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Vendor trio unveils Intel PIII 800MHz and 850MHz notebooks

A trio of vendors today announced which notebooks they planned to ship with Intel's latest mobile chips.
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US political parties awash with Microsoft ‘gifts’

Microsoft has dished out more than $16 million in political handouts over the last three years - and the software giant has upped such contributions since its legal wrangles with the US government.
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CueCat profiling potential described

Freebie bar-code scanner CueCat, which enables users to swipe bar codes in print media and have their browser immediately directed to related information on the Web, uses software which transmits all the information that maker Digital:Convergence would need to record every bar code that every user scans, and which could be used to profile users, an advisory by the Privacy Foundation explains.
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Intel slide a little wafer thin

Analysis There are lots of good and even wonderful things about being in Asia, close to what the CEO of Via calls the Greater China Manufacturing Engine, and one of them is you can watch the rest of the IT world as it wakes up to the news.
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Rambus, Intel, Dramurai reach end game

Many thanks to Rambusite, an independent Web site that follows the comings and goings of the Mountain View intellectual property outfit, for drawing our attention to three different developments in the continuing saga of Rambus versus The Rest.
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Chimpzilla boosts embedded line

AMD has some new embedded processors for thin clients, point-of-sale terminals and telecom gizmos. The new AMD-K6-2e and K6-IIIe MPUs are available at 350 and 550 MHz and in low-power variants.
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Globalnet Financial/ Telescan merger collapses

The merger agreement between GlobalNetFinancial.com and Telescan has collapsed, with the two financial dotcom sites hurrying to unwind shareholdings in each other. GlobalNetFinancial is also stumping up $250,000 to pay towards merger expenses incurred by Texas-based Telescan.
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Palm revenues double – again

A jubilant Palm yesterday unveiled its latest quarterly fiscals, which saw its revenues double and profits beat Wall Street expectations.

Play Space Invaders on your mobile phone

Space Invaders, the seminal computer game, is to make a comeback on WAP-enabled phones.
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UK software boss warns of PlayStation 2 famine

Rage Software supremo Paul Finnegan today added his voice to fellow computer games magnate Ian Livingstone, head of Eidos, and warned that the trade is in for a rough time over the next six months.
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Spot Register Hard drive shortages loom

The Euro took its toll on the spot market last week, but Taiwanese brokers are taking up the slack. There's also movement, or lack of movement, let's say, on hard drives, writes Marco Fumagalli.
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Motorola pledges allegiance to Symbian

Symbian yesterday called on alliance member Motorola to reaffirm its support for the smartphone platform after the mobile phone giant announced its decision to work with Symbian rival Palm on a pair of smartphones.
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Offspring agrees to can Napster album giveaway

Pro-Napster band The Offspring have knocked on the head their plan to offer their next album in MP3 format ahead of the CD release via the trouble music sharing service.

Energis leads fight against BT

Energis has been singled out as the ringleader among rival telcos looking for the best way to give BT a bloody nose.
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HP's going down the cubes

In a move straight out of Dilbert, HP is trying to save money by making its staff work in more cramped conditions.
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Brits lukewarm about Net use

More than half of British adults has never accessed the Net, according to the latest number crunching from the National Statistics Office.
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What about drivers for WinME?

Does your hardware have driver support?
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$13M UK venture cash boosts Palmchip

San Jose-based IP outfit Palmchip has trousered first-round venture funding of $13 million from a syndicate led by Index IT, a division of Beeson Gregory in London specialising in funding emerging semiconductor and IP companies in the UK and US.
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QNX ships Neutrino real-time OS just in time

Real-time OS developer QNX has released version 2.0 of its Neutrino operating system, mere hours after we looked on QNX's Web site and found no sign of it.
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Web browsers who buy from stores are top spenders

Shoppers that check out a company's Web site spend a third more in stores than those that don't bother with the Internet, according to the National Retail Federation. Almost a third of those surveyed also used the Web to look at or buy something they had seen in a shop.
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Bugs and issues

Recent Problems Several bugs and small little problems with Windows Me have been popping around the Internet lately. I went around and asked a couple of people if they encountered any bugs, but most say that their biggest problem was with their device drivers, I think one can conclude Windows Me is fairly bug-free. But there …
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The apps WinME breaks

Broken applications Windows Me was designed to be more stable and cause fewer crashes than previous versions, including Windows 98 and Windows 98: Second Edition. Although Windows Me is built on the Windows 9x kernel, not all Windows 98 software runs properly on it, particularly antivirus and personal firewall programs. …

Vodafone celebrating portal launch by terminating free alerts?

For the past few months mobile phone giant Vodafone has been running a handy little service in the UK. You can get free Web email via vodafone.net, and the service can link into your mobile phone, so you can get 'you have mail' alerts sent via short message, and you can also get news headlines, lottery numbers, horoscope and so on.

Quantum crypto secrets from Japan

Mitsubishi and Hokkaido University have completed a latest round of experiments in quantum cryptography over optical fibres. The two organisations say that their quantum cryptographic system is a success, and could have important implications for optical fibre networks already in use.
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Incredible shrinking cubicles – the madness continues

A can of worms appears to be inexorably opening following our story earlier today HP downsizes workspace.

Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson try and set global location standard

The big boy mobile manufacturers Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson have moved to control the issue of location commerce with the creation of a new standard forum.
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Blind dating on your WAP phone

A Web- and WAP-enabled chat and dating service - an online lonely hearts column in other words - will go live early next year. The site will be called findablinddate.com.
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Curtains finally close on FTC Intel gig

The Federal Trade Commission has closed the file on its investigation of Intel's business practices. It has also closed its examination of the anti-competitive implications of the acquisition of Chips &Technology and the equity stake in Real3D held by Intel.
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US Govt in double back down

On the very day that the FTC ended its investigation into Intel Story: Curtains finally close on FTC Intel gig, the FBI's file on the notorious Spinola family was also finally closed.
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HWRoundup Overclocking frenzy – some work, some don't

Overclocking action over at HardOCP today, as the one-gig versions of the Athlon and the PIII get water cooled and investigated more thouroughly that Richard Nixon. Click here to find out why your money is better spent on the slower versions.
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Computer Resale franchise biz ceases trading

Computer Resale, a franchising company for second-hand PCs, has ceased trading and is expected to call in Chantrey Vellacott as receivers by the end of the week. Many of the creditors are franchisees of Computer Resale, who paid up to £25,000 a year for the right to its name and support.
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MS Supreme victory leaves company guilty but unchecked

Microsoft today won - in the words of the Department of Justice - a further year's reprieve from the battery of remedies imposed by Judge Jackson earlier this year. The Supreme Court voted 8-1 in favour of the company's proposed course of action, that its appeal against Jackson's verdict should be dealt with by federal appeals court, rather than being expedited straight to the Supreme Court.
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Negroponte in Noel Edmonds throwback shock!

Lucky London dotcom Webswappers has netted investment from "leading Internet visionary" Nicholas Negroponte.
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IBM flings more desktops on British public

IBM has launched yet more additions to its product range - this time it's the turn of Big Blue's shiny desktops.
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Sun debuts UltraSPARC III and embraces copper

Preview Contrary to weekend reports, Sun Microsystems will preview one server and one workstation featuring its spanking new UltraSPARC III processors tomorrow.