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Auction Web site offers $25,000 hacker bounty

On-line auction outfit Bidbay is offering a $25,000 bounty for information leading to the conviction of malicious intruders who shut down their operation intermittently for two days starting 7 September, rendering service unavailable to users.
Thomas C Greene, 19 Sep 2000

AOL UK offers 24/7 flat fee Net access

After months of speculation AOL UK has finally announced it is to offer flat-fee 24/7 unmetered access to the Net.
Tim Richardson, 19 Sep 2000

DRAM headaches for bulk buyers

DRAM prices have dropped this month, thwarting the efforts of PC builders and brokers that upped stock levels in anticipation of September price rises.
Linda Harrison, 19 Sep 2000

Intel, AMD get DDR 266 support

Via Technical ForumA senior executive at Micron today forecast that a spate of double data rate (DDR) products were set to hit the market in the next three months.
Mike Magee, 19 Sep 2000

Kingston takes over the World

Kingston Technology is to become the exclusive supplier of memory to Toshiba worldwide.
Andrew Thomas, 19 Sep 2000

AOL UK saves e-Britain

Today's announcement by AOL UK that it is to offer unmetered Net access has not come too soon for e-Britain.
Tim Richardson, 19 Sep 2000

MS trial judge points finger of blame at US states

Judge Richard Posner, who ran the Microsoft case mediation talks until they failed earlier this year, has paid-out another snippet for trial whodunnit addicts. In the immediate aftermath of the breakdown of talks in April Posner denounced the "leaking and spinning" that surrounded them, and said that was his final word. But now he observes that the US states' role in antitrust cases should be limited.
John Lettice, 19 Sep 2000

Amazon chooses AOL over Yahoo!

Amazon is ending its three-year book marketing deal with Yahoo! and is now just concentrating on working with rival AOL.
Team Register, 19 Sep 2000

Toshiba to start peddling online music

Toshiba is getting into the online music business and will start selling music for download over the Internet next year.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Sep 2000

Blind leading the dumb: the local loop fiasco

It's hard to know where to begin. Oftel is as effective as a monopode in the Premier league. In fact it is a byword for not only not doing your job but also failing to recognise what your job entails. Let's get that out the way first.
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Sep 2000

SupaNet savages Downing Street

The British Government's wired credentials took another rib-cracking blow to the midriff today after ISP, SupaNet, claimed Downing Street wouldn't accept letters to the Prime Minister via email.
Tim Richardson, 19 Sep 2000

Sun launches cell phone Java standard

Sun has developed a standard for putting its Java software onto mobile phones. Called mobile information device, or more concisely MID profile, the standard promises to bring yet more stuff to the titchy screen of your mobile phone.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Sep 2000

Sun buys Linux server appliance specialist Cobalt for $2bn

Sun is to buy server appliance specialist Cobalt Networks in a stock swap worth approximately $2 billion. Cobalt's roots are in Linux/MIPS small server appliances for small offices and Web sites, and as one of its products is the Qube, presumably rights to rattle lawyers at Apple and Mr Jobs will come with the acquisition.
John Lettice, 19 Sep 2000

ISP rating scheme launched by NSI and Arthur Andersen

Domain name giant Network Solutions and Arthur Andersen will offer their own personal assessment of the performance of ISPs in Europe.
Tim Richardson, 19 Sep 2000

HWRoundup Dead Athlons and how to build an MP3 box

CPU Review sends out a bittersweet warning to all Athlon users out there. The hardware community seems to adhere to the principle that if you gotta go, at least let the next guy know what killed you. Or your CPU, in this case. If you would like to avoid a dead Athlon, this is a must read.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Sep 2000

Nortel VP and CTO waxes lyrical on 4G mobiles

The keynote at this year's Rawcon 2000 conference (Radio & Wireless Conference) was given by top Nortel Networks man Al Javed who promptly leapt in with details about 4G mobile networks.
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Sep 2000

Beta 1 not out yet, but MS sets April date for Whistler gold code

Whistler's status as a Win2k point release looks even more assured, if the latest secret files to fall into the clutches of Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet are to be believed. Actually they're not anything like as good as the leaks she used to get (did somebody leave?), but it does seem highly significant that Microsoft has already set a date for the software to go gold - April 18, 2001.
John Lettice, 19 Sep 2000

Intel tight-lipped on support forum closures

Intel's decision to close its processor and motherboard support forums Intel signs death warrant for support forums looks to be pretty irrevocable.
Andrew Thomas, 19 Sep 2000

Net server soiree

Here's a hat-trick of network server releases from yesterday - with a trio of vendors vying for a place in the forecasted $16 billion market.
Linda Harrison, 19 Sep 2000

Botzilla sinking fangs into second MSNBC Windows poll?

Luckless online news organisation MSNBC is showing every sign of having been pranged by poll-packing twice in the one week, and on the one page. We do feel slightly sorry for the loves, who're clearly not themselves fixing polls in Microsoft's favour, but if you run meaningless polls as entertainment in order to get hits, you do bear a certain amount of responsibility for the consequences.
John Lettice, 19 Sep 2000

Welcome to the pre-pay online cash card

We're been hearing a lot recently about online credit cards, accompanied with Daily Mail rants about how teenage credit is evil and will destroy the world. Actually, we agree with the damage that getting kids involved with credit cards will cause, but Global Internet Billing has an interesting solution with its InteractivCash card.
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Sep 2000

HP innocent in CD burner screw up

It's only taken two clean installs of Windows 2000 and all the applications and a total restore of all the data, but we appear to be getting to the nub of the problems that appeared when we tried running our new HP 9510i CD burner.
Andrew Thomas, 19 Sep 2000

Pentium 4: bring out your living

Remember those benchmarks at 2CPU which Intel managed to vanish a couple of weeks back?
Mike Magee, 19 Sep 2000

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