18th September 2000 Archive

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  • Sun's McNealy gets $68.6m for year's work

    Big fat bonus, big fat stock options

    Business 18 07:26

  • Apple steps closer to PC-compatibility

    Fun for you BSD nostalgics

    Business 18 07:30

  • Siemens finally gets shot of UK fab

    Atmel and UK Govt come up with the readies

    Channel 18 08:55

  • Crazed Kiwis run Celeron at 1057MHz

    Don't try this at home folks

    Channel 18 11:03

  • IDC: will Europe leapfrog US in e-business?

    Ah, but what is Europe?

    Business 18 11:39

  • Linux Today cries foul over Windows MSNBC poll surge

    Bots it all about then?

    Software 18 11:47

  • BT evacuates bowels

    Surftime supported by high fibre network

    Bootnotes 18 12:02

  • Reader's Letters H-1B Visas

    You sound off - in our most heartfelt world-weary mailbag ever.

    Letters 18 12:30

  • HWRoundup Dr Tom initiates integrated mainboard action

    Aladdin TNT2 punch up with i815e

    Hardware Roundup 18 12:37

  • CEO's laptop nicked: company secrets on the loose

    Was it one of us scum journos that stole it?

    Business 18 12:46

  • And you thought we didn't like BT

    Click here for crazed, irrational outbursts

    Bootnotes 18 13:00

  • Competition OPD rude phrase winners

    The jury's finally back from the Mason's Arms

    Bootnotes 18 13:38

  • Olympics shaft the Internet

    And you thought everyone was keen to get involved online

    Media 18 13:43

  • Human Genome out on CD

    Cool boffin gimmick

    Software 18 13:49

  • IBM's Olympic brand madness

    Any other make of computer has to be taped up

    Business 18 14:56

  • BOFH gets Outsourced

    After a fashion

    BOFH 18 15:03

  • HP CD writer screws Win2K machine

    Review Nice drive, shame about the Win2K support

    Business 18 15:45

  • Action doubles online business to £50m

    Shows off new CEO

    Business 18 15:59

  • Nat Semi unveils next gen Geodes

    Net appliances comin at ya

    Channel 18 16:23

  • eBay removes murdered child autopsy pics

    Tightens user policies

    Media 18 16:34

  • Nottingham leases laptops to kids

    Parents pay £5.50 a week, schools pay the extra

    Business 18 16:38

  • Allo. Funny goings-on with AOL's IM

    Wonder if it has anything to do with the FCC and Time Warner?

    Media 18 17:12

  • Judge slams Palm Pilot and Web use in Las Vegas murder case

    Names and shames guilty jurors

    Media 18 17:13

  • Kuro5hin returns with added Mojo

    Rusty and Dylan parlay parlez-vous

    Software 18 17:58

  • Nextel security glitch nipped in the bud

    A good outcome, for a change

    Media 18 22:59