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US Kiddie Commission puts porno Webmasters on notice

Several Puritanical alarmists sitting on the Child Online Protection Act (COPA) Commission argued during a meeting Tuesday that the US government should forcibly defend our tender sprouts from on-line filth by imprisoning the purveyors of electronic obscenity.
Thomas C Greene, 21 Sep 2000

Via intros Cyrix notebook chip

Via Technology ForumThe CPU division of Via is targeting Intel at the low end of the notebook market with a 76 square millimetre Socket 370 processor which it claims will give longer battery life and offer lower power consumption.
Mike Magee, 21 Sep 2000

AMD updates notebook roadmap

Via Technology ForumChip firm AMD has updated its mobile roadmap for the 800 delegates attending the Via Technology Forum in Taipei.
Mike Magee, 21 Sep 2000

Taiwan rumour mill churns on

TaipeiGather together 800 engineers and you're bound to hear all sorts of rumours and speculation, some of which may be true but what way does anyone have of knowing?
Adamson Rust, 21 Sep 2000

Global Crossing and WorldCom can ADSL in UK

Britain's plans to open its telecoms market to competition and usher in an era of broadband communications is rapidly descending into farce.
Tim Richardson, 21 Sep 2000

Hackers target US-Russian exercise

Hackers in the US attempted to disrupt a combined US-Russian exercise aimed at dealing with major natural disasters, reported AFP quoting the ITAR-TASS news agency.
Tim Richardson, 21 Sep 2000

Surfing Rabbit pulled out of the hat

A Leicester telco has begun offering unmetered voice and Internet calls for residential users.
Tim Richardson, 21 Sep 2000

WinME sells 250,000 in first four days

Research outfit PC Data says that Windows Millennium Edition (WinME) sold 250,000 copies in the US in its first four days on the market. The company also predicts - we think we can see a finger in the wind here - that the product's on track to sell 400,000 in its first month.
John Lettice, 21 Sep 2000

Is there a dark end for TheStreet.com?

Online financial information company TheStreet.com has admitted its summer relaunch has been a bit of a flop and ad revenue has been 'disappointing'. It is now 'evaluating opportunities' to link with other financial news providers. Content distribution deals have been held up by technical hitches.
Team Register, 21 Sep 2000

MPs slam Blair's eGovt plans

Politician's are losing confidence in the British Government's e-credentials and its promise to get all services online by 2005.
Tim Richardson, 21 Sep 2000

Viglen: new focus and name but the same results

PC builder and Internet scout Viglen has released its year-end results - and they look much the same as last year's. Sales are down slightly from £90.1 million to £87.0 million, operating profit is up slightly to £3.0 million (from £2.8 million), profit before tax is down £0.6 million to £3.7 million and earnings per share is up 36 per cent to 3.03p. Although none of this is very sexy, shareholders will be pleased - due to "exceptional tax credits received in the year" dividends have been pumped up by 2.25p to 3.00p.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Sep 2000

Tiny goes AMD

The dominoes continue to tumble as yet another OEM jumps from the good ship Intel Inside [Shurely "good ship Mixed Metaphor"? - Ed]. Tiny, one of the UK's largest PC outfits - with more than 130 stores and turning over $600 million last year - is adopting Athlon and Duron processors across its range.
Andrew Thomas, 21 Sep 2000

Industrial tribunal gets down and dirty

An Australian tribunal over the sacking of two Toyota employees for Net porn has included a blue movie and dodgy pics as evidence.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Sep 2000

T-Online's boardroom battles

There's management disagreement at T-Online, the German Internet service provider that is 83 per cent owned by Deutsche Telekom. It seems that the focus of the row is over management interference by DT CEO Ron Sommer about the desire by T-Online to expand in Europe.
Graham Lea, 21 Sep 2000

Celeron to go straight to 133MHz FSB?

If the spec for ABIT's bios upgrade for the BF6 and BE6 mobos is to be believed, future Celerons will have a FSB of 133MHz and not 100MHz [writes our pinch of salt correspondent].
Andrew Thomas, 21 Sep 2000
server room

WorldCom: in or out of ADSL race?

There's growing confusion over reports that US telco, WorldCom, has scrapped its decision to offer broadband services in Britain once the local loop is unbundled (LLU).
Tim Richardson, 21 Sep 2000

Doom 3 maestro speaks

John Carmack, the co-founder of id Software, top code creator and man behind the trail-blazing Doom shoot-em-up game has been talking to Voodooextreme.com and provided some grand info on where 3D gaming is going.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Sep 2000

Dell debuts Itanium workstation

Dell is debuting its new PC, notebook and workstation lines today.
Linda Harrison, 21 Sep 2000

Hardware Roundup Mobos slug it out

Although we somehow doubt that the ASUS A7V mobo really weighs in at 205 lbs, Sharky Extreme's head to head contest between it and ABIT's KT7-RAID in the blue corner, still makes interesting reading. Any mobo scoring 9.5 on a scale of 10 has to be worth a closer look.
Andrew Thomas, 21 Sep 2000

Flesh sells unified messaging

Most of the stands at Internet Telecom Expo 2000 in New York yesterday looked pretty tame - except for one.
Linda Harrison, 21 Sep 2000

WWWhere there's a wonk there's a way

We ran a story yesterday we which hoped would solve the irritating need to repeat "double-u, double-u, double-u dot" every time you are talking about a Web site. Instead, we went for the word "wonk" and made the foolish mistake of asking you what you thought.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Sep 2000
Cat 5 cable

Official: WorldCom out of LLU race

WorldCom has confirmed it will not bid for space within BT's local exchanges as part of local loop unbundling (LLU) in Britain.
Tim Richardson, 21 Sep 2000

AT&T's death-blow to Microsoft TV?

AT&T has plumped for Liberate as its technology partner for the forthcoming stateside trial of interactive TV services, leaving Microsoft' costly global TV initiative all but out for the count.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Sep 2000

Teenager pays back £200,000 over Net stock scam

A 15-year-old has agreed to pay back the $285,000 (£200,000) he made in profit from dodgy share trading on the Internet. Apparently, Jonathan G Lebed bought large amounts of cheap stocks and then hyped them up by sending emails to financial newsgroups. As soon as the price peaked, he sold them.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Sep 2000

New economy luvvies get more money than you and think work is fun

The future looks bright for dotcom flyers - the average bubble economy worker makes more than $100,000 a year while their boss runs around organising their dry cleaning.
Linda Harrison, 21 Sep 2000

Congress releases on-line privacy manual

Unsure how on-line businesses track you and how you can thwart them? A bit foggy on re-mailers, identity managers, permission marketing, proxies, encryption? Well you wouldn't be alone. A new Congressional guide to privacy notes that among heavy Internet users a full twelve per cent don't even understand what a cookie does; and these ubiquitous little items are only the most basic weapons in the commercial privacy-busting arsenal.
Thomas C Greene, 21 Sep 2000

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