20th September 2000 Archive

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  • Via pushes $200 Internet PC

    Wen Chi Chen wants to fill void

    Channel 20 04:48

  • AMD confirms enterprise push

    Scaling up with MP Athlons

    Channel 20 04:48

  • Pentium 4 launches a little late

    Well, later than we said, anyway

    Channel 20 09:01

  • Napster-style sites to cost music biz $3.1bn by 2005

    And lawsuits wont stop punters

    Media 20 09:35

  • Faster Intel mobiles coming Monday

    850, 800 PIII, 700 Celeron to debut next week

    Channel 20 10:08

  • McDonalds revamps chip business

    It burgers belief

    Bootnotes 20 10:24

  • Y2K to blame for Compel profit slump

    From £12.7m to £2.08m

    Business 20 10:38

  • Big nob Bell ends…

    ...his career at excite@home

    Business 20 11:07

  • HSBC site daubed with graffiti

    Killjoy was ear

    Media 20 11:09

  • Naughty Dramurai back DDR to hilt

    Mandy Rambus-Davis paradigm shaft

    Channel 20 11:13

  • Frederick Forsyth's next book on Net only

    Day of the Jackal author goes e-book crazy

    Media 20 11:22

  • Transmeta hinders FIC fin client

    Aqua Marina in deep blue sea, or not

    Channel 20 11:24

  • New Xeon server mobo hits the streets

    A big welcome please for the SBT2

    Business 20 11:37

  • BT starts boosting Wireless image. Doesn't work

    Looks like the float is finally going to go ahead

    Data Networking 20 11:54

  • Juniper gets edgy with latest boxes

    Backbone routing is tooting

    Business 20 11:58

  • World Online dilutes unmetered service

    Whinges about it too

    Media 20 12:04

  • How the trial schedule is influencing MS' roadmaps

    On examination, the two seem to relate...

    Software 20 12:17

  • Corel wins financial lifeline

    Belt tightening process may ease somewhat...

    Business 20 12:33

  • We solve one of the Net's biggest hassles

    Speed up those Web site conversations

    Media 20 14:08

  • US Net use is becoming so un-PC

    Someone's bound to be upset

    Media 20 14:08

  • Handspring converts PDA to cell phone

    For a price, and a fairly hefty one at that

    Business 20 14:27

  • Tax breaks to US companies: trade war looms?

    A continuing $6bn subsidy maybe isn't quite what the WTO had in mind...

    Business 20 14:46

  • Situation Vacant: Telecoms Ombudsman

    Must be tough with the wisdom of Solomon

    Data Networking 20 15:15

  • Your computer will kill you: part 1063

    Cooked VDU cases are baaad

    Business 20 15:31

  • Mobile company tries to rip off The Reg

    ISPs got told off for just this sort of thing last week

    Data Networking 20 15:33

  • HWRoundup Vivid 32Mb vid card verbals

    Abit KT7 and ASUS A7V mobo gogo

    Hardware Roundup 20 15:54

  • Lib Dems go against RIP bill

    They seem to have a clued up spokesman

    Media 20 16:33

  • IBM spends $65m on European Web consultancy

    It's all about expansion, alliances, development, that sort of thing

    Business 20 16:35

  • The online guide to how to die

    Silver surfers prepare to be silver turfers

    Media 20 16:45

  • Online shopping's rubbish. Oh no it's not. Oh yes it is

    Difference of opinion between Budgens and Tesco

    Media 20 17:13

  • Qualcomm, and Via enter unholy alliance

    Qeniability is the name of this game

    Data Networking 20 17:54

  • Handspring chases Palm upmarket with colour PDA

    We want all your business.

    Business 20 18:44

  • Network Ice posts do-it-yourself Carnivore kit

    Dreaded FBI Rottweiler looks more like a Chihuahua

    Media 20 20:16