12th September 2000 Archive

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  • Hollywood pushes violent movies, games on kids – FTC

    Amazing pre-election timing

    Media 12 04:08

  • Rambus asks feds to stop Hyundai

    Pre-emptive multitasking of quill pens

    Channel 12 06:25

  • Saudi Prince doubles stake in e-bid biz to $100m

    Priceline.com gets the cash

    Business 12 08:34

  • IBM launches slim jim ThinkPad X

    Weighs 3.1 pounds, less than one inch thick

    Business 12 08:37

  • Official: Microsoft's C# is Cool

    Parse this, Sun

    Software 12 09:44

  • One dimensional sound waves explained

    Spinola puts the record straight again

    Letters 12 09:49

  • Toshiba signs $5bn Dell supply deal

    LCD monitors, chips and storage

    Business 12 09:54

  • F***edcompany
    .com up for sale

    Dotcom rumour mill goes for a song... and other e-rubbish

    Business 12 09:58

  • AOL, Warner, EMI fail to calm Euro merger fears

    Companies pledge not to stiffle competition for three years. Eh?

    Business 12 10:02

  • Sony Palm PDA sells out on first day

    Surprise, surprise... not

    Business 12 10:34

  • HP preps Superdome service Trojan Horse

    From now on you buy only from us

    Business 12 10:37

  • One copy of Windows for 200 PCs?

    Birmingham schools software piracy revisited

    Software 12 11:02

  • Olympics fingered by satirists

    It's a serious business you dope

    Media 12 11:12

  • Reader's Merchandise Letter: psycho wants a T-shirt

    Warning: do not click here if you have a nervous disposition

    Letters 12 11:16

  • Big Blue intros Net speed-up chip

    Bundles together related TCP/IP packets

    Channel 12 11:39

  • Och aye! Amazon's Highland PR stunt

    Lucky old two millionth customer: free goods and a chance to meet Amazon's UK MD!

    Media 12 11:41

  • Another WAP stumbling block in Geoworks lawsuit

    Phone.com and Sanyo sued over alleged abuse of intellectual copyright

    Data Networking 12 12:24

  • Despite brickbats, WAP will grow – IDC

    Not necessarily to your advantage, as Finland's police show...

    Data Networking 12 13:22

  • Cape Town porn shocker is a night mayor

    Dirty bugger. And guess what - he's a minister of the Church too

    Media 12 14:01

  • BT's ADSL plans crippled by oil crisis

    For once you can't blame BT or OFTEL for this

    Data Networking 12 14:02

  • £20 boosts Intel mobo performance by 25 per cent

    Worth spending cash on the cache

    Business 12 14:08

  • PlayStation 2 just about to sell out

    Hurry! Dixons has got about 100 left

    Business 12 14:45

  • Petrol is new dotcom currency

    Isn't life a gas?

    Media 12 14:48

  • Reg to back gangster flick

    Fag, Guv? Shut up, George

    Bootnotes 12 15:03

  • Hardware Roundup Wristwatch Macintosh revealed

    Dual-booting demystified, cheapo mobos and more

    Hardware Roundup 12 15:25

  • Most Brit businesses publish old info on the Web

    Including the business behind the survey

    Media 12 15:54

  • Congress slams US Govt net security, privacy

    Easy pickings for the malicious or the criminal

    Media 12 16:32

  • Apple MacOS X beta more NeXT than Mac – sources

    But what else was it ever going to be?

    Mac Channel 12 16:36

  • AMD takes aim at biz markets

    Workstations first brick in the wall

    Channel 12 16:54

  • Scoot claims it's victim of dirty tricks campaign

    And its very cross

    Business 12 17:00

  • Radiohead new album pops up on Napster

    The love/hate relationship between the world's best band and the Internet

    Media 12 17:08

  • HP wants to spank you with its Superdome

    Does it think we need discipline?

    Business 12 17:28

  • Nuke hacker had by Feds


    Media 12 18:08

  • Megahurtz, memory wars exercise in futility

    Bitter battles blight technology firms

    Channel 12 19:25