25th August 2000 Archive

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  • Pentium 4: performance puzzle begins

    Will it, won't it be a goer?

    Channel 25 00:28

  • Intel lobs software grenade back at chippy Redmond

    Anything you can do, we can do better

    Channel 25 00:29

  • 64-bit Compaq Alpha tops 1040MHz

    Intel's Itanic has a way to go

    Channel 25 07:19

  • Intel Irish fab expansion hits snag

    Environmentalists up in arms

    Channel 25 08:43

  • Love Bug just the job

    Careers advice for the maliciously minded

    Software 25 09:42

  • Intel's best-kept secret revealed

    Register comes up with the goods again

    Bootnotes 25 09:44

  • Email monitoring rules postponed

    Three more weeks to chat about it

    Media 25 09:45

  • Linux scuppers notebook theft

    There's a lesson here for us all

    Business 25 10:05

  • Mobile phone immobilises policeman – permanently

    Curiosity killed the copper

    Data Networking 25 10:17

  • Omnicom buys into five health sites

    Look like there be a battle brewing

    Media 25 10:44

  • PDA vendors target Euro cellphone market

    Sharp, Casio prep mobile phone-equipped electronic organisers

    Data Networking 25 11:04

  • Bastiaens bails from L&H

    Goodbye, auf Wiedersehen, au revoir, ciao, adios...

    Software 25 11:05

  • Rambus death rumours exaggerated, apparently

    Overpriced memory snaps up three quarters of workstation market

    Channel 25 11:12

  • Reg Top Tens Compaq's Wildfire

    Stats'n'facts you never knew - or wanted to...

    Business 25 11:41

  • OPD rude phrase competition

    Say something iffy and win a Reg T-shirt

    Bootnotes 25 12:00

  • Everybody wants to study computing

    Are we becoming a nation of nerds?

    Business 25 12:00

  • CMGI confident AltaVista will float

    May need water wings though

    Media 25 13:43

  • Computers raise stress levels

    Oi, Windows! No!

    Business 25 13:48

  • Zetters in online pools bid

    And other financial stuff

    Business 25 13:51

  • ISPA slams Oftel

    Sends winged watchdog to the kennels

    Data Networking 25 14:32

  • The world's first gaol Web cam

    Voyeurism just gets better and better

    Media 25 14:35

  • Chip biz challenged to develop molecular CPUs

    Build smaller, vastly more capacious chips... or else, warns boffin

    Channel 25 14:41

  • Scunthorpe babes? Well, one or two are all right…

    Internet vote rigging to get the howlers in

    Letters 25 15:29

  • Threat of the Week Mike's a dead man

    It's a sort of scary version of Flame of the Week

    Flame of the Week 25 15:34

  • Transmeta chips not up to scratch – Toshiba

    Intel does power management better, says notebook vendor

    Channel 25 15:36

  • Korean economy is the Comeback Kid

    Graham looks at the role of IT in the country's reversal of fortunes following the disaster of 1997

    Business 25 15:39

  • Hardware Roundup Weak Duron's week 31 boot bug

    OC Workbench explains...

    Hardware Roundup 25 15:40

  • Vnunet in all sorts of trouble

    We're concerned. Honest

    Bootnotes 25 15:45

  • Nutters: there's alternative thinking and just plain oddness

    A prize if any of you can tell us what they're on about

    Letters 25 16:03

  • Best of the Rest Mostly chip stuff

    Randomly thrown in. It's a kinda treasure trove

    Letters 25 16:05

  • Readers' Letters The abridged version

    Come on, it's sunny, it's Friday, it's a Bank Holiday weekend

    Business 25 16:15

  • Bill Gates' bidding blunted by sharper cards

    A bridge (match) too far

    Bootnotes 25 16:23

  • AltaVistaGate: Mitchell admits he mislead US bosses

    When will this sorry affair end?

    Media 25 20:35