22nd August 2000 Archive

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  • Scaldera vows a better Linux than Linux

    Outperforms our own er, native er, Linux.

    Software 22 Aug 00:43

  • Intel paranoid about Transmeta – official

    Grove says that allows for opportunity

    Channel 22 Aug 01:38

  • Intel widens Rambus gap

    Gelsinger acknowledges price problem

    Channel 22 Aug 01:38

  • AltaVista admits service a sham

    They've coughed up - finally

    Media 22 Aug 06:10

  • Cheapzilla strikes again

    Chipzilla's paw bit by AMD saw

    Bootnotes 22 Aug 06:18

  • Intel late again on Merced-Itanium

    The quintessential charm of 64 bitness

    Channel 22 Aug 06:40

  • AltaVista's world crumbles

    The 'Nasty Nick' of the ISP world

    Media 22 Aug 09:02

  • Easy man Stelios to float cybercafes

    QXL still knocking down the price it'll pay for Ricardo

    Business 22 Aug 10:07

  • Honourable mentions

    Not bad at all, but not quite good enough

    Letters 22 Aug 10:07

  • Blue Carrots owner makes £1 million loss

    Another day, another dotcom dollar

    Business 22 Aug 10:26

  • HSBC online lets users take blame for security issues

    Ts&Cs to be reviewed

    Media 22 Aug 10:45

  • British paedophile sentenced in LA

    Gets a year and a day

    Media 22 Aug 11:20

  • Internet execs the fattest of all fat cats

    Gives a whole new meaning to the Christmas bonus

    Media 22 Aug 11:31

  • BT outraged at AltaVista slur

    Duck, or you'll be caught in the crossfire

    Media 22 Aug 11:36

  • The Reg visits Korea to assess L&H's sales

    WSJ misses tale of economy boom

    Software 22 Aug 11:50

  • Scunthorpe babe watch aims to prove Sun wrong

    But, sadly, it backfires.

    Media 22 Aug 11:51

  • Nvidia Q2 profits rocket

    But 3dfx continues to dominate retail

    Business 22 Aug 12:00

  • Share tipping Web sites pull their info

    You've got to comply with the FSA

    Media 22 Aug 12:08

  • BBC signs fat Net deals

    US Net investor and Telewest get involved

    Media 22 Aug 12:16

  • Sony confirms AMD deal

    Will use K6-2+ in upcoming Vaio

    Business 22 Aug 12:19

  • Survey: 70 per cent of Gnutella users are ‘free riding’

    Less sharing, more snaring

    Media 22 Aug 12:42

  • Visa and Mastercard turn the screws on online fraudsters

    It'll be harder to spend other peoples cash, honest

    Media 22 Aug 14:03

  • Transmeta serendipity dogs Register

    Lipstick on collar, footprints in sand, Sumerian love-in

    Channel 22 Aug 14:21

  • Alta Vista MD speaks to the Reg

    BT and lack of communication to blame

    Media 22 Aug 14:29

  • BT mauls AltaVista

    'AltaVista standing reality on its head ... ill-considered marketing hype'

    Media 22 Aug 14:42

  • Freeserve puts unmetered access on hold

    Only temporary, though

    Media 22 Aug 15:02

  • Dr Tom diddles with ATI's Radeon

    Gets compared to Asus V7700 Deluxe

    Hardware Roundup 22 Aug 15:06

  • Cherie Blair hounded by cybersquatters

    Doing it doggy style

    Media 22 Aug 15:07

  • L&H goes on Korean offensive against WSJ

    Appoints KPMG to conduct audit

    Software 22 Aug 15:10

  • Nintendo to unveil X-box beater 24 August

    Will Dolphin cut it?

    Business 22 Aug 15:12

  • IBM makes first sale of Ultrium LTO storage

    It's a start on making it a standard

    Business 22 Aug 15:16

  • A skip skap a-skiddidy WAP

    WAP round-up: more pain and pleasure

    Media 22 Aug 15:17

  • HW Roundup Asus A7V's a-go-go

    And Dr Tom plays with a platinum AX6BC Pro II

    Hardware Roundup 22 Aug 15:17

  • Big Brother censored as Nick is rumbled

    But Web site shut down blamed on technical problems

    Media 22 Aug 15:17

  • Click here to find out if your mobile will kill you

    We gain a valuable insight into the radiation producers

    Data Networking 22 Aug 15:18

  • Lastminute.com goes Down Under

    Advance Australia fare

    Business 22 Aug 15:18

  • Pro-Napster hacker claims 60 site scalps

    Windows NT bug provides access - more sites to be hit

    Media 22 Aug 15:18

  • Intel: peer-to-peer a life preserver

    We must all love each other, Barrett says

    Channel 22 Aug 15:48

  • Debtors beware. Online exposure isn't what you need

    Another grand idea born of the Internet revolution

    Media 22 Aug 15:51

  • OFTEL slaps AltaVista

    Put up or shut up, says Winged Watchdog

    Media 22 Aug 16:00

  • Logitech makes touchy feely mice

    The force is strong in this one

    Business 22 Aug 16:01

  • LINX denies ISP witch-hunt

    Hatchet well and truly buried

    Media 22 Aug 16:11

  • MP3 fans buy more CDs than non-fans – survey

    Or so they claim

    Media 22 Aug 16:12

  • Fresh strain of LoveBug virus is out

    FBI investigates, Swiss bank downplays attack

    Media 22 Aug 16:12

  • BT buys out Viag for £3.6 billion

    Doubling its holding from 45 per cent to 90 per cent

    Data Networking 22 Aug 16:12

  • Orange users angry at spam voicemail

    Small Web site works its way into mobile users' inboxes

    Data Networking 22 Aug 16:12

  • HP 'world's fastest growing PC vendor'

    Fiorina worth the dough, after all?

    Data Networking 22 Aug 16:13

  • Win2K to blame for Computacenter profits slump

    Service billings down

    Data Networking 22 Aug 16:13

  • Europe drags down Novell

    Sales re-org doesn't help either

    Data Networking 22 Aug 16:13

  • SuSE swipes AS/400 in IBM megadeal

    This one's really big

    Software 22 Aug 16:13

  • SGI opens Open Inventor source code

    High-end graphics app development tool handed to Linux community

    Software 22 Aug 16:13

  • AMD's Sanders rants up the river

    Me Tarzan, you a mixed metaphor

    Channel 22 Aug 16:14

  • Transmeta commences Crusoe TM5600 shipments

    Successor to TM5400 has more cache, eats less power

    Channel 22 Aug 16:14

  • VA's Augustin talks Itanic, Sledgehammer

    Says where Linux servers will be in year or two

    Software 22 Aug 16:14

  • Action stations for bid approach

    Go away, reseller says

    Business 22 Aug 16:14

  • Andy Hertzfeld Part II – Microsoft, Aqua and greed

    How Linux will deliver us from the feudal age

    Software 22 Aug 16:14

  • Big Q in Big Deal over Big Bang

    Not mushroom for debate

    Business 22 Aug 16:15

  • Net-enabled robot shoots from the hip

    Go ahead punk, make my day

    Media 22 Aug 16:15

  • 1GHz Xeon ships today, Pentium 4 Q4

    2GHz soon, Yu might have guessed it

    Channel 22 Aug 16:24

  • The Register dances the Tarantella

    Interview with Mike Orr

    Software 22 Aug 16:30

  • Hertzfeld spills all about Eazel

    How top software squad will make Linux as easy as the Mac

    Software 22 Aug 16:30

  • Al Pacino gets a digital co-star

    Lara Croft has started a worrying trend

    Software 22 Aug 16:30

  • DoJ rebuts MS brief, lobbies for Supreme Court hearing

    And now it's Microsoft's turn again...

    Software 22 Aug 16:30

  • Corel's Cowpland quits

    Wants to spend more time with his start ups, apparently

    Software 22 Aug 16:30

  • SGI frees OpenGL brand to Linux coders

    Claim full OpenGL compatibility for free - if you're into open source

    Software 22 Aug 16:30

  • Microsoft Linux apps rumours resurface

    File under 'suspect'

    Software 22 Aug 16:30

  • i-Mode goes down again

    This time for three hours

    Data Networking 22 Aug 16:31

  • Who the hell does WIPO think it is?

    It's a case of shrewd corporate takeover

    Data Networking 22 Aug 16:31

  • DVD read-speed booster Zen posts $6m loss

    Demand for technology won't kick in until 2002

    Business 22 Aug 16:31

  • First UK system builders release 1.1GHz Athlon prices

    Get 'em while they're hot

    Business 22 Aug 16:31

  • Nortel buys Sonoma for $540 million

    Networkers gets one step closer to Cisco

    Data Networking 22 Aug 16:32

  • M$ gets into LINX

    Not blackballed afterall

    Media 22 Aug 16:32

  • RIAA vs Napster trial to commence Friday

    Napster brief hopes to change judge's mind

    Media 22 Aug 16:32

  • Dr Drew raises spectre of paid-for content

    It'll never work people say (but we wish it would)

    Media 22 Aug 16:32

  • Reg pays AltaVista a visit

    We get inside AV's UK HQ - and we got the pics to prove it

    Media 22 Aug 16:32

  • Couple name baby after music Web site

    Britney Spears putting children 'in peril'

    Media 22 Aug 16:32

  • Animal rights protestors use Net to intimidate shareholders

    Drug company targeted. 'People have to take responsibility for their actions'

    Media 22 Aug 16:32

  • Smells like Teen Spiritualism

    Kurt Cobain haunted my Compaq claims Essex girl

    Bootnotes 22 Aug 16:32

  • The King online!


    Media 22 Aug 16:32

  • Climate blamed for slow uptake of the Net

    Spain and Italy fingered

    Media 22 Aug 16:32

  • Detonator 3 goes with a bang

    Our Gordon goes for it with the BFG

    Business 22 Aug 16:33

  • Intel video camera can go walkabout

    USB gizmo operates independently

    Business 22 Aug 16:33

  • Sony confirms Transmeta deal

    CE giant will use Crusoe in sub-notebooks

    Business 22 Aug 16:33

  • Asus A7V clip troubles sorted

    The usual suspects do the usual business

    Hardware Roundup 22 Aug 16:34

  • 1.5GHz Athlon slated for January

    Back to school time, between times

    Hardware Roundup 22 Aug 16:34

  • Living.com dies

    Amazon waves goodbye to $145 million

    Channel 22 Aug 16:34

  • Dell boy in 64-bit mix-up

    They're going down with the Itanic

    Software 22 Aug 16:34

  • Get your telecoms advice here

    It's got Oftel's backing and everything

    Data Networking 22 Aug 16:38

  • Intel confirms Xeon shortages

    And confirms a whole heap more too

    Channel 22 Aug 21:52

  • Pentium 4 notebook chips on way

    And how Intel met the French army

    Channel 22 Aug 21:52