19th September 2000 Archive

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  • Auction Web site offers $25,000 hacker bounty

    News or publicity stunt? You make the call

    Media 19 07:13

  • AOL UK offers 24/7 flat fee Net access

    Now they got the Holy Grail, what next?

    Media 19 07:42

  • DRAM headaches for bulk buyers

    Bald memory guru keeps his hair on

    Business 19 07:46

  • Intel, AMD get DDR 266 support

    Spate of products close to release

    Channel 19 08:20

  • Kingston takes over the World

    Well, the World according to Toshiba, anyway

    Channel 19 09:37

  • AOL UK saves e-Britain

    Owen scores on the rebound

    Media 19 10:17

  • MS trial judge points finger of blame at US states

    Attorneys general are a waste of space. But we knew that...

    Software 19 10:53

  • Amazon chooses AOL over Yahoo!

    Can only afford one portal partner

    Business 19 11:11

  • Toshiba to start peddling online music

    But it needs to find some good songs first

    Media 19 11:57

  • Hexus marks the spot for Overclockers UK

    Review site & overclocked reseller form match made in hardware heaven

    Business 19 12:06

  • Blind leading the dumb: the local loop fiasco

    Shakespearian farce or Greek tragedy? Might just as well go home

    Data Networking 19 12:12

  • SupaNet savages Downing Street

    How many sees in hypocrisy?

    Media 19 12:28

  • Sun launches cell phone Java standard

    Here come stocks, games, weather and traffic reports

    Software 19 14:37

  • Sun buys Linux server appliance specialist Cobalt for $2bn

    'Our bet for the future' - so this is important, right?

    Business 19 14:50

  • ISP rating scheme launched by NSI and Arthur Andersen

    Nothing like objective criticism...and this is nothing like it

    Media 19 15:37

  • HWRoundup Dead Athlons and how to build an MP3 box

    The good the bad and the broken

    Hardware Roundup 19 15:47

  • Nortel VP and CTO waxes lyrical on 4G mobiles

    Do you want 10Mbps on your phone/PDA?

    Data Networking 19 16:14

  • Beta 1 not out yet, but MS sets April date for Whistler gold code

    Mysterious Hidden Hand guides MS dev programme, apparently...

    Software 19 16:22

  • Intel tight-lipped on support forum closures

    Refuses to speak to Register

    Media 19 16:22

  • Net server soiree

    Dell, CacheFlow and Maxtor dole it out

    Business 19 16:43

  • Botzilla sinking fangs into second MSNBC Windows poll?

    Twice on the one page - you couldn't make it up...

    Software 19 16:58

  • Welcome to the pre-pay online cash card

    It's open day for kids and those with poor credit

    Media 19 17:00

  • HP innocent in CD burner screw up

    Adaptec plug-in to blame

    Business 19 17:01

  • Pentium 4: bring out your living

    Benchmarks roll on

    Channel 19 23:30