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Software delays to cripple MS cable TV push?

Is Microsoft's interactive TV strategy about to turn into a pile of ashes? Noises coming out of AT&T yesterday suggested at the very least white-knuckle negotiations, following Microsoft's confession that it wouldn't have the software ready for October.
John Lettice, 29 Aug 2000

Micron sues Rambus in antitrust action

US memory giant Micron has taken legal action against memory intellectual property giant Rambus, in a case which could mean geese get the shivers as their respective lawyers sharpen sheaves of quill pens.
Mike Magee, 29 Aug 2000

Nvidia sues 3dfx over patents

Nvidia yesterday commenced legal action against 3D graphics chip developer 3dfx, alleging its arch-rival has been infringing a number of its patents for ages - since the days of the Voodoo 3, to be precise.
Tony Smith, 29 Aug 2000

Sony backtracks from anti-Napster spiel

Sony appears to be distancing itself from anti-Napster comments made by one of its senior US executives last week.
Tony Smith, 29 Aug 2000

Freeserve set for FTSE exit

Freeserve - Britain's biggest dotcom - could be booted out of the FTSE 100 next week following the exchange's quarterly review.
Tim Richardson, 29 Aug 2000

Virgin claims first ever MP3 mobile

Virgin Mobile has staked its claim to the world's first mobile phone with an in-built MP3 player. Available from today, the Samsung SGH M-100 is a fancy bit of kit and will set you back a not-inconsiderable £349.99.
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Aug 2000

SCH bucks dealer doldrums

Specialist Computer Holdings saw pre-tax profits leap 36 per cent to £15.1 million in the year to 31 March. Sales grew by 16 per cent to £581 million.
Robert Blincoe, 29 Aug 2000

Java is skill in most demand in UK, Windows down

Java appears to be the most sought after IT skill in the UK.
Graham Lea, 29 Aug 2000

Supremes decline to sing on MS case

The Supreme Court has made it clear it's not in a particular hurry to decide whether it wishes to hear the Microsoft case, or whether it will send it to the court of appeals first.
Graham Lea, 29 Aug 2000

No cheap WinME upgrade for 95 users, says MS

Microsoft's 'cheapest ever Windows' announcement seems to have been even more dubious than we thought at the time. Earlier this month the company announced that the Windows ME upgrade would be available for a limited (but unspecified) time at $59.95, after which it would revert to the standard upgrade price of $109. But now it appears this only applies to the version that upgrades from Win98 and SE.
John Lettice, 29 Aug 2000

Halifax offers free anti-virus software to Net customers

Halifax has said it will give free anti-virus software to its Net banking customers and has promised to cover any online fraud - something it was criticised for not doing by an Internet watchdog.
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Aug 2000

Oftel ticks-off BT over leased lines

BT is anti-competitive and has been abusing its monopoly position, according to the winged watchdog Oftel.
Tim Richardson, 29 Aug 2000

NTL unmoved by AltaVista farce

NTL is committed to providing flat-fee Net access and reckons it's on course to notch up two million users by this time next year.
Tim Richardson, 29 Aug 2000

MP3.com returns to copyright court

MP3.com was back in court yesterday, having failed to secure a settlement with Universal over its violation of the major music label's copyrights.
Tony Smith, 29 Aug 2000

BT in miracle ADSL launch

BT has performed miracles and launched its domestic broadband Net access product some three months ahead of schedule.
Tim Richardson, 29 Aug 2000

Amazon gets into bed with Microsoft

Amazon is "teaming up with" Microsoft to deliver e-books (ach!) to the world. M$ is going to give it a customised version of its Reader software and Amazon, presumably, will provide the books. But hold on, before you get excited and start shouting "ze bastards are at it again", "anti-trust" or "Bezos and Gates for the electric chair", please bear in mind that Reader will be the "preferred, but not exclusive" software. That's okay then.
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Aug 2000

Big Brother jacks up Real Player usage

The demand for video streaming from Net viewers of Big Brother has boosted the UK user base of Real Networks' Real Player by 500,000.
Robert Blincoe, 29 Aug 2000

Intel: Spot a problem and don't win a Metro

Following the good Doctor Tom's travails with a recalcitrant Pentium III 1.13GHz and The Reg's fabled DOA 1.13GHz system, we asked Intel what the deal was regarding remuneration for helping the great Stan of Chips identify "challenges" with its products.
Andrew Thomas, 29 Aug 2000

Beckham only English footballer good enough for France

David Beckham (that bloke married to the god-awful pop star) is the only member of the English football team that would make it into the French side.
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Aug 2000

HW Roundup Soltek's talking mobo

OCWorkbench has had fun checking out the Soltek SL65JVB-X talking mobo based on the VIA 694X chipset. Though having a board chatting to you is fun the reviewer thought 'it is not as good as D-LEDs as D-LEDs can show 16 error possibilities whereas the Voice Diagnostic can only indicate 5 common errors in 4 spoken languages.' OCWorkbench thinks it would be perfect if 'Soltek had chosen to pair up all the 1Mhz stepping, diagnostic voice with a BX or i815e chipset.'
Robert Blincoe, 29 Aug 2000

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