15th September 2000 Archive

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  • China mulls Net investment barriers

    It's the Great Leap Backward, claims WSJ

    Media 15 02:01

  • AMD whips up sales, whips out boxed chips

    Old DEC strategy rises

    Channel 15 07:53

  • Intel invests in embedded Linux operation

    Cash paid to promote development for XScale CPU

    Channel 15 08:27

  • TDK to launch ‘souped-up MP3’ software

    Based on Kenwood's enhancement code

    Software 15 08:46

  • Rambus threatens non-compliant Dramurai

    Sue us and you lose, we win-win-win

    Channel 15 09:10

  • Palm preps pay-per-download PalmOS 3.5

    Long-awaited upgrade won't be free

    Software 15 09:22

  • API messes up Alpha mobo upgrade

    It's a poor do, all round

    Business 15 09:49

  • Durlacher gets ology despite good dotcom results

    Our supersonic look at ebiz economics

    Business 15 09:55

  • IBM research promises 5-fold data density boost

    Cantilevered nanotech clever stuff

    Channel 15 09:57

  • Red Hat eyes embedded arena for growth

    Revenues up, loss down

    Software 15 09:59

  • How not to screw up ecommerce for the next five years

    Contract lawyers, emails and digital signatures

    Media 15 10:07

  • Attractive FRIACO finds another beau

    Has someone got their beer goggles on?

    Media 15 10:10

  • AMD Durons, T'birds to get dual support?

    Intel's stepping c0 trip or typo

    Channel 15 10:34

  • Novell marketing VP talks turkey in last chance saloon

    Here we go with take two on the rescue...

    Data Networking 15 10:43

  • Compaq previews The Source portal – not many dead

    You mark our words - the wheels'll fall off this one almost immediately...

    Business 15 10:46

  • Psion re-commits to Mac

    First new Mac sync software in years coming early 2001

    Mac Channel 15 10:49

  • Big Apple gets Internet taxis

    You emailing me? I don't see nobody else here

    Media 15 10:51

  • Fuel crisis causes Mayfair madness

    We've changed our minds - shoot all protestors

    Bootnotes 15 10:53

  • Spot Register Weak Euro hits buying patterns

    It's a day-by-day szechuan

    Spot Register 15 11:04

  • PlayStation anticipation casts shadow on games sales

    Eidos is a bit worried

    Business 15 11:15

  • AltaVista Inc gets jobs hatchet out…


    Media 15 11:19

  • WAP’s the matter you? Hey! Gotta no respecta

    Ah shutupa your face Negroponte

    Data Networking 15 11:22

  • Tory party ISP cut off by CallNet

    An e-threat to democracy?

    Media 15 11:47

  • Flames of the Week Fuel crisis sends em crazy

    And we unveil our new phrase for dealing with such matters

    Flame of the Week 15 11:50

  • Film evidence challenges BT's claim to hypertext patent

    Shaky b&w image

    Media 15 12:07

  • MP3.com bans hacker song

    Where's Joan Baez when you need her?

    Media 15 12:55

  • Does MS barcoding of Windows licences make piracy easier?

    The announcement sounded tough, but execution? Null points, we fear...

    Software 15 13:49

  • So-called hackers: please grow up

    Pathetically predictable approach to SDMI hacking challenge

    Media 15 13:58

  • TSMC starts pushing out 0.13 micron stuff

    First products likely in Jan 2001

    Channel 15 14:03

  • Sony boosts PlayStation 2 DVD playback

    US, UK buyers to get hardware DVD, not software

    Business 15 14:16

  • 225 jobs cut at AltaVista

    Not nice, not nice at all

    Media 15 15:15

  • Gates and Allen cash in shares

    More than $100m in loose change for the boys

    Business 15 15:20

  • 98 million mobiles sold in March and June

    Nokia is top dog by a long way

    Data Networking 15 15:36

  • Fuelling the flames: crazies everywhere

    This was the week of the UK fuel tax protests

    Letters 15 16:21

  • Megahurtz. What is going on with the semiconductor industry?

    Some words of wisdom about the crazy chipzillas

    Letters 15 16:22

  • Beer: an essential good for our survival

    This is when we realised things were bad

    Letters 15 16:26

  • Best of the Rest: bits and bobs

    The House of Lords, mouthy futurists and a timely feminist gag

    Letters 15 16:31

  • Readers' Letters A week of turmoil

    Fuel crisis, beer crisis, chip speed crisis, media whore crisis

    Letters 15 16:56

  • Chernobyl virus author faces 3-years in chokey

    Taiwanese authorities feel his collar

    Media 15 17:21

  • IBM distracts Olympic athletes with email

    Brit swimmers are probably up for it

    Media 15 17:28