14th September 2000 Archive

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  • Superdome service is mandatory, admits HP

    Just like we told you...

    Business 14 01:25

  • Notebooks to take quarter of PC market in 2000

    Users prefer biggest screens too

    Business 14 08:15

  • Napster brief slams RIAA tactics

    Music biz Ignore or minimised key precendents - Boies

    Media 14 09:08

  • MS .NET chief jumps ship – execs-odus resumes?

    Just when you thought Paul Maritz wasn't leaving after all...

    Software 14 09:34

  • He's back! Dr Meatloaf on those H-1B Visa quotas

    'Indentured servitude' meets NIMBY greed

    Business 14 09:36

  • UK telcos in game of chance

    Just like a game of Monopoly

    Data Networking 14 09:38

  • Unfaithful Argentineans get online help

    Far from the end of the affair

    Media 14 10:40

  • E-bookshop in Fatbrain deal…

    ...and other stuff

    Business 14 10:44

  • SCI warning rocks PC sector

    Says sales are weak for set-top boxes

    Business 14 10:45

  • Civil liberties group cancels Amazon partnership

    Not happy with its new privacy policy. Nor are we come to that

    Media 14 11:15

  • Chip and Chimp Zilla's analyst ratings downgraded

    Do you want the good news or the bad news, Mr Barrett?

    Channel 14 11:33

  • Sony ups anti-SGI box to 64 PlayStation 2 chips

    Multiple Emotion Engine box on sale next year

    Business 14 12:07

  • Virgin offers download beating music-to-your-door service

    Get the album in 30 minutes or download it over a couple of hours

    Media 14 12:29

  • Beta testers urged to rig ZD poll, as WinME retail push kicks off

    And anybody in the UK paying more than £49.99 for the full version is a blockhead, apparently...

    Software 14 12:55

  • S3, Psion to partner on mobile Net products

    Preparing a major co-marketing, co-development and technology sharing deal

    Business 14 13:03

  • Online fraudsters fleece UK etailers

    Tut, tut, what do you expect?

    Media 14 13:10

  • More domain name craziness – .hm this time

    The Royal family should get it

    Media 14 13:16

  • Inktomi buys into live broadcasting

    Gets Fastforward for $1.29bn

    Media 14 13:44

  • MS Windows licences shrink to barcodes – unique IDs here we come?

    OEMs bravely give in, and sell birthright for a mess of discounts. Again.

    Software 14 13:55

  • C&W calls time on CallNet

    Another one bites the dust

    Media 14 14:36

  • Super-duper conductivity is coming

    But don't hold your breath for cooler faster machines

    Business 14 15:00

  • Become an online Del Boy in minutes

    Salvage Web site is a sort of Aladdin's cave

    Media 14 15:06

  • AOL to open up instant messaging to secure Time Warner deal?

    Looks like the FCC is getting medieval on its ass

    Media 14 15:18

  • Mushkin memory mardi gras

    Plus rockin' PIII overclockin'

    Hardware Roundup 14 15:23

  • Intel signs death warrant for support forums

    No chance of last minute reprieve this time

    Channel 14 15:34

  • Yes, it's the Register SofaCam!

    Your secret eye on the Reg office...

    Site News 14 16:41

  • Fantastic see-through PC plastic

    A clear case of fire-proof computers

    Business 14 16:49

  • The SofaCam™ Archive

    Past visitors to The Reg's office

    Site News 14 16:51

  • Golfers play to get kids into chips

    This idea isn't going to give anyone wood

    Channel 14 17:01

  • Rambus piles pressure on Infineon

    Mannheim suit follows Virginia junket

    Channel 14 17:24

  • Mediation encouraged in anti-abortion Web site trial

    It doesn't look likely, though

    Media 14 17:30

  • Samuel 2 first silicon ships

    Chips made by TSMC at .15 micron

    Channel 14 17:53

  • Oracle's tools giveaway pays off

    Reports higher margins, fewer heads

    Software 14 23:28