26th September 2000 Archive

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  • Vendor trio unveils Intel PIII 800MHz and 850MHz notebooks

    Dell, Gateway and IBM limber up

    Business 26 00:19

  • US political parties awash with Microsoft ‘gifts’

    'Purchasing influence and access', report claims

    Software 26 00:20

  • CueCat profiling potential described

    All the gruesome technical details

    Media 26 03:55

  • Intel slide a little wafer thin

    Analysts, pundits slap each others' backs

    Channel 26 04:33

  • Rambus, Intel, Dramurai reach end game

    Arbitration, rather than quill pens drawn at dawn

    Channel 26 04:50

  • Chimpzilla boosts embedded line

    Gets flashy with HP

    Channel 26 08:43

  • Globalnet Financial/ Telescan merger collapses

    Different strokes

    Business 26 08:45

  • Palm revenues double – again

    But PDA prices falling fast

    Business 26 08:54

  • Play Space Invaders on your mobile phone

    But not yet

    Data Networking 26 09:09

  • UK software boss warns of PlayStation 2 famine

    Games biz will be hit hard if Sony can't ship enough consoles

    Business 26 09:09

  • Spot Register Hard drive shortages loom

    Memory prices plummet and bounce

    Spot Register 26 09:39

  • Motorola pledges allegiance to Symbian

    Epoc-maker acts quickly to prevent stock turmoil

    Software 26 09:42

  • Offspring agrees to can Napster album giveaway

    Pretty fly for a bunch of white guys under legal pressure from Sony

    Media 26 10:05

  • Energis leads fight against BT

    LLU is a 'cherry pickers' charter' says BY.

    Data Networking 26 10:29

  • HP's going down the cubes

    Carly the cubist boxes clever to downsize

    Business 26 10:58

  • Brits lukewarm about Net use

    Cold custard more appealing

    Media 26 11:59

  • What about drivers for WinME?

    What, indeed...

    Register Full Coverage 26 12:02

  • $13M UK venture cash boosts Palmchip

    Mega gate SOCs 'R' Us

    Business 26 13:57

  • QNX ships Neutrino real-time OS just in time

    Summer 2000 release? By the skin of its teeth...

    Software 26 14:05

  • Web browsers who buy from stores are top spenders

    Pure Net shoppers are the tightest

    Media 26 14:06

  • Bugs and issues

    It's more a case of driver problems than bugs

    Register Full Coverage 26 14:07

  • The apps WinME breaks

    And what to do about it

    Register Full Coverage 26 14:07

  • Vodafone celebrating portal launch by terminating free alerts?

    Vizzavi may charge from 1st January

    Data Networking 26 14:20

  • Quantum crypto secrets from Japan

    Data sent along 200m of optical fibre at 1 kbps

    Data Networking 26 14:26

  • Incredible shrinking cubicles – the madness continues

    HP is not alone

    Bootnotes 26 14:45

  • Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson try and set global location standard

    Mobile triumvirate get all territorial

    Data Networking 26 14:58

  • Blind dating on your WAP phone

    'Obviously we are aware that the service is open to abuse...'

    Media 26 15:50

  • Curtains finally close on FTC Intel gig

    'Ethical and lawful'

    Business 26 15:54

  • US Govt in double back down

    Intel, Spinola innocent

    Bootnotes 26 16:11

  • HWRoundup Overclocking frenzy – some work, some don't

    The Asus A7Pro gets drooled over

    Hardware Roundup 26 16:40

  • Computer Resale franchise biz ceases trading

    Forty outfits paid up to £25,000 each to join

    Business 26 16:56

  • MS Supreme victory leaves company guilty but unchecked

    At least a further year of freedom to innovate, says crestfallen DoJ

    Software 26 17:12

  • Negroponte in Noel Edmonds throwback shock!

    Dotcom milks big name connection

    Media 26 17:16

  • IBM flings more desktops on British public

    NetVista with ME OS

    Business 26 21:37

  • Sun debuts UltraSPARC III and embraces copper

    SunBlade and SunFire first out of the gate

    Business 26 21:37