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After Gaston, new L&H CEO focuses on nuts and bolts

InterviewThe acquisition of Dictaphone (completed in May) and Dragon (completed in June) has clearly resulted in a pressing need for L&H to consolidate and productise. It was also clear that a different style of management was required for this work, so Welsh-born ex-rugger player John Duerden (who took US citizenship a couple of years ago and was previously CEO of Dictaphone) was invited by the board to take over as CEO/president. Culturally, Duerden sees himself as mid-Atlantic, having spent most of his recent years based in the US, but the majority of his working life was in Europe.
Graham Lea, 04 Sep 2000

Urbane Bastiaens heads for L&H ambassador role

InterviewGaston Bastiaens, the human dynamo and former CEO/president of Lernout & Hauspie, appears to be far from upset at handing over the reins to John Duerden. It's rare for an ex-CEO to hang around and play an active role in supporting the company, but this seems to be what he is doing.
Graham Lea, 04 Sep 2000

Mafia steals IT kit from UK universities

The mob is accused of stealing millions of pounds' worth of computer equipment from universities and flogging it on the black market in the former Soviet Union.
Andrew Thomas, 04 Sep 2000

German court ruling triggers 30% price cuts on Windows

Microsoft Germany has reacted to a court defeat by slashing Windows prices and radically revamping its licensing model. In July a German appeal court ruled that Microsoft did not have the right to stop dealers selling on software that the company intended should only ship with a new PC; this has effectively created a secondary market for Microsoft software in Germany, and the company is now attempting to adjust to this.
John Lettice, 04 Sep 2000

Politics of Rambus Affair inspire

Bitter and open war between intellectual property firm Rambus and memory companies Hyundai, Micron and Infineon conceal desperate negotiations and other intriguing shenanigans which reveal just how high the stakes are in the PC industry, and perhaps more importantly, in the money markets.
Mike Magee, 04 Sep 2000
DVD it in many colours

That NetBIOS bug in full: readers have their say

The debate over a flaw that Network Associates' PGP labs found last week in Windows networking continues to rage, judging by our mailbag.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Sep 2000

Palm, DoCoMo begin joint development talks

Palm and Japan's biggest mobile phone company, DoCoMo, are exploring the development of a PalmOS-based Net-access oriented PDA for the Japanese market, according to a report in the Financial Times.
Tony Smith, 04 Sep 2000

Tesco and Sainsburys will make ebiz bucks by 2005

Scour announced it was laying off 52 of its 70 staff on Friday. This has fuelled speculation that the company, which makes software for trading music and video, is about to collapse.
Team Register, 04 Sep 2000

Intel Insider faces 25 years inside

The US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Los Angeles District Attorney have accused erstwhile Intel product marketing engineer Brian Pridgeon of insider trading.
Andrew Thomas, 04 Sep 2000

NetBenefit trebles sales

NetBenefit has released its annual results, showing an increase in turnover of 282 per cent (£7.52 million from £1.97 million last year). It has also announced a loss of just £241,000 (profit of £254,000 last year), despite several large acquisitions this year, most notably its main competitor NetNames. The avoidance of a large debt burden stems from NetBenefit's decision to give itself £20 million worth of intangible fixed assets. NetBenefit floated on AIM in June 1999 and on the FTSE in January this year.
Team Register, 04 Sep 2000

Palm to bring wireless Web to Japan

Palm will bring its brand of wireless Web access to the Japanese market next year, the company said today. The service will be offered in partnership with DoCoMo, Japan's largest mobile comms company.
Tony Smith, 04 Sep 2000

Anti-patent protest rains cookies on Amazon.fr's parade

Amazon's dubious patent activities came back to haunt the company last week at the Paris launch of amazon.fr. Amazon had pushed the boat(s) out for the occasion, inviting 4,000 guests to a party on the Seine, but was faced by a small clutch of demonstrators from campaigning groups APRIL and AFUL, handing out leaflets and "free cookies, not patented by Amazon."
John Lettice, 04 Sep 2000

Motorola to build $29m software centre in Scotland

Motorola is to invest £20 million ($29.2 million) in Scotland, with the foundation and construction of a cellphone-oriented software development facility.
Tony Smith, 04 Sep 2000

Pentium 4 positioning a puzzle

Ignoring the rash of benchmarks we've seen on the Web over the last month or so, including our own contribution to the party, it's still hard to see how PC companies are supposed to sell systems using the 1.4GHz Pentium 4 when it launches come October.
Mike Magee, 04 Sep 2000

Centrica dials F for phone

Centrica - the uber utility - is looking to knock BT off its perch and offer competitive telcoms to some eight million households in the UK.
Tim Richardson, 04 Sep 2000

Billy Potter storms up book charts

Andrew Thomas, 04 Sep 2000

The royal family's email fraud

A fellow IT hack was amazed to receive the following email from Prince Jafaru A. Manga of Nigeria. Apparently, the hack has been targeted for this tremendous offer because he is an IT journo and was given the nod at a conference in Georgia. It is all patent nonsense of course but interesting nonsense.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Sep 2000

World Online staff get Nina Brink back in their face

Nina Brink - the former chairwoman of ISP World Online - can't seem to break the ties with her old company completely.
Tim Richardson, 04 Sep 2000

ECTS: Dreamcast bundled with DVD to take on Playstation 2

ECTS, Europe's answer to E3, is currently creating a racket down at London's Olympia which will carry on until 4pm (BST) tomorrow.
Robert Blincoe, 04 Sep 2000

Egroups under fire for child porn pics

UpdatedEmail and picture-sharing Web site Egroups.com has found itself the target of attack after one of its groups entitled "kidsporn" appeared on view to the public.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Sep 2000

Kids wanna have fun online

World Online has teamed up with a Swedish outfit to offer what it calls "Europe's first" pre-paid Internet card.
Tim Richardson, 04 Sep 2000

Europe to say no to AOL, Time-Warner, EMI merger

The European Union looks set to block AOL's $132 billion acquisition of Time-Warner, and the latter's' music label merger with EMI, on the grounds that the deals, if allowed to go ahead, would be anti-competitive.
Tony Smith, 04 Sep 2000

Dope e-tailer launch goes all to pot

Angry Amsterdam coffee shop owners have made a hash of the launch of a Web site selling marijuana.
Linda Harrison, 04 Sep 2000

Cock and bull story gets pricked

Sherril Babcock - the woman who was blocked from joining BlackPlanet.com because her named offended filtering software - has been accepted onto the Afro-American community site.
Tim Richardson, 04 Sep 2000

Second kids Net payment card on the way

It seems as though everyone's fighting to get a slice of the teenage online market with the announcement of the Splash Plastic Card on the same day as World Online's Jalda system.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Sep 2000

Taiwan's Synnex profits from mobile phones

Sacrificed profits in the second quarter of the year in pursuit of a greater share of the mobile phone market appear to have paid off for Synnex Technology International Corp, Taiwan's largest distributor of information technology and communications products, writes Iain Pocock in Taipei.
Our correspondent, 04 Sep 2000

Silence is golden

ReviewAfter we had a look at Quiet PC's Molex Radial Fin cooler last week, it occurred to us that it would make a refreshing change to see just how quietly, rather than how fast, we could make a PC perform.
Andrew Thomas, 04 Sep 2000

Intel Foster markings partly decoded

Thanks to one of our regular readers for providing some details about codings found on Intel processors.
Mike Magee, 04 Sep 2000
Cat 5 cable

And on with the 3G craziness

Okay, next up on the multi-billion pound merry-go-round that is 3G mobile licence auctioning is the home of Abba, Ikea and Volvo - Sweden.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Sep 2000

Tyan Trinity mobo not for overclocking

SocketA.com has got its mitts on the Tyan Trinity KT Socket A Athlon/Duron mobo. The verdict is 'solid performer' which 'will interest buyers who do not care about overclocking'. Read more about this fat free mobo here.
Robert Blincoe, 04 Sep 2000

Intel doesn't mean you any harm

We were reassured, and not a little moved, to find that Chipzilla cares deeply about all you folks out there in PC land. Cares to the extent that it has published guidelines here advising power supply manufacturers of the kind of things they should be avoiding.
Andrew Thomas, 04 Sep 2000

Dog robot tunes in to human feelings

Children's toymaker Tomy is to launch a dog robot that can adapt its personality to its owner.
Linda Harrison, 04 Sep 2000

FTC mutes AOL/Time Warner wedding bells

US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawyers are prepared to challenge the proposed merger between AOL and Time-Warner unless the betrothed assent to liberal policies governing access to their broadband networks by competitors. Otherwise, consumers located in regions where Time-Warner dominates cable lines could find themselves inundated by AOL/Time-Warner TV programming and Web content, the Commission fears.
Thomas C Greene, 04 Sep 2000

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