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Intel unleashes 850Mhz mobile Pentium III

As we predicted last week here, three new flavours of Intel mobile processors duly arrived today.
Andrew Thomas, 25 Sep 2000

First Palm virus isolated

The Palm platform has been hit with its first true virus. Dubbed Phage, after a germ-ridden bunch of aliens in Star Trek: Voyager, the virus infects Palm-based applications.
Tony Smith, 25 Sep 2000

Hector Ruiz is the new Jerry Sanders

Jerry Sanders, AMD founder and head honcho, has anointed Hector de Ruiz to replace him as chief executive.
Drew Cullen, 25 Sep 2000

Colleges defy Napster ban demand

US universities have told Metallica lawyer Howard King to take a hike - they will not block the use of Napster on their networks as he has requested.
Tony Smith, 25 Sep 2000

Evesham battles for business award

PC makers are terribly keen on awards - they look good in ads, don't you know - and so they go in for as many as possible, sending out truckloads of systems for review in the hope of winning Editor's Choice from some two-bit PC monthly, or even a prestigious Register Golden Vulture™ award.
Andrew Thomas, 25 Sep 2000

Analyst talks up Handspring

Analyst Thomas Sepenzis of CIBC Oppenheimer got his name in the papers this weekend by generating a 22 per cent hike in PalmOS licensee Handspring's share price on Friday.
Tony Smith, 25 Sep 2000

Egg fraud suspects charged

The three men arrested at the end of August for trying to defraud online bank Egg, plus another man and a woman, have been charged with conspiracy to defraud.
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Sep 2000

Palm, Motorola to build PDA-equipped cellphone

Palm and Motorola are to merge the cellphone and the PDA and jointly market a co-branded phone-cum-organiser the year after next, the two companies will announce today.
Tony Smith, 25 Sep 2000

Adobe gives it away

Adobe is expanding its corporate philanthropy concept to donate software to schools and other worthy causes in France, Germany, the UK and Japan.
Andrew Thomas, 25 Sep 2000

GUS goes for a Green Shield stamp style reward scheme

Great Universal Stores is launching the online equivalent of the Green Shield stamps gift programme. Internet users will be rewarded for reading and responding to email offers, completing surveys, or buying something. GUS is allying with US group MyPoints, in which it has a 10 per cent stake, to run the scheme. GUS bought online retailer Jungle.com at the start of September.
Team Register, 25 Sep 2000

IBM thinks WAP phones are small potatoes

WAP phones are never going to be a big thing according to IBM executives speaking at a briefing at the company's offices in Austin, Texas.
Lucy Sherriff, 25 Sep 2000
server room

Britain safe in Oftel's hands

Britain will have solved its telecoms problems by this time next year according to David Edmonds, top dog at British telecoms regulator, Oftel.
Tim Richardson, 25 Sep 2000

Mobiles have a rough ride of it

It was perhaps inevitable - mobiles have become so ubiquitous that the initial joy and optimism has turned sour and even the industry's previously unshakeable confidence is slipping. The story about mobiles being sneaked out the country has been recycled, 3G continues to take flack and WAP is still crap.
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Sep 2000

Fujitsu unveils Transmeta notebooks

Fujitsu will release its first Transmeta-based notebooks next month - the second PC company to announce officially product based on the chip company's Crusoe CPU. That announcement will take place later today.
Tony Smith, 25 Sep 2000

Creative puts Aureal out of its misery

Litigation is business by other means, as Creative Technology's $32 million takeover of moribund rival Aureal Semiconductor proves.
Drew Cullen, 25 Sep 2000

Porn Queen Danni fights to hold record breaker crown

InterviewA catscrap is raging in the US between two females claiming the title of the world's Most Downloaded Woman. Danni Ashe, famed owner of adult site Danni's Hard Drive and one of the blondes involved in the battle, gives The Register her side of the story as well as an insight into the lucrative world of cyberporn.
Linda Harrison, 25 Sep 2000
server room

Sunday Times savages BT

Reg tips its beak to the Sunday Times - and to David Hewson in particular - for his assassination of BT in yesterday's bumper edition of the weekend read.
Tim Richardson, 25 Sep 2000

AMD acts over reliability concerns

AMD today announced a new worldwide scheme to allay fears about the reliability of Athlon and Duron PCs.
Andrew Thomas, 25 Sep 2000

Barclays beats Egg for top online bank crown

Barclays today beat Egg to become Britain's most visited online bank.
Linda Harrison, 25 Sep 2000

Iomega relaunches failed Clik disk as PocketZip

Iomega has finally launched its anticipated digital music player - dubbed HipZip - it's attempt not only to break into a new market but to boost sales of its ailing Clik disk format.
Tony Smith, 25 Sep 2000

AMD wins Micron for first time

The Intel dominoes continue to fall with Micron Electronics succumbing for the first time to AMD's charms.
Drew Cullen, 25 Sep 2000

Reg hack in PR defection shocker

Lester Haines, 25 Sep 2000

Local loop unbundling farce continues

David Edmonds - the head of Oftel - is taking full responsibility for Local Loop Unbundling (LLU).
Tim Richardson, 25 Sep 2000

Chart fixers enter the online world

Getting talentless tarts to the number one slot has just got harder with the announcement that from 1 October online sales of albums will be included in the UK charts.
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Sep 2000

HWRoundup Which chip champ caters best for MPEG-4

One of the lads over at Tom's Hardware has done another AMD v Intel type comparison, but not just for speed or oomph this time. Today's foray into the competitive realm is looking for specifics. Which manufacturer caters best for MPEG-4? Click here for answers.
Lucy Sherriff, 25 Sep 2000

Bertelsmann goes Net crazy

Bertelsmann, which describes itself as "the most international media company", has gone mad for the Internet (probably because it has a big stake in every other kind of media). Not only has it started up a new venture with iSyndicate to get in the content provision market but it is also offering employees dirt cheap PCs/laptops just so they can "enjoy the Internet experience".
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Sep 2000

US Euro rescue shores up Intel, US PC vendors

According to an unnamed German Finance Ministry official quoted by the WSJ, it Intel's profit warning on Thursday - which resulted in a general sharp intake of stock - may have been the catalyst that finalised the US decision to support the Euro on Friday.
Graham Lea, 25 Sep 2000

MS ‘componentized’ OS to be follow-up to Win2k Whistler?

Signs that the goalposts are moving again were - appropriately enough - embedded in the spin surrounding Microsoft's push for CE and NT Embedded at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose today. The company came up with quite a lot of not very obviously interesting stuff designed to put some oomph back into the somewhat underperforming embedded and appliance division marketing spiel, but way, way down at the bottom there was a strange blurt about the operating system that comes after Whistler.
John Lettice, 25 Sep 2000

MS reimaging sting will cost business $11bn – Gartner

The Gartner Group issued a scalding advisory this morning claiming that Microsoft's amended policy on reimaging Windows CDs will net Redmond an extra $11billion in revenue.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Sep 2000

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