21st August 2000 Archive

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  • Pentium 4 platform renamed

    Thought it was the Itanic? Marchitecture rules.

    Channel 21 08:14

  • Crap products: a reader's plea

    Anyone gotta monitor for an OPD?

    Bootnotes 21 08:38

  • Readers letters Naught for Nautilus

    From our San Francisco postbag: no Windows clones, please...

    Letters 21 09:07

  • IBM Unix hit by false Falco

    But Caldera left holding the baby

    Software 21 09:10

  • Net flirting guide from fash mag hacks

    What the Elle is going on

    Media 21 09:14

  • NetStore delighted with £5m loss

    And other flatulence from the bubble economy

    Business 21 10:03

  • Napster goes on offensive

    Launches attempt to get Appeals Court to block injunction completely

    Media 21 10:21

  • AltaVista mystery ends today

    ISP will prove service exists

    Media 21 10:25

  • 3dfx commits to proprietary Mac monitor port

    Only non-OEM supplier to back Apple Display Connector

    Mac Channel 21 10:54

  • Love Bug suspect released

    If he didn't do it, then who did?

    Media 21 11:03

  • Amstrad denies E-M@iler technical problems

    And there's no supply trouble either

    Business 21 11:06

  • Cherie Blair's name used in online erotic tease

    But it seems to be a worthy cause

    Media 21 11:35

  • Net kills English

    The latest in an occasional series of scare stories

    Media 21 11:43

  • Hard driven Quantum's Atlas-V and IBM's Deskstar

    Tin inspection and chip dissection

    Hardware Roundup 21 11:51

  • It's oh so quiet

    At last a way to silence Sheena Easton

    Business 21 12:20

  • Post Office ready for digital signatures

    The old PO really seems to be on the ball in recent months

    Media 21 12:26

  • 3Com ends patent talks with Xircom

    Decides to sue instead

    Business 21 12:43

  • Dead authors write to Amazon

    It's a grave situation

    Media 21 13:39

  • Kingston starts DDR memory shipments to OEMs

    Final death knell for Rambus draws ever nearer

    Channel 21 14:02

  • Freeswerve in USB ADSL launch

    Hip-hip - hooray, hip-hip - hooray

    Media 21 14:16

  • 80GB hard drives get into PCs

    First machines due in a fortnight

    Business 21 14:34

  • What the hell… is going on with the US and mobile phones

    DoCoMo, protocols, 3G, TV companies - what a mess

    Data Networking 21 14:38

  • Freeserve pushes drugs

    They know how to get you wired

    Bootnotes 21 15:19

  • Competition The Winner of the bullet riddled mobo

    You knew we'd get round to it eventually...

    Bootnotes 21 16:06

  • MP3 and the Net: stars give their views

    Top bands and industry insiders tell us what they think

    Media 21 16:10

  • FTC trouble nobbling AOL's instant messaging

    Time Warner purchase looks safe, FCC still in the wings though

    Media 21 16:25

  • Caldera's Love rails at Monterey ‘misinformation’

    There ain't no Sanity Cruz

    Software 21 18:25