11th September 2000 Archive

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  • Western Union hacked, 15,000 CC numbers taken

    The door was wide open

    Media 11 03:56

  • Register Zoroastrian warns of vulture threat

    And the good Henry and the bad Henry

    Bootnotes 11 06:24

  • Warner to detail digital music service today

    Catches up with rest of the 'big five'

    Media 11 09:13

  • Ban Napster, MPAA et al demand

    Twenty lobby groups, companies try to influence trial judge(s)

    Media 11 09:34

  • Metallica lawyer tells colleges to block Napster

    Or else...

    Media 11 10:04

  • An iMac supercomputer cluster you can carry home


    Business 11 10:07

  • UPC follows Telewest in dropping Microsoft ‘Inactive TV’

    Tthey think it's all over...

    Data Networking 11 10:14

  • Bubble economy gurus rate Amazon's pricing wheeze

    Shapiro and Varian talk dirty.

    Media 11 10:25

  • RealNetworks cuts deal with Streambox

    Streaming media VCR developer settles suit out of court

    Media 11 10:39

  • US Patent Office dismisses key Napster defence

    MP3 company not protected by Home Recordings Act, says PTO

    Media 11 11:05

  • E-Murdoch has a Future

    And other financial funnies

    Business 11 11:08

  • IBM not selling 1.1GHz Athlon boxes in US

    1GHz PIII shortages kick in

    Business 11 11:09

  • Hardware Roundup The Gigabyte 8TX – and more…

    Pentium 4 mobos, thermal grease, what more could you ask for?

    Hardware Roundup 11 11:25

  • VNU pays £16 million for URL cock-up

    A 320,000 times mark-up in just over a year. Now that's financial management

    Business 11 11:43

  • Blair in e-homeless scheme

    It's amazing what technology can do

    Media 11 11:44

  • Power to the People: apply online to enter UK govt

    But would you want to sit alongside the old duffers in the Lords?

    Media 11 12:54

  • MS/Ericsson mobile link-up launched

    Email on your phone and all that

    Data Networking 11 12:59

  • Falling DRAM prices dent Winbond

    More fabs needed for growth

    Channel 11 14:14

  • Latest Itanium has infernal kernel

    Linux developers had problems cranking

    Channel 11 14:24

  • Readers' Gallery

    Your pics published

    Site News 11 14:26

  • UK invests £1 billion in e-government


    Media 11 14:48

  • UK plc loves the Net

    Kimono slips open...reveals pierced navel and a small rose tattoo

    Media 11 14:50

  • Windows ME boosted August PC sales by 60 per cent

    Life in the old dog yet

    Business 11 14:51

  • Rambus gets Intel ramboost

    Not quite new chips for old

    Channel 11 14:59

  • HP in talks to buy PWC's consulting biz for $18 billion

    Chasing service big bucks

    Business 11 15:03

  • Hardware Roundup QDI SynactiX 2E mobo reviewed

    815e mobos, dangerous fashions and more cool stuff

    Hardware Roundup 11 15:46

  • Nokia's Web TV box and the IBC conference

    Fancy kit, dancing women and the vices of Amsterdam

    Business 11 16:15

  • Flame of the Week We are Intel lapdogs

    Makes a change from being AMD/Rambus/etc lapdogs

    Flame of the Week 11 16:16

  • UK's e-Govt plans are a joke

    History tells us Britain Online is doomed to fail

    Media 11 16:19

  • One dimensional sound waves – enough already!

    It's very kind of you all to point out our lack of knowledge of physics, but...

    Bootnotes 11 16:22

  • Car crash kid investigated for online fraud

    Motor was bought on Net

    Media 11 16:33

  • Readers' Letters Late and small

    Basically what you lot think of us lot

    Business 11 17:20

  • Intel promises better 1GHz Pentium III supply

    Denies there's any problem with the chip

    Channel 11 17:32

  • Fuel protests hit UK IT industry

    It's that $150 tax per barrel

    Business 11 21:55