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IDF roundup and rumours

From Intel's point of view, there are clear advantages holding its technical fest in San Jose rather than Palm Springs. One, it's more spread out - so you minimise the risk of journalists chatting to engineers and delegates. Two, it's half an hour's drive to Satan Clara's HQ in Mission College Boulevard, so Intel folk can't get a sly round of golf in when no one's looking. But Intel underestimates the ways of The Reg. Do its executives not know that we have a Ways and Means Committee, specifically held to overcome these grave obstacles to speculation and misdirected instructions?
Mike Magee, 27 Aug 2000

Alpha strikes back against Intel

Sources close to Samsung in Korea have revealed the roadmap that Alpha Processor Ink (API) hopes will give it an edge over Intel in 2001.
Mike Magee, 27 Aug 2000

BBC looks to Net as pay-per-view cash cow

The BBC is investigating ways to use the Net to deliver pay-per-view services, part of the Corporation's drive to establish commercial services to buoy up the licence fee, according to a report in today's Observer.
Tony Smith, 27 Aug 2000

Spot Register August is the cruellest month

Team Register, 27 Aug 2000

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