30th August 2000 Archive

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  • BOFH takes the Piss

    And someone has to pay

    BOFH 30 00:50

  • Big tough Dramurai sues Rambus

    Hyundai dances the lobster quadrille

    Channel 30 07:09

  • Voodoo gets 12,000 volt shock

    We're guest wibbling and wobbling

    Hardware Roundup 30 07:38

  • Intel under attack at high end

    Stepping B is hot, Dutch have AMD problem

    Channel 30 08:48

  • The Reg guide to interviewing Intel

    Ways & Means Committee shares data

    Channel 30 08:49

  • Mitchell quits AltaVista

    A sorry end to a sorry affair

    Media 30 08:49

  • 3dfx damns Nvidia patent suit

    Blames it on 'a lack of confidence' in Nvidia's defence of 3dfx's own allegations

    Channel 30 09:21

  • Confirmed: Ezesurf goes titsup.com

    £2m bill might have something to do with it

    Media 30 09:38

  • 3dfx ‘disappointed’ by Q2 revenue fall

    Would have been in profit otherwise

    Business 30 09:47

  • Sony Palm-based PDA makes US debut

    Colour version dropped due to LCD shortages

    Business 30 10:13

  • Microsoft releases Office 10 beta

    Speech recognition, XML - that sort of thing

    Software 30 10:46

  • Californian MS overcharging class action gets go ahead

    But actually, it could help Microsoft thin out its antagonists' ranks...

    Software 30 10:51

  • AltaVista parades new MD

    'Andy's departure inevitable'

    Media 30 10:57

  • Redstone's sales rocket but it still makes a loss

    Maxim grabs stake in Firebox

    Business 30 11:02

  • Former Nvidia engineer nabbed for insider trading

    Made a killing on advance knowledge of X-box deal, allegedly

    Business 30 11:12

  • US appeal court sets date for Napster trial

    Has Napster's request for RIAA case to be thrown out failed?

    Media 30 11:13

  • Concorde crashes again (Middle East talks fail for a second time)

    And various other bizarre events from the BBC time warp

    Media 30 11:14

  • “EZESURF” – Sorry But We Are Now Closed

    That letter in full

    Letters 30 11:32

  • GTech in big trouble

    The Lottery has been one fat cock-up

    Business 30 12:41

  • Via triples profit forecast

    Can't be the Cyrix III, must be chipsets

    Channel 30 14:37

  • Ericsson launches $300m VC fund

    Unsurprisingly, it's interested in mobile Internet ventures

    Business 30 14:37

  • Phone number chaos on the horizon

    We're getting to final changeover time (and no one has a bloody clue)

    Data Networking 30 15:21

  • Energis and that £2 million bill

    Fishier than a man's head in a cod's stomach

    Media 30 15:39

  • Via and S3 talk $377m deal down to $288m

    New 3D chip business sale designed to win backing of Taiwanese gov't

    Channel 30 15:47

  • Click here for those Posh and Becks controversial extracts

    Get em here before anyone else

    Media 30 15:57

  • First Pentium 4 benchmarks appear

    Rambus performance finally comes good

    Channel 30 16:07

  • VNU ignores Flood warning

    Computing keeps bad karma

    Bootnotes 30 16:17

  • Ananova goes story crazy

    So good, it told us about it thrice

    Bootnotes 30 16:19

  • London Internet Exchange traffic breaks 3Gbps

    Busy, busy, busy

    Media 30 16:51

  • Nortel shows off fancy new fibre technology

    Lots more money, not such a good explanation

    Data Networking 30 16:52