25th September 2000 Archive

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  • Intel unleashes 850Mhz mobile Pentium III

    A tad more expensive than expected

    Channel 25 08:19

  • First Palm virus isolated

    Anti-virus guys sniff out new market

    Software 25 08:34

  • Hector Ruiz is the new Jerry Sanders

    Minus the Beverly Hills lifestyle

    Channel 25 08:59

  • Colleges defy Napster ban demand

    We don't monitor or ban Net access, US universities say

    Media 25 09:00

  • Evesham battles for business award

    Updated Tough competition ahead

    Bootnotes 25 09:14

  • Analyst talks up Handspring

    But PalmOS licensees' marketshare fell in June

    Business 25 09:58

  • Egg fraud suspects charged

    Among them a fitness instructor, estate agent and secretary

    Media 25 10:37

  • Palm, Motorola to build PDA-equipped cellphone

    Is there a Symbian connection?

    Data Networking 25 10:40

  • Adobe gives it away

    Philanthropists 'R' Us

    Software 25 10:50

  • GUS goes for a Green Shield stamp style reward scheme

    Cheap wine glasses and a fondue set, anyone?

    Business 25 11:33

  • IBM thinks WAP phones are small potatoes

    Digs those Palms though

    Media 25 11:53

  • Britain safe in Oftel's hands

    Trust me, I'm a watchdog

    Data Networking 25 12:25

  • Mobiles have a rough ride of it

    Fraud, overspend, poor reception. Is the love affair ending?

    Data Networking 25 12:49

  • Fujitsu unveils Transmeta notebooks

    Wireless Net access machines due November

    Business 25 12:57

  • Creative puts Aureal out of its misery

    Richer sounds wins the day

    Business 25 13:15

  • Porn Queen Danni fights to hold record breaker crown

    Why she deserves world's 'Most Downloaded Woman' title

    Media 25 14:14

  • Sunday Times savages BT

    Minces BT, but not words

    Data Networking 25 14:17

  • AMD acts over reliability concerns

    Gigabyte, Micro-Star first to pass tough new quality tests

    Business 25 14:49

  • Barclays beats Egg for top online bank crown

    641,000 punters laugh in the face of online bank security breaches

    Media 25 15:13

  • Iomega relaunches failed Clik disk as PocketZip

    HipZip music player heralds Windscale/Sellafield-style name-change

    Business 25 15:16

  • AMD wins Micron for first time

    From little acorns

    Channel 25 15:56

  • Reg hack in PR defection shocker

    Dawn exchange in public toilet

    Bootnotes 25 15:58

  • Local loop unbundling farce continues

    Oftel fails to do the obvious and essential

    Data Networking 25 16:12

  • Chart fixers enter the online world

    Life gets harder for Spice Girl solo careers

    Media 25 16:13

  • HWRoundup Which chip champ caters best for MPEG-4

    Anand checks out an in-car MP3 player

    Hardware Roundup 25 16:32

  • Bertelsmann goes Net crazy

    Content deals and staff get PCs for £1

    Media 25 16:44

  • US Euro rescue shores up Intel, US PC vendors

    Whew... Holiday season sales saved?

    Business 25 17:19

  • MS ‘componentized’ OS to be follow-up to Win2k Whistler?

    An unpromising blurt maybe telegraphs the real big push...

    Software 25 18:43

  • MS reimaging sting will cost business $11bn – Gartner

    Fat cat revolt leaves SMEs footing the bill

    Software 25 18:45