13th September 2000 Archive

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  • Major Dramurai signs up with Rambus

    Licenses DDR, SDRAM and 1066MHz DRDRAM

    Channel 13 01:54

  • Clinton tech education slammed in report

    Rearing a nation of fat zombies

    Media 13 03:26

  • OPEC Web site defaced

    We've had enough too

    Media 13 04:07

  • Amazon reneges on DVD prices

    Absolutely no shame

    Media 13 05:04

  • ISPs free with fibs – ad watchdog

    What's the small print say?

    Media 13 09:26

  • IBM to found seven Linux dev centres

    $200m project to promote OS to appliance vendors

    Software 13 09:57

  • HP buys PwC's consulting arm

    $17.5bn gets the lot

    Business 13 10:19

  • Smashing Pumpkins' MP3 tells label to fornicate off

    Virgin on the ridiculous

    Media 13 10:23

  • MP3.com seeks to placate Universal

    $250 million in damages will be hard to swallow otherwise

    Media 13 10:48

  • Ad agency pays Net Queen Dyson $10,000 a day

    Dotcomfailures.com closes

    Business 13 11:06

  • Ellison laughing all the way to the bank

    Took $1bn in share options instead of salary

    Business 13 11:09

  • BT acts as fuel crisis bites

    ADSL halted for ten days at least

    Data Networking 13 11:54

  • How to make lots of money from the Internet

    Tuvalu can't believe its luck. We can't believe Tuvalu

    Media 13 12:30

  • HWRoundup Big up to the MSI MS-6153 mobo

    Plus a five-way video card shoot out

    Hardware Roundup 13 13:52

  • UK site publishes list of emergency fuel

    It's crazy out there, crazy

    Media 13 13:53

  • Software piracy: UK schools a soft target

    Bigger fish to fry worldwide

    Software 13 15:06

  • Scouts find new IT badge sponsor

    Dib, dib, dib; dob, dob, dob

    Media 13 15:40

  • Madonna.com fight heats up

    Yep, more domain name lunacy

    Media 13 15:44

  • SDMI says hack stuff for money

    $10,000 up for grabs

    Media 13 15:49

  • AOL buys stake in wireless gadget maker

    Content for multiplayer chat room alarm clock

    Media 13 15:55

  • E-ntrepreneurs – get your marketing BS here

    Leverage real-time initiatives...

    Bootnotes 13 15:55

  • Cheesy talking head modelled on PM Blair

    Just in case people forget how to read

    Media 13 15:56

  • World goes Millennium crazy

    Which would be nice

    Software 13 16:01

  • You'll never have to name that tune again

    A truly daft use of advanced technology

    Business 13 16:04

  • CeBit and Creative Labs in hair pulling battle

    Fight fight fight fight fight

    Business 13 16:10

  • The UK fuel crisis: all thanks to the Internet

    We're beginning to enjoy ourselves. All together now: "Roll out the barrel..."

    Media 13 16:53

  • Press Release of the Week: fresh fruit nonsense

    Something went wrong somewhere along the line

    Bootnotes 13 17:20

  • AOL's Case is more important than Gates

    If you care what Vanity Fair thinks

    Business 13 17:26