1st September 2000 Archive

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  • WinMe sweep wheezes to a close

    They can't give it away...

    Software 01 04:49

  • Intel Pentium 4 benchmarks stalinised

    Willamette benchmarks airbrushed out

    Channel 01 08:40

  • Microsoft won't fix new Windows security flaw

    Gone fishin'

    Software 01 08:55

  • GUS buys Jungle for £37 million

    It was once valued at £700 million

    Business 01 09:20

  • HW Round-up Celeron 100MHz a go-go?

    About time-time as we wibble-wibble

    Hardware Roundup 01 09:22

  • Micron, Rambus chiefs nearly came to blows

    The seething emotions of memory suits

    Channel 01 09:48

  • PDA vendors anticipate product famine

    Component shortages will hit their ability to meet demand

    Business 01 09:48

  • MP3.com damages to be set next week

    Payout could be massive - or massively massive...

    Media 01 10:10

  • We'll doing anything for money

    PR Tariff update: if it's good enough for Anthea...

    Bootnotes 01 10:17

  • T-Online doubles sales to £216 million

    But posts losses after spell on acquisition trail

    Business 01 11:17

  • Man arrested in Net hoax sting

    They knew where he lived

    Media 01 11:23

  • Fresh Pentium 4 benchmarks hit Web

    This time it's a Japanese site

    Channel 01 11:48

  • BT threatens to come to its senses

    Finance Director tries to save his job

    Data Networking 01 13:03

  • OFT warns of monopolistic e-commerce firms

    And you thought the Internet would save you money

    Media 01 13:14

  • Cahoot recalls debit cards

    Blames it all on Visa

    Media 01 13:15

  • Antitrust suit from Beyond the Grave hits MS for $1m

    Top level MS execs set out to undermine Bristol, Unix - judge

    Software 01 14:02

  • US Net empire crumbling

    It had to happen somewhen

    Media 01 14:04

  • Flame of the Week Scruffy student replies

    We love Microsoft, we're nerds, we beat off to porn

    Letters 01 15:07

  • MS takes X-box to digital VCR market

    Watch out, Tivo, ReplayTV...

    Business 01 15:23

  • Apology of the Week Pull yourself together, man

    Interestingly, this stems from last week's Threat of the Week

    Letters 01 15:30

  • Orange sacks 45 in Net porn scandal

    Their future's not so bright

    Media 01 15:31

  • Abuse: you love it you slags

    Actually, there's some really well-thought out points here

    Letters 01 16:56

  • Praise: you love us you slags

    Hurrah! We're the greatest

    Letters 01 17:02

  • Random: well, Best of the Rest

    Chips (all types), Robots, Scunthorpe, telephone codes, that sort of thing

    Letters 01 17:10

  • Readers' Letters You all need a good slapping

    This week, we've an easy split between abuse, praise and the usual oddness

    Letters 01 17:36

  • Rumble in the Jungle.com

    GUS to take on Dixons

    Business 01 17:39