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Kingston takes stance on Rambus Affair

Irvine, CASenior executives at Irvine-based Kingston Technology today gave their take on the current argy-bargy over double date rate (DDR), synchronous DRAM and Rambus.
Mike Magee, 09 Sep 2000

Siemens looks to unload UK chip plant

Siemens is in talks with US chip maker Atmel to offload its North Tyneside fab for around £35 million.
Andrew Thomas, 09 Sep 2000

Kingston factory to shorten memory chain

IrvineA cunning plan by memory firm Kingston Technology means that a $100 million investment in clean room technology will shorten the supply chain for modules from eight weeks to 10 days.
Mike Magee, 09 Sep 2000

American Express offers temporary CC numbers for the Web

In a bid to reassure skittish consumers, American Express announced a new product Thursday that will use 'disposable', one-time credit card numbers for on-line shopping. Once the number has been used, it is cancelled, meaning that the compromise of a Web-site's customer database would not yield a working CC number from those using the scheme, though it might yield other personal information.
Thomas C Greene, 09 Sep 2000

White House sticks its nose in Napster appeal

The Clinton Administration has seen fit to submit a brief of amici curiae to the Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals arguing that the Audio Home Recording Act of 1992 does not apply to Napster's appeal of a copyright infringement suit brought by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) back in December.
Thomas C Greene, 09 Sep 2000

Washington Roundup

The House Subcommittee on Government Reform last week enumerated the many privacy abuses of the Clinton Administration and lamented the loophole within the 1974 Privacy Act which 'empowered' them. Frustration mounted as Deputy Assistant Attorney General William Treanor patiently explained that the Privacy Act makes a direct reference to the Freedom of Information Act, and derives from it a definition of a 'federal agency' which exempts the Office of the President from accountability.
Thomas C Greene, 09 Sep 2000

APM bug slows latest, greatest ThinkPad to a crawl

The IBM ThinkPad A20P, which received rave reviews all over the place when it was launched earlier this year, has found itself between the rock of Big Blue and the hard place of ATI.
Mike Magee, 09 Sep 2000

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