7th September 2000 Archive

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  • HW Roundup India strikes

    The world is very, very big

    Hardware Roundup 07 01:08

  • Granny allergic to PCs – official

    Intel et al deny it's personal

    Bootnotes 07 09:29

  • UK users prepare anti-Apple protest action

    And warn Steve Jobs in advance.... ahem

    Mac Channel 07 09:34

  • Apple identifies alleged lead secrets leaker

    Worker Bee discovered

    Mac Channel 07 09:42

  • MacOS X public beta in two weeks – Jobs

    Powerbook, iBook revs stay under wraps

    Mac Channel 07 09:42

  • PowerPC G4 Plus breaks 1GHz barrier

    Trouble is, yields suck, apparently

    Mac Channel 07 09:42

  • Apple moots IBM Power 4 as G4 successor?

    Expect major Cube meltdowns if it did

    Mac Channel 07 09:50

  • Xtrem unveils 1.2GHz Mac

    Liquid cooling to leave Mac fans drooling?

    Mac Channel 07 09:50

  • How to survive Whistler

    Stardock's embrace and extend gambit

    Software 07 09:55

  • World Online denies plug-pulling

    Soothing words calm savage beast

    Media 07 09:56

  • Apple raises legal sword over rumour sites

    Steve 'Damocles' Jobs strikes to end product leaks

    Mac Channel 07 10:48

  • MS has yet another crack at handheld PCs

    We think the point this time is they're not supposed to sell in stacks...

    Business 07 10:49

  • Pop.com film site flickers out

    Was Spielberg really anything to do with it?

    Business 07 11:30

  • Bidders named for fixed wireless auction

    Twelve of them on the starting line, 42 licences up for grabs

    Data Networking 07 13:07

  • Clinton's emails an historical goldmine

    Very interesting when you think about it

    Media 07 13:17

  • We all still want Bluetooth

    But we'll be long in the tooth before we get it

    Data Networking 07 13:23

  • CallNet in ‘destructive’ whispering campaign

    Denies ISP being run down

    Media 07 13:28

  • Sega unwraps SegaNet

    Aims at PC online gamers as well as console owners

    Media 07 13:39

  • Hitachi plans Transmeta Crusoe notebook for November

    Sony, IBM, Hitachi - turning into a bit of a horse race, this...

    Channel 07 14:26

  • Intel not shipping the best drivers for its Easton mobo

    It's all a mystery to us

    Software 07 14:51

  • IBM shows off wireless ThinkPads

    Bluetooth access coming in Q4

    Business 07 14:58

  • Mobile commerce bit of a non-starter

    Forrester talks sense - we say 'we told you so'

    Data Networking 07 15:01

  • Acer lost £450 million on cancelled IBM contract

    Aptiva phase out blamed

    Business 07 15:05

  • Hardware Roundup take two

    Two hardware roundups in one day? We're just too good to you lot

    Hardware Roundup 07 15:22

  • Intel shoots self in foot. Twice

    Reg praises Intel, wheels immediately fall off

    Business 07 15:59

  • Email details UN man's last hours

    Soon after, Carlos Caceres was hacked to death by Timorese militia

    Media 07 16:22

  • Hi-tech dollars buy US election

    Dems get $10.7 million, GOP gets $8.7 million

    Business 07 16:25

  • You vill enjoy yourselves. That M$ party in full

    Somehow we get the feeling that the new watchword is 'partnership'

    Bootnotes 07 17:24

  • Verizon slashes DSL tariffs

    Cheap high-speed Web access in UK seems even further away

    Data Networking 07 17:28