • PowerPC G4 Plus taped out

    Long-awaited chip done and dusted, apparently

    Mac Channel 28 09:21

  • Sun's 600MHz workstations to be available by auction only

    eBay nabs exclusive contract

    Business 28 09:31

  • Sony slashes US PlayStation 2 allocation to 500k units

    We can't make enough of 'em, admits Japanese giant

    Business 28 10:01

  • Exodus buys Global hosting business

    And other CashReg titbits

    Business 28 10:17

  • Corel stems sales shrinkage

    Q2 loss narrows too - is the turnaround plan is working?

    Business 28 10:28

  • Inventory cutbacks torpedo VIA's sales forecasts

    Structural blip, not lower demand

    Business 28 10:29

  • Intel criticised for constructive criticism

    Destructive criticism, innit?

    Bootnotes 28 10:33

  • New MS revenue categories show what's hot, what's not

    Windows sales looking a bit flabby, enterprise services on the climb

    Business 28 10:34

  • AMD bites Intel in Germany

    More Intel dominoes tumble

    Channel 28 11:52

  • I/O, I/O it's off to work we go

    New Intel chipset 'delivers 3X performance'

    Channel 28 12:17

  • Freeserve in Xmas FRIACO deal

    Deck the hall with boughs of holly, tra-la la-la-la, la-la, la-la

    Media 28 12:22

  • Europe outpaces US in e-banking

    Both are bad on service and security

    Media 28 12:59

  • Amstrad results find Sugar bittersweet

    Do you get the feeling that Amserve has got Alan's attention?

    Business 28 13:02

  • Modern woman: from Web to bed

    Remember men are studs, women are slags

    Media 28 13:03

  • Elpida Memory expects 0.13 micron samples by Jan 2001

    The company formerly known as NEC-Hitachi

    Channel 28 13:06

  • Colt boots BT and Oftel over LLU

    More mindless violence

    Data Networking 28 13:13

  • HWRoundup Asus A7V v Abit KT7 – no holds barred

    Plus a deep peek at Voodoo5 drivers

    Hardware Roundup 28 13:34

  • Dell hacks server, PC and notebook prices to pieces

    Components cheaper

    Business 28 15:00

  • California to get tough on cyber-deviants

    A lesson in how to drive crime underground

    Media 28 15:01

  • How to get a shag online

    We think we've been missing something here

    Letters 28 15:05

  • Women nab quarter of IT jobs

    They'll be wanting the vote next...

    Business 28 15:07

  • Sony launches wireless home Net access device

    Web pumped throughout your home to Airboard tablet. Cool

    Business 28 15:19