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Foster is Pentium 4 Doppelganger

Sources close to Intel in Japan have told The Register that Foster, the server version of the Pentium 4, and which is expected sometime in the first half of next year, will now support double data rate (DDR) memory, although Rambus memory still remains something of an option for high end workstation platforms.
Mike Magee, 17 Sep 2000

AMD aims at the Enterprise

Leak 0Australian resellers close to AMD's plans have showed The Register details of an extensive presentation the firm is touting to its customers.
Mike Magee, 17 Sep 2000

AMD spells out architecture plans

Leak 1As accurately reported in both AMD Zone and JC's Pages, the Athlon 200MHz front side bus (FSB) will shortly increase to 266MHz, giving 2.128Gbps, while the EV6 bus it uses will scale successfully to 400MHz.
Mike Magee, 17 Sep 2000

Register becomes AMD approved

Leak 2Confidential Slides seen by The Register over the weekend show that AMD is telling its resellers to visit our site, in order to see that double data rate (DDR) memory is better than Rambus. That, by the way, is not a conclusion we've ever come to.
Mike Magee, 17 Sep 2000

AMD hits out at remarks, overclocking

Leak 3Resellers of AMD's brand of microprocessors have been told by the firm of the three classifications it has for people who remark and/or overclock their chips, according to documents shown to Australian resellers.
Mike Magee, 17 Sep 2000

AMD leaks four ways, big time

There are four stories under this heading, all based on reports from Australian resellers close to AMD's plans, and some details of which have already been reported from the external sites listed below our links. To avoid cluttering up the front page, we've decided to link them from this central point.
Mike Magee, 17 Sep 2000

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