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Pentium 4 platform renamed

Sources said Intel has briefed senior US journalists about where it wants to place its Pentium 4 (Willamette) against offerings from AMD and the other.
Mike Magee, 21 Aug 2000

Crap products: a reader's plea

Reader Charlie Stross reminds us that the ICL One-Per-Desk (OPD) which featured in Dr Spinola's Crap Products Hall of Fame last week was also available in a rebadged variant from BT. In a bid to have an even stupider name than the OPD, the Telcomms behmoth chose the moniker 'Tonto', for reasons best known to themselves.
Andrew Thomas, 21 Aug 2000

Readers letters Naught for Nautilus

[Away from the fervour of the LinuxExpo show floor Andy Hertzfeld tooks us through Nautilus the open source file manager that's the flagship of his new company Eazel.]
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Aug 2000

IBM Unix hit by false Falco

Since IBM has been referring to its Monterey development project in the past tense for a few weeks now, we were surprised to see that this stole a few headlines in the trades last week.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Aug 2000

Net flirting guide from fash mag hacks

We can confirm that the Internet is now officially trendy, following the appearance of a guide to "E-Flirting" in UK fashion mag, Elle.
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Aug 2000

NetStore delighted with £5m loss

ASP e-outfit NetStore has reported an operating loss of £5 million in its maiden preliminary results for the year. Turnover was £1.4 million - up from £800,000 on the previous year - with outstanding contract revenues reportedly at £4.8 million.
Team Register, 21 Aug 2000

Napster goes on offensive

Napster on Friday asked the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to completely overturn the injunction granted against it by the US District Court under Judge Marilyn Patel.
Tony Smith, 21 Aug 2000

AltaVista mystery ends today

UpdatedAltaVista is to issue a statement later today confirming it has been rolling out its unmetered service since June 30 and that it has, indeed, signed up tens of thousands of users.
Tim Richardson, 21 Aug 2000

3dfx commits to proprietary Mac monitor port

Graphics accelerator specialist 3dfx has confirmed it will support Apple's controversial Apple Display Connector (ADC) in "future products".
Tony Smith, 21 Aug 2000

Love Bug suspect released

Authorities in the Philippines have dropped all the charges against Onel de Guzman, the man suspected of unleashing the love bug virus earlier this year.
Tim Richardson, 21 Aug 2000

Amstrad denies E-M@iler technical problems

Amstrad has flatly denied allegations in The Mail on Sunday that its E-M@iler is experiencing technical difficulties and that the company has been having supply problems.
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Aug 2000

Cherie Blair's name used in online erotic tease

The Observer has been getting excited over its discovery that Cherie Blair's name had been hijacked to create a Web site hosting erotica
Robert Blincoe, 21 Aug 2000

Net kills English

The Net is sucking the very lifeblood out of the English language and creating a new lingua franca of its own.
Tim Richardson, 21 Aug 2000
Hammer, spanner and screw

Hard driven Quantum's Atlas-V and IBM's Deskstar

Quantum's Atlas-V hard drive goes under the metaphorical microscope at Insane Hardware. All round glowing reports were to follow, particularly for use in video editing and graphic design.
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Aug 2000

It's oh so quiet

ReviewWhen we mentioned in passing that we were having problems getting our hands on a fan for our 800MHz FC-PGA Pentium III last week, the nice folks at Quiet PC took pity on us and sent us one of their new extra-quiet radial fin heatsinks to try.
Andrew Thomas, 21 Aug 2000

Post Office ready for digital signatures

The Post Office (UK) is on the verge of signing a digital signature deal - just one of a slew of Net-based plans it has thrown out recently. The deal will almost certainly be with its partner of old, VeriSign.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Aug 2000

3Com ends patent talks with Xircom

Negotiations between 3Com and Xircom aimed at resolving the two comms companies' argument over patent ownership and infringement have broken down, Xircom admitted today.
Tony Smith, 21 Aug 2000

Dead authors write to Amazon

The fact that anyone can post bogus author comments on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk doesn't seem to come as much of a surprise to Reg readers - a lot of you seem to have enjoyed the feature for quite some time.
Robert Blincoe, 21 Aug 2000

Kingston starts DDR memory shipments to OEMs

Kingston Technology has started shipping DDR memory modules to its OEM customers for testing, in preparation for the market introduction of DDR technology during Q4 of 2000.
Andrew Thomas, 21 Aug 2000

Freeswerve in USB ADSL launch

Freeserve is to start offering its BT-enabled ADSL product early next month - eight weeks before BT claims it will be able to offer a comparable service.
Tim Richardson, 21 Aug 2000

80GB hard drives get into PCs

Maxtor has confirmed that its 80GB hard drive, the DiamondMax 80, is shipping out to distributors now and is expected in the shops by September.
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Aug 2000

What the hell… is going on with the US and mobile phones

DoCoMo is to launch in the US. Well, it's taking a minority stake in a joint wireless venture with SBC Communications and Bell-South. The move is reckoned to put the group in a stronger position to win licences off the FCC in the next auction of bandwidth.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Aug 2000

Freeserve pushes drugs

Freeserve dispensed with email today and biked round press kits alerting hacks to its new broadband service, Freeserve Plus. The ISP claims it's "Fast, powerful and always on" - much like the packet of caffeine-based stimulants, PROPLUS, which were included as part of the kit. Nice touch. Trudging through Freeserve press releases you need something to keep you going, if you know what I mean. ®
Tim Richardson, 21 Aug 2000

Competition The Winner of the bullet riddled mobo

The Register ran a competition for a reader to win the mobo which Kay Buena shot to pieces.
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Aug 2000

MP3 and the Net: stars give their views

While at the V2000 music festival this weekend, we took the opportunity to ask a few bands what they thought about the Internet and MP3s.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Aug 2000

FTC trouble nobbling AOL's instant messaging

The Federal Trade Commission looks as though it will be unable to force AOL to open blocks to its instant messaging system - even if it wanted to. The FTC is investigating the proposed merger between AOL and Time Warner and had been asked to look at possible anti-competitive behaviour by AOL in the IM market.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Aug 2000

Caldera's Love rails at Monterey ‘misinformation’

Caldera CEO Ransom Love has blamed inaccurate press reports for the confusion for muddying the waters of Project Monterey.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Aug 2000

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