22nd September 2000 Archive

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  • Intel blames Europe for lower profits

    It's all our fault as shares slump

    Channel 22 00:34

  • TSMC outstrips Intel in wafer starts

    Fabber and mobber of all factories

    Channel 22 02:24

  • Intel Foster secrets revealed

    Pop goes the weasel

    Channel 22 03:26

  • Sex and race don't predict Net use – study

    So much for the 'Digital Divide'

    Media 22 07:13

  • Psion Teklogix remains Sun Java loyalist

    Much late-binding in the marsh

    Business 22 07:35

  • Hoards of American e-tourists coming your way

    Spending cybercash like it's going out of fashion

    Media 22 07:38


    Untenable, resigned, gardening leave, etc etc

    Business 22 07:39

  • AltaVista in High Court defence today

    Who gives a fig? Er, FIG does, we guess.

    Media 22 07:57

  • UK Govt loses faith in Oftel

    At last...someone's finally noticed

    Data Networking 22 09:32

  • Prophets guide Via's chipset profits

    CEO guided by religion

    Channel 22 10:04

  • iomart sets sail for broadband

    and a yo-ho-ho and a bottle of scotch

    Media 22 10:25

  • Can Bill Gates broadband satellite bet beat re-entry burnout?

    Teledesic and ICO strive to lose the money hole tag

    Data Networking 22 10:51

  • CallNet up for sale

    Go on, make an offer

    Media 22 11:11

  • MS Xbox deal : Nvidia goes multimedia

    New core competencies R us

    Channel 22 11:23

  • Northamber lifts hatches and comes out to play

    A display of financial prudence

    Business 22 11:26

  • Hardware Roundup Cheap gaming a-go-go

    Disks, graphics, Xboxes - it's all here folks

    Hardware Roundup 22 11:35

  • Oftel fights back against Govt lost confidence

    Has anyone tried looking down the back of the sofa for it?

    Data Networking 22 11:37

  • Hyundai expects October DRAM price rise

    Knock on from PC sales

    Business 22 11:51

  • Apple UK MD moves to take up Euro role

    Education. Education. Education

    Mac Channel 22 12:23

  • FTC starts gearing up for AOL/Time Warner battle

    Okay, so now we're getting somewhere

    Media 22 13:06

  • L&H subpoeanead by SEC

    Accounts sous investigatione

    Software 22 13:27

  • Bedroom NASA hacker set to bite pillow in choky

    Pinecrest boy pining for freedom

    Media 22 14:52

  • White coats to examine digital divide

    Brit Govt to investigate impact of technology on society

    Media 22 14:58

  • Pentium 4 pricing revealed

    Unimpeachable sources spill the beans

    Channel 22 15:02

  • A quarter of Americans give Web the finger

    Too expensive and dangerous (the Web, not the good ol' boys)

    Media 22 16:23

  • Windows for Warfare – more info on Win2k's Navy carrier gig

    Win2k to launch missiles, planes, monitor systems

    Software 22 16:45

  • 128k wireless data, now: Metricom blazes US into lead

    Wireless wonder or evolutionary dead-end?

    Data Networking 22 16:48

  • Forbes doesn't release breakdown of the world's poorest men

    But would you be interested to know Bill Gates is still the richest?

    Business 22 16:59

  • Weirdos of the Week Live and uncut

    Making sure you have a shot of something before you start on this one

    Letters 22 17:02

  • SDMI hacking and haranguing: we're bad and wrong

    Strangely calm, intelligent and thoughtful pieces to Reg rant

    Letters 22 17:07

  • HP gives Carly all top three jobs

    person kind of thing

    Business 22 17:12

  • Best of the Rest: variation is the spice of life

    Is this right? Oh well, it is in this case, alright?

    Letters 22 17:15

  • Readers' Letters Hacking, smacking and whacking

    It's a slap and tickle special this week folks

    Letters 22 17:21

  • US Vets hacked to pieces

    Friendly fire leaves personal details exposed

    Media 22 18:08

  • What the Hell is… CueCat?

    A New-Economy marketing gimmick gone horribly wrong ;-)

    Media 22 22:08