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HW Roundup AMD Duron 750 here

The word from AMD Zone is that part of AMD's bid to kick the Intel Celeron hard has arrived with a 750MHz AMD Duron costing around $180. AMD Zone also has a look at 3D Now! programming.
Mike Magee, 05 Sep 2000

Eight-year old floats his gambling dotcom

An eight-year-old lad from Wiltshire is claiming his position as one if the youngest dotcom e-ntrepreneurs around after deciding to float his horseracing betting business on OFEX.
Team Register, 05 Sep 2000

Palm Trojan Horse writer sued

Repentant mistake-making programmers beware: admit to your error, and you could find yourself in court.
Tony Smith, 05 Sep 2000

BT considers legal action over hyperlink patent

British Telecommunications (BT) is prepared to take legal action against ISPs in the US unless they cough up cash for using hyperlinks.
Tim Richardson, 05 Sep 2000

Marillion fans fund album after email appeal

Web-connected fans of prog. rock band Marillion have enabled the group to cock a snoot at record companies and produce their next album themselves.
Tony Smith, 05 Sep 2000

Lycos Q4 losses grow eleven fold

Lycos has blamed rising marketing costs for growing its Q4 losses to E52 million (£31.9 million). This is an 11 fold jump from last years Q4 loss of E4.7 million. For the full year Lycos' losses grew to E99.7 million from 8.7 million in fiscal 1999.
Team Register, 05 Sep 2000

Register denies ‘Private Eye’ slur

Ashen-faced staff at leading Internet newswire The Register were today trying to come to terms with scurrilous accusations in The Guardian that they were little better than an online version of tawdry scandal mag, Private Eye.
Dr Spinola, 05 Sep 2000

Intel re-brands to spread net wider

The company formerly known as chip giant Intel is undertaking a massive re-branding scheme during this quarter to promote its networking and infrastructure wares, as evidence mounts that its revenues are beginning to be more widely spread across its four main divisions.
Mike Magee, 05 Sep 2000

We were wrong: sign up to the Nigerian ‘fraud’ email now

Yesterday, we ran a story about Prince Jafaru A. Manga and his inventive email which offered people the chance to make a fortune by allowing him to put Nigerian funds into your account. Like fools, we dismissed it. As did many of you.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Sep 2000

UK sceptics tank dotcom flyers

When it comes to role models, Britain has a healthy mistrust of e-ntrepreneurs.
Tim Richardson, 05 Sep 2000

AMD DDR boards to arrive October

Hardware site Ace's Hardware is reporting that AMD, Via and Ali are readying a series of double data rate (DDR) memory announcements for October.
Mike Magee, 05 Sep 2000

MS recruits Vodafone for wireless mail partnership

Six months on from not quite pulling off a major deal with Vodafone-Airtouch after all, Microsoft has clawed back at least some of the ground with the announcement of a joint trial of "corporate mobile intranet services" that will bring "Outlook functionality to wireless mobile devices." This is a somewhat more modest project than the more consumer-focussed one Bill's spinmeisters were salivating over in February, and it superficially more than a little with an announcement Vodafone made in January with arch-rivals IBM, Sun and Psion.
John Lettice, 05 Sep 2000

PC Rambus RIMM future hangs on mobos

While the price of Rambus RIMMs remains dependent on where you buy and in what quantity you buy it, a major manufacturer of modules for both the SDRAM and Rambus market told The Register today that availability of parts is good and the price continues to drop.
Mike Magee, 05 Sep 2000

Amazon's new privacy regs may backfire

The noble mission to 'empower' on-line consumers reached new heights recently as retail powerhouse Amazon.com released an updated corporate manifesto affecting its American customers and guests, and so blessed us all with firm knowledge that we have no reason to expect any such thing as privacy while doing business on their Web site.
Thomas C Greene, 05 Sep 2000

MS could still be found guilty in Bristol antitrust case

AnalysisUS federal judge Janet Hall of the Connecticut District Court, who is presiding over the Bristol Technologies case against Microsoft, said in her Ruling last week (in which Bristol was awarded $1 million punitive damages against Microsoft) that "Microsoft could be exposed to civil and criminal penalties under other unfair and deceptive trade practice statutes for its deceptive conduct". Criminal penalties sounds ominous - jail at last for some of the excs?
Graham Lea, 05 Sep 2000

Punter nearly dies of thirst in CWAP demo

A vulture-eyed Register reader has had a disappointing brush with jalda - the new pre-paid Internet transaction system announced yesterday by ISP World Online.
Tim Richardson, 05 Sep 2000

ABN Amro e-banking service hacked

UpdateAn investigative programme for Dutch TV has exposed security flaws in national bank ABN Amro's e-banking service Home Net. Hackers managed to breach defences and divert payments into their own accounts.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Sep 2000

Cray supercomputer for sale on eBay

If you fancy buying a decent bit of computing power you could do worse than bid for a Cray Y-MP C90 which is listed for sale on eBay.
Robert Blincoe, 05 Sep 2000

Microsoft: ‘UK schools sitting on a time bomb’

A new UK survey of 70 per cent of primary and 30 per cent of secondary schools shows that Birmingham tops the league of pirated software. Some 40 per cent of state schools in the city are breaking the law by allowing teachers and pupils to copy software illegally.
Andrew Thomas, 05 Sep 2000

British E-Envoy quits

Alex Allan - the British Government's E-Envoy - has resigned for family reasons.
Tim Richardson, 05 Sep 2000

eGroups responds to child porn worries

We ran a story earlier about child porn pictures that were available on eGroups Web site. It has pulled the "kids porn" group since then, but we also discovered a members-only site which appears to offer worse.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Sep 2000

Web phone gamers to hit 200 million by 2005

Two hundred million people in Western Europe and the US will be playing Web games such as cyberbingo on mobile phones by 2005.
Linda Harrison, 05 Sep 2000

Novell to cut quarter of its workforce?

Troubled networking expert Novell is expected to lay off as much as a quarter of its US workforce - amounting to about 1,400 staff.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Sep 2000

ISPA to rule on LineOne this week

LineOne will find out on Friday whether it broke the Internet Service Providers Association's (ISPA) code of practice when it ditched unmetered Net access in July.
Tim Richardson, 05 Sep 2000

Duron 750 hits the streets

Duron, the processor that Chimpzilla's marketing division forgot, is now out in 750MHz guise, priced at $181 each in 1,000 unit quantities. Despite spending all its marketing dosh on Athlon, little Duron continues to make steady progress and is already a favourite with hardware sites. More than 20 computer manufacturers worldwide are offering 750MHz Duron systems for sale today, says AMD.
Andrew Thomas, 05 Sep 2000

Compaq ditches ProSignia range

Compaq has binned its ProSignia range of PCs after selling them for less than two years. The Big Q's SME range will reappear under the Armada and DeskPro brands.
Linda Harrison, 05 Sep 2000

New e-mail Trojan reckoned a minor threat

The US National Infrastructure Protection Centre (NIPC) has issued a brief warning in regard to a new e-mail virus from the Philippines similar to that most famous Philippine export, the Love Bug. The new virus, named DonaldD.trojan, was first detected on Friday and infected a few computers over the weekend.
Thomas C Greene, 05 Sep 2000

Confirmed: IBM to roll with Crusoe TM5400 ThinkPads this year

IBM has demoed a Transmeta-based notebook, but officially the company isn't committed to shipping it as a product. Naturally nobody actually believes this, and a blab today from Taiwanese notebook manufacturer Quanta Computer confirms that Big Blue will be rolling out quantities of the beasts, under the ThinkPad 240 X-series banner, by the end of the year.
John Lettice, 05 Sep 2000

Malicious code exploits unique Win2K function

Anti-virus outfit Kaspersky Labs has announced the discovery of W2K.Stream, a working example of a new type of virus designed for Microsoft Windows 2000. The virus uses a "Stream Companion" method to infect the NTFS file system, which allows multiple data streams. In this case one stream will be malicious, and the other will be the original program.
Thomas C Greene, 05 Sep 2000

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