29th August 2000 Archive

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  • Software delays to cripple MS cable TV push?

    Absence of software is fatal flaw in throw money at market strategy

    Software 29 08:35

  • Micron sues Rambus in antitrust action

    Geese prepare for chilly winter

    Channel 29 08:39

  • Nvidia sues 3dfx over patents

    'Tactical' lawsuit revenge for earlier 3dfx 'nuisance litigation'?

    Channel 29 09:35

  • Sony backtracks from anti-Napster spiel

    Our man was quoted out of context, company claims

    Media 29 10:30

  • Freeserve set for FTSE exit

    Eircom shareholders are revolting

    Business 29 10:44

  • Virgin claims first ever MP3 mobile

    Actually made by Samsung but Virgin has better PR

    Media 29 10:56

  • SCH bucks dealer doldrums

    Boosts profits by 31 per cent

    Business 29 10:59

  • Java is skill in most demand in UK, Windows down

    C++ starting to fall

    Software 29 11:28

  • Supremes decline to sing on MS case

    Indecisions indecisions...

    Software 29 11:30

  • No cheap WinME upgrade for 95 users, says MS

    Look punks, you skipped the last two, so that's $109, OK?

    Software 29 11:35

  • Halifax offers free anti-virus software to Net customers

    It's another PR coup. Hopefully we'll forget the bank's bad side

    Media 29 12:01

  • Oftel ticks-off BT over leased lines

    And let that be a lesson to you

    Data Networking 29 12:13

  • Warwick Watch: SFX, lies and masking tape

    Media appearances by captain cyborg. Oh, and a book review

    Business 29 13:44

  • NTL unmoved by AltaVista farce

    Is this a good or bad thing?

    Media 29 14:00

  • MP3.com returns to copyright court

    No deal with Universal - yet

    Media 29 14:57

  • BT in miracle ADSL launch

    See what you can do when you try?

    Media 29 16:08

  • Amazon gets into bed with Microsoft

    M$ up to its old tricks again. Mine, all mine, hahahaha

    Media 29 16:13

  • Big Brother jacks up Real Player usage

    Generates 500,000 UK downloads

    Media 29 16:34

  • Intel: Spot a problem and don't win a Metro

    Intel more than happy to receive help but won't pay

    Channel 29 16:36

  • Beckham only English footballer good enough for France

    Okay, so it's a tenuous IT angle and some blatant PR puff, but we like it

    Media 29 17:20

  • HW Roundup Soltek's talking mobo

    Plus 1.1GHz T'birds and the Asus A7V

    Hardware Roundup 29 17:22