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Intel's Foster caught in de flagrante?

An Intel spin doctor at IDF took us aside at the beer-to-beer fest on Wednesday and asked us if we had any idea how the Japanese journos could score so many scoops on NDA'd stuff?
Mike Magee, 02 Sep 2000

The Launch Date Vanishes: UltraSPARC III

We were puzzled to read yesterday that Sun Microsystems is expected to launch its UltraSPARC III in ten days time. The date September 11 particularly leapt out at us, as the very next day Hewlett Packard gives birth to its long awaited Superdome servers at a lavish extravaganza in New York. The new boxes will replace the current top of the range V-class servers: seven figure boxes that will compete with Sun's E10000s, IBM's RS/6000 S80s and the larger Wildfires.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Sep 2000

Netcraft: Zeus breaking from the pack

Use of the British web server Zeus grew by 60 per cent last month, according to the Netcraft web survey. This repeats a similar leap the previous month and makes Zeus the fifth most popular http server.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Sep 2000

More Pentium 4 benchmarks tip up

A PC manufacturer close to Intel's plans has supplied The Register with benchmarks of the up-and-coming Pentium 4.
Mike Magee, 02 Sep 2000

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