8th September 2000 Archive

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  • FBI warns Congress: foreign telecomms may inhibit wiretaps

    "Legal wiretaps," that is

    Media 08 00:09

  • Scaldera swings the axe

    20 per cent of SCO lost en route to Utah.

    Software 08 00:31

  • Amazon's Loyalty Tax: IE users pay more

    Thank-you for your custom. Please come back and be fleeced by us again.

    Media 08 00:47

  • Leaked email halts SF newsroom

    'I am fiercely competitive: I want to win a Pulitzer Prize'

    Media 08 07:23

  • Napster fan hacks 50 more sites

    Pimpshiz attacks again - as promised

    Media 08 09:19

  • Wall Street goes mad on imaginary MS settlement talks

    Roadkill waiting to happen, these guys...

    Software 08 09:35

  • MP3.com's battle with RIAA not ours – Napster

    Two cases distinct says lawyer - though both about copyright theft

    Media 08 09:43

  • Cunning stunt hunt worth a punt

    You don't get it, do you?

    Media 08 10:07

  • Clothing company hit by anti-DeCSS suit

    Copyleft copied DVD biz trade secrets, allegedly

    Business 08 10:16

  • MS Hotmail caves to Harris over spam blocking

    MAPS not all-powerful after all shock

    Media 08 10:16

  • Worldwide PC sales to rocket in Q3

    Consumer, Asian and portable markets to boom

    Business 08 10:42

  • Hitachi to offer Linux support from mobile to mainframe

    Sees ramp in Linux share of its wares

    Software 08 11:04

  • SoundMax audio drivers – how to get hold of 'em

    Start pressuring those OEMs, folks

    Software 08 11:07

  • Kmart limits sale of violent computer games

    From now on, you'll have to prove you're old enough to buy Quake

    Software 08 11:10

  • US in Net demise

    The figures speak for themselves

    Media 08 11:27

  • TSMC carries on chip churn

    No boutique, a supermarket

    Channel 08 11:52

  • Hotmail co-founder starts new dotcom venture

    Spends less than $10 million of his fortune

    Business 08 12:15

  • Heatsinks that work by sound

    All getting a bit Star Trek for our liking

    Business 08 12:23

  • AMD to axe prices again October

    Intel plays Alice Red Queen game

    Channel 08 12:34

  • World Online happy with Italian job

    Oi, geezer, over 'ere, quick

    Media 08 13:29

  • Nokia unwraps Linux Net appliance

    Phone maker very keen on open source

    Media 08 14:08

  • TSMC carries on chip churn

    No boutique, a supermarket

    Channel 08 14:08

  • Porno Webmasters nailed in $43m credit scam

    Bank sells CC database to trixters

    Media 08 14:12

  • Gigabyte provides Pentium 4 support

    423 pinzilla in works

    Channel 08 14:23

  • Timna – bring on the orange sauce

    Dead duckdom beckons

    Channel 08 14:23

  • CMGI in trip to knacker's yard

    If you're an animal lover, please read something else

    Media 08 14:34

  • Qwest to shed 13,000 staff

    But upbeat about DSL business

    Data Networking 08 14:42

  • Vulture hits new heights

    Reg shirt in world altitude record

    Bootnotes 08 14:55

  • Vodafone upgrade improves voicemail security

    By locking people out of their own mailboxes, unfortunately

    Data Networking 08 15:16

  • ISPA: no decision on LineOne

    Well, not yet anyhow

    Media 08 15:38

  • PlayStation 2 to sell out this weekend

    They're nearly all gone

    Business 08 15:45

  • Keyboard grime analysis

    This is what clogs up your key strokes

    Business 08 16:19