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Intel sues Via, Broadcom

Chip giant Intel has stepped up its action against not-so-little chipset maker Via and, in an unrelated action, launched a legal broadside against its former partner Broadcom.
Mike Magee, 31 Aug 2000

Word processor to be integrated with MSN Explorer client

In among the pre-launch spin supporting MSN Explorer, Microsoft consumer business chief Rick Belluzo has lobbed-in a highly significant signpost. Future version of the MSN client, he told the WSJ (which seems not to have grasped the import of the blurt) will include a word processor.
John Lettice, 31 Aug 2000

MS fumbles Word privacy scare

Microsoft was caught off-guard yesterday by a warning that Word documents could be tracked over the Internet without their readers' knowledge.
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Aug 2000

Intel factories fail to keep up

A story in Asia Biztech has highlighted difficulties Intel has with production at its factories and at the same time underlined further difficulties ahead for the chip giant.
Mike Magee, 31 Aug 2000

Another AMD suit legs it

Larry Hollatz, AMD's group vice president of the Computation Products Group, has quit Chimpzilla to 'pursue other interests'. Hector Ruiz, AMD president and chief operating officer, will stand in as acting group vice president for the business unit which produces PC processors.
Andrew Thomas, 31 Aug 2000

Letsbuyit boosts sales and slashes staff

Letsbuyit.com is slashing 20 per cent of its workforce despite increasing sales by 83 per cent in Q2. Revenue for the period was E7.2 million (£4.4 million), headcount is down to 320 from 400.
Team Register, 31 Aug 2000

VNU bribes journalists into following anal dictats

Dutch IT publisher VNU is now offering the incentive of free beer in an effort to get journalists to abide by its hated "clean desk policy". A year's worth of threats, memos and active litter terrorism has had little effect on the desks of journalists. For some reason, hacks still think that having source material to hand is a useful pastime (crazy fools).
Kieren McCarthy, 31 Aug 2000

Universal wants us dead – MP3.com

MP3.com's attempt to settle its copyright infringement differences with Universal, the last of the world's major record labels not to do so, got ugly yesterday when MP3.com accused Universal of trying to put it out of business.
Tony Smith, 31 Aug 2000

Achtung! Harry Potter copyright breakensung

Impatient German fans of the Harry Potter series of books have got into hot water with the book's German publishers. The latest one in the series, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, appeared in English about two months ago but is not due to be released in German until 14 October.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 Aug 2000

MS recruits testers for first Whistler beta

The official beta of Microsoft's follow-up to Win2k, Whistler, looks set to start in October. BetaNews reports that the company's past and current beta testers have received an email inviting them to apply for the "Windows Whistler Technical Beta," the deadline for applications being September 15th.
John Lettice, 31 Aug 2000

Scoot's sales are down and losses up

Scoot.com reported a 38 per cent downturn in revenues to £8.2 million for the nine months ending June 30. For the same period last year it enjoyed sales of £13.3 million. Group operating losses increased by 56 per cent from £10.6 million to £16.6 million for the nine months. The subscriber base grew by 16 per cent over Q2.
Team Register, 31 Aug 2000

Robot domination just a few headlines away

Boffins claim to have produced the first computer that is capable of producing other robots from first principles. Two computer scientists from Brandeis University in Massachusettes connected an intelligent design computer to a fully automated build machine and then gave it the task of making a robot that can move along the floor as fast as possible.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 Aug 2000

Gigabyte's 7ZX mobo under the microscope

OCWorkbench has been having a look at the Gigabyte 7ZX mobo, the brother of the 7ZM. Both are based on the Via KT133, but the review damns it with faint praise - "nice...but does not really shine."
Team Register, 31 Aug 2000

First Win ME bug discovered?

Much as we like Windows ME, we've discovered a rather annoying, erm, "feature" of the new OS. We've been running ME (retail build 3000) on three different machines (PIII 500MHz and two different PIII 1GHz boxes) for some time now and all of them exhibit the same annoying trait.
Andrew Thomas, 31 Aug 2000

Mr Legoland Windsor sued over his Web site

The piss artist formerly known as Craig Cottrell has found himself on the end Danish toy company Lego's ire. It all started over a few beers with his mate. Inebriated, both of them decided to change their names by deed poll for a bet.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 Aug 2000

Rambus-Micron suit revealed

The site that tracks Rambus, unsurprisingly called Rambus Site, has now posted the Micron complaint against the intellectual property company based in Mountain View, CA.
Mike Magee, 31 Aug 2000

How much of the Internet economy is fake?

There is little doubt that the Internet is a very different beast to other media, and so different, innovative business models have been implemented in order to squeeze whatever cash is available. Paying per referral, charging per click, making valuations according to traffic etc etc.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 Aug 2000

Spot Register

Marco Fumagalli continues to deliver the up to date beans with his weekly report on spot pricing.
Mike Magee, 31 Aug 2000

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