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Hacktivists crash Korea govt home page

Protesters forced the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication's Web site to shut down for 10 hours on Saturday. But was it a mass click-in or a DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attack which brought the service to its knees?
Drew Cullen, 28 Aug 2000

ALi DDR chipset, 82Gb hard drive debut in Japan

Stacks of interesting news from Japanese site pricewatch over the weekend. Thanks to various readers, including Firestone, for alerting us.
Mike Magee, 28 Aug 2000

AMD 1.1GHz Athlon a go-go

Following on the sneak preview of the 1.1GHz Athlon AMD showed us in room 1026 of the San Jose Tower and Hilton last week, the firm has announced availability of the part plus a clutch of PC customer wins.
Mike Magee, 28 Aug 2000

FIC fetes 815e with mobos

Taiwanese manufacturer FIC has released two mobos based on Intel's 815e chipset which will support Pentium III chips at 1GHz and above.
Mike Magee, 28 Aug 2000

Caldera hints at Java-like UnixWare license

The new owner of Bell Labs original Unix is still wrestling with how to make the source code to its true ancestor publicly available, but has suggested that Sun Microsystems' Java license could provide an attractive model.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Aug 2000

Intel drops Pentium III prices

UpdatedAs expected, Intel has dropped prices on a range of its microprocessors and has notified its distributors and dealers.
Mike Magee, 28 Aug 2000

Via, 3Com set up network love-in

Chipset contender Via has announced it has signed a deal with 3Com to bring 10/100Mbps Ethernet networking into Via's Apollo South Bridge.
Mike Magee, 28 Aug 2000

Intel recalls 1.13GHz Pentium III

Chip giant Intel has confirmed that there are problems with the 1.13GHz Pentium III, as first reported on Tom's Hardware Page, and then on Hard OCP. It is now recalling the part, which won't be available for quite some while.
Mike Magee, 28 Aug 2000

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