31st August 2000 Archive

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  • Intel sues Via, Broadcom

    Legal department goes into OverDrive

    Channel 31 08:56

  • Hardware gurus in ego recall shock

    Overheating threat to polar ice caps

    Bootnotes 31 09:30

  • Word processor to be integrated with MSN Explorer client

    MSN - where do you want to stay today?

    Software 31 09:57

  • MS fumbles Word privacy scare

    Just turn off your cookies.

    Software 31 10:00

  • Intel factories fail to keep up

    Paper price cuts hurt more than steel

    Channel 31 10:05

  • Another AMD suit legs it

    Lucky Bob Palmer has plenty of spares

    Channel 31 10:35

  • Letsbuyit boosts sales and slashes staff

    Rollout rockets operating costs

    Business 31 10:38

  • VNU bribes journalists into following anal dictats

    Please tidy up and we'll give you some beer

    Bootnotes 31 11:33

  • Dr Spinola's three laws of PR

    You know it makes sense

    Bootnotes 31 11:33

  • Universal wants us dead – MP3.com

    Don't be daft - Judge Rackoff

    Media 31 11:37

  • Achtung! Harry Potter copyright breakensung

    People want things fast these days and they're willing to get sued over it

    Media 31 11:48

  • MS recruits testers for first Whistler beta

    October looks good for the off...

    Software 31 11:58

  • Scoot's sales are down and losses up

    365 doing nicely

    Business 31 14:03

  • Computer Weakly caught in porn scandal

    Do you want Windows98 to run faster or watch some barely legal teens?

    Bootnotes 31 14:39

  • Robot domination just a few headlines away

    Actually, this is pretty interesting. If flawed.

    Business 31 14:55

  • Gigabyte's 7ZX mobo under the microscope

    Upgrade a Palm m100

    Hardware Roundup 31 15:10

  • First Win ME bug discovered?

    Blimey, it's not even in the shops yet

    Software 31 15:30

  • Mr Legoland Windsor sued over his Web site

    It's all seemed like a good idea at the time, says hungover Mr Windsor

    Media 31 15:36

  • Your life is at risk. Straight up

    Warning: there is no IT angle. Just humour

    Bootnotes 31 16:11

  • Rambus-Micron suit revealed

    Knee bone connected to lawyer bone

    Channel 31 16:19

  • Orange beats Cellnet in lift and death situation

    Vnunet labs run stuck lift benchtest

    Bootnotes 31 16:46

  • How much of the Internet economy is fake?

    We hear of a very disturbing setup that is all too real

    Media 31 16:48

  • Spot Register

    Intel continues oversupply at low end

    Spot Register 31 23:00