28th August 2000 Archive

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  • Hacktivists crash Korea govt home page

    DDoS or old-fashioned traffic jam?

    Media 28 08:42

  • ALi DDR chipset, 82Gb hard drive debut in Japan

    Plus Athlon-Penitent III compared, contrasted

    Hardware Roundup 28 10:33

  • AMD 1.1GHz Athlon a go-go

    Orders being taken

    Channel 28 10:45

  • FIC fetes 815e with mobos

    Flippy chippy kind of skippy

    Business 28 11:02

  • Caldera hints at Java-like UnixWare license

    Genuwine Unix freed at last? Sort of...

    Software 28 11:02

  • Intel drops Pentium III prices

    1GHz rare bird drops by a third

    Channel 28 17:28

  • Via, 3Com set up network love-in

    My enemy is your friend

    Channel 28 17:47

  • Intel recalls 1.13GHz Pentium III

    So it's not fastest x86 chip in the world

    Channel 28 18:05