24th August 2000 Archive

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  • Reg beards Cheapzilla in Chipzilla den

    It's the war of the words

    Channel 24 00:07

  • Intel opens R&D kimono

    Four billion bucks at lab's disposal

    Channel 24 00:31

  • Internet Startup ‘drama’ on BBC2

    Just wake us up when its over

    Media 24 09:32

  • AOL UK to offer unmetered Net access?

    Maybe, just maybe

    Media 24 10:43

  • Carphone Warehouse gets into dotcom DIY

    And other leaks from the bubble economy

    Business 24 10:49

  • Pentium 4 to launch in October

    Confirmation from very reliable sources

    Channel 24 10:52

  • Iridium will crash and burn – Motorola

    Final would-be buyers meet cancelled due to lack of would-be buyers

    Data Networking 24 11:01

  • Its official: Pokemon are viral

    The little yellow critter is the cover for the latest email worm

    Media 24 11:25

  • VA Linux revenues up 547 per cent

    And Q4 loss narrows ahead of expectations too

    Business 24 11:27

  • So how did GTech ruin Camelot's lottery dreams?

    It's the old case of a hushed-up software bug

    Business 24 11:47

  • Server vendors team to promote Linux in Japan

    Once they can agree on the OS' market share, presumably...

    Business 24 11:48

  • OPD rude phrase update

    Can anyone confirm this one?

    Bootnotes 24 11:50

  • Why the hell… aren't PCs getting any cheaper?

    Unless you want something from the natural history museum

    Business 24 12:14

  • Nintendo launches Gamecube

    But it'll be 11 months before you can buy one...

    Business 24 12:41

  • BT really in the doldrums

    Another share price slip after credit rating troubles

    Data Networking 24 13:07

  • Ezesurf ISP denies it's gone titsup.com

    Service stopped but techie glitch blamed

    Media 24 14:05

  • Judge limits MP3.com copyright settlement payout

    Damages limitation exercise

    Media 24 14:33

  • HWRoundup Britney Spears spices up semiconductors

    It's not all reports from IDF you know...

    Hardware Roundup 24 14:55

  • Porn sites charged with billing for free pics

    Hairy-palmed punters gave out credit card details

    Media 24 14:57

  • Apple preps ‘low key’ MacOS X public beta

    Worried about Aqua Aversion, apparently...

    Mac Channel 24 15:10

  • Tosh turns notebooks into bricks

    Cunning scheme built into keyboard

    Business 24 15:36

  • Peer to peer working group formed

    Intel's Gelsinger peers at peers

    Data Networking 24 16:10

  • Mondus goes mental

    We're not mental and we're still dropping the dotcom

    Business 24 16:20

  • Egg hackers were disorganised crime

    Multiple loan applications from one IP address. Doh!

    Media 24 16:30

  • WIPO madness round-up

    We've been trying to avoid it, but what can you do?

    Media 24 17:03

  • Booze and pizzas from the comfort of your sofa

    Tomorrow World's was right! Hallelulah

    Media 24 17:07