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BOFH takes the Piss

Episode 31BOFH2000: Episode 31
Simon Travaglia, 30 Aug 2000

Big tough Dramurai sues Rambus

Just one clear day after Micron (the MuHeads) took antitrust action against Rambus, Hyundai (a Dramurai) threw its weight against the Mountain View intellectual property engine and is taking legal action against the company.
Mike Magee, 30 Aug 2000

Voodoo gets 12,000 volt shock

Loyal Argentinian reader Gerardo points us in the direction of a remarkable experiment at Tech Junkie, which applied 12,000 volts of power to a Voodoo 3 with spectacular results. There's even a little movie of the end result. Don't try this at home...
Mike Magee, 30 Aug 2000

Intel under attack at high end

UpdatedOEMs close to Intel's plans are reporting that its 1GHz Pentium III flip chip microprocessor is suffering from big heat problems which are being addressed with a fresh stepping of the part.
Mike Magee, 30 Aug 2000

The Reg guide to interviewing Intel

After all the PR folk bogged off at the Intel Developer Forum last week, the legions of international hacks still left at the San Jose Towers and Hilton asked the elected spin doctor whether the firm kept records on journalists. "Indeed they do," replied the bogus PR representative. "It all depends on the country you live in on the nature of those records."
Mike Magee, 30 Aug 2000

Mitchell quits AltaVista

ExclusiveAndy Mitchell is now the former MD of AltaVista UK, The Register can reveal.
Tim Richardson, 30 Aug 2000

3dfx damns Nvidia patent suit

Updated3dfx has vowed to fight back "vigorously" against Nvidia's claims that its two most recent generations of 3D chip violate its arch-rival's patents.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2000

Confirmed: Ezesurf goes titsup.com

UpdatedDundee-based ISP, Ezesurf, has gone bust after being landed with a bill for £1.7 million (£2.08 million including VAT) from Net outfit, Energis Squared.
Tim Richardson, 30 Aug 2000

3dfx ‘disappointed’ by Q2 revenue fall

Graphics accelerator maker 3dfx pronounced itself "very disappointed" with its financial performance when it posted its latest business figures yesterday.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2000

Sony Palm-based PDA makes US debut

UpdatedSony's upcoming Palm-based PDA was launched in the US last night, just a month after the device family made its Japanese debut.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2000

Microsoft releases Office 10 beta

Microsoft is to release the first beta of Office 2000's successor, codenamed Office 10, to a restricted number of testers. According to some (unconfirmed) sources, it gave Office 10 beta to testers at the beginning of August, but Microsoft has now decided to announce some of the features of the new software suite.
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Aug 2000

Californian MS overcharging class action gets go ahead

A San Francisco judge has allowed the first class-action lawsuit on behalf of consumers to go ahead against Microsoft. Microsoft has so far successfully ducked a string of similar actions in other states, on the grounds that local laws only allow the immediate vendor to be sued (i.e. the dealer), but sooner or later one of them had to stick.
John Lettice, 30 Aug 2000

AltaVista parades new MD

A tribute has flooded in for Andy Mitchell, the former MD of AltaVista UK and Ireland, and the man who single-handedly carried the can for the dotcom's failed brush with affordable Net access in Britain.
Tim Richardson, 30 Aug 2000

Redstone's sales rocket but it still makes a loss

Redstone Telecom has announced sales leap of 144 per cent to £17.8 million for the quarter ending June 30. Net loss before tax was £2.9 million, a year earlier it was £1.5 million for the same period. Redstone, which intends to offer broadband communication over DSL to SMEs, has 9,500 business customers.
Team Register, 30 Aug 2000

Former Nvidia engineer nabbed for insider trading

Ex-Nvidia staffer Manu Shrivastava has been accused by the US Securities and Exchange Commission of profiting illegally from his inside knowledge of the 3D chip company's business.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2000

US appeal court sets date for Napster trial

The US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has named the date for the commencement of the Recording Industry Association of America's landmark copyright infringement case against MP3 sharing software developer Napster.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2000

Concorde crashes again (Middle East talks fail for a second time)

The BBC's online news service appears to have hit a time warp and is permanently stuck in July. It looks like Auntie has reordered its site and left behind a few pages. Unfortunately, it you visit http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english, you'll be surprised to discover that Concorde has crashed again, in exactly the same place - what's the likelihood of that eh?
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Aug 2000

“EZESURF” – Sorry But We Are Now Closed

"EZESURF" - The UK’s longest running freecall Internet provider - Sorry But We Are Now Closed
Tim Richardson, 30 Aug 2000

GTech in big trouble

GTech - the mischievous tech company behind the UK National Lottery and many others in the US - has axed 175 jobs and announced a restructuring at a cost of $45 million (£31 million). This comes after a very shaky period for the company, and more cuts may be on the way following the backlash from the UK Lottery. The Lottery Commission made a stark criticism of GTech's failure to make known a software bug that meant thousands of people didn't get their full lottery award. Its share price has dropped 16 per cent this month alone.
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Aug 2000

Via triples profit forecast

Plucky Taiwanese chipset company today revised upwards its forecast financial results for this year.
Mike Magee, 30 Aug 2000

Ericsson launches $300m VC fund

Ericsson, Merrill Lynch, Investor AB and Industrivarden are each pumping $75 million into a new VC fund aimed at investing in mobile Internet companies and technologies. The fund will be called Ericsson Venture Partners.
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Aug 2000

Phone number chaos on the horizon

The final switchover in UK telephone numbers for several cities is growing very close and a huge number of people are still helplessly unaware of the new codes. Oftel's masterplan of re-re-adjusting telephone codes, after its last major overhaul and cock-up a few years ago, is this time run by third party The Big Number.
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Aug 2000

Energis and that £2 million bill

Energis is keeping schtum about an outstanding bill for more than £2 million which it sent to Scottish-based ISP, EzeSurf.
Tim Richardson, 30 Aug 2000

Via and S3 talk $377m deal down to $288m

Via and S3 have agreed new terms for the sale of the latter's graphics chip biz in a bid to win the backing of the Taiwanese government.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2000

Click here for those Posh and Becks controversial extracts

World ExclusivePosh Spice and David Beckham have just announced that they won't go to court to get some 2,000 words removed from a book about them by Andrew Morton (you know, that bloke that did the crap book on Diana). Apparently, Morton was given the information by a former employee of the Beckhams who had signed a non-disclosure agreement.
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Aug 2000

First Pentium 4 benchmarks appear

2CPU.com has the first benchmarks of Intel's upcoming Pentium 4 aka Willamette. The most startling numbers are what can only be described as phenomenal memory performance from the Rambus memory in the test system.
Andrew Thomas, 30 Aug 2000

London Internet Exchange traffic breaks 3Gbps

Here's another indicator to how fast the Internet is growing. The London Internet Exchange (Linx) has reported traffic levels are busting 3Gbps at peak times.
Robert Blincoe, 30 Aug 2000
Cat 5 cable

Nortel shows off fancy new fibre technology

Nortel Networks has unveiled some new fibre technology which is claims as a breakthrough and will let it extract some tasty revenues. Demonstrating its Managed Wavelength Services at the National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference in the US, Nortel said it could now control bandwidth more efficiently - with corresponding positive effects on charging customers.
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Aug 2000

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