5th September 2000 Archive

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  • HW Roundup AMD Duron 750 here

    Other musings over the muesli

    Hardware Roundup 05 06:15

  • Eight-year old floats his gambling dotcom

    He's off down the sweetshop

    Business 05 09:38

  • Palm Trojan Horse writer sued

    But it was all a ghastly mistake, says programmer

    Software 05 09:56

  • BT considers legal action over hyperlink patent

    'C off up or else

    Media 05 10:30

  • Marillion fans fund album after email appeal

    Fishin' for financing

    Media 05 10:32

  • Lycos Q4 losses grow eleven fold

    Marketing budget blamed

    Business 05 11:11

  • Register denies ‘Private Eye’ slur

    It's a disgrace, says respectable Internet news service

    Bootnotes 05 11:21

  • Intel re-brands to spread net wider

    Channel conflict will occur

    Business 05 11:38

  • We were wrong: sign up to the Nigerian ‘fraud’ email now

    We could all be multi-millionaires this time next week

    Media 05 11:49

  • UK sceptics tank dotcom flyers

    It's a sad, sad day

    Media 05 11:52

  • AMD DDR boards to arrive October

    Intel DDR boards to arrive later on

    Channel 05 11:53

  • MS recruits Vodafone for wireless mail partnership

    With that as well as Sun and IBM, it gives Vodafone pretty much a complete set...

    Software 05 12:22

  • PC Rambus RIMM future hangs on mobos

    But prices falling, supply good

    Channel 05 13:07

  • Amazon's new privacy regs may backfire

    It's official: You have no rights and they have no obligations

    Media 05 13:08

  • MS could still be found guilty in Bristol antitrust case

    The jury said no case last year, but the judge is getting very uppity...

    Software 05 13:25

  • Punter nearly dies of thirst in CWAP demo

    Jalda is not quite the real thing

    Media 05 14:05

  • ABN Amro e-banking service hacked

    But not much to worry about unless you're Net-stupid

    Media 05 14:06

  • Cray supercomputer for sale on eBay

    Sixteen GigaFLOPS if you need them

    Media 05 14:07

  • Microsoft: ‘UK schools sitting on a time bomb’

    Birmingham tops illegal software league

    Software 05 14:33

  • British E-Envoy quits

    Family reasons cited

    Business 05 14:34

  • eGroups responds to child porn worries

    "We will take all necessary steps"

    Media 05 14:36

  • Web phone gamers to hit 200 million by 2005

    Card games and bingo will be favourites

    Media 05 15:15

  • Novell to cut quarter of its workforce?

    It's a rumour we heard a few days ago, and it's got legs

    Software 05 15:55

  • ISPA to rule on LineOne this week

    Oh, the an tis ee pay shun is just tooo much

    Media 05 15:58

  • Duron 750 hits the streets

    Systems in the shops RSN

    Channel 05 16:13

  • Compaq ditches ProSignia range

    Revamps DeskPro and Armada lines

    Business 05 16:25

  • New e-mail Trojan reckoned a minor threat

    No tens of billions in damage estimates -- yet

    Media 05 16:53

  • Confirmed: IBM to roll with Crusoe TM5400 ThinkPads this year

    Happy Taipei fabbers spill the beans...

    Business 05 17:05

  • Malicious code exploits unique Win2K function

    Another MS 'feature virus'

    Software 05 18:53