18th August 2000 Archive

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  • Asustek sales pale as Intel supplies fail

    Misses targets

    Business 18 07:29

  • Hollywood 1: Hackers 0

    Copyright victory

    Media 18 08:30

  • Microsoft casts WinME sweepstake adrift

    Broken promises could breach state anti-competitive practices

    Software 18 08:35

  • Church of EMACS blesses GNOME-openoffice union

    Go forth and compile, RMS tells The Reg

    Software 18 08:40

  • Sega Dreamcast sales shrink

    US and European shipments fall below company expectations

    Business 18 09:37

  • Transmeta files for IPO

    IBM and Tosh to cash in

    Business 18 09:57

  • Dotcoms to track people for UK Govt

    We know who you are, and we (now) know where you live

    Media 18 09:58

  • Sony unveils content site for Palm PDAs

    'Communication Linkage for Information and Entertainment'

    Media 18 10:00

  • Universal to bring digital music service to UK

    Major Bluematter expansion coming this autumn

    Media 18 10:29

  • QXL knocks £500m off Ricardo price tag

    And they don't want Pfeiffer on the board

    Business 18 10:50

  • Pakistan invests in the Net

    That's about it, really

    Media 18 10:54

  • BT share drop over mounting debt

    And the results of the German 3G auction

    Data Networking 18 10:57

  • Sanyo joins the Symbian club

    It's a phone thing

    Data Networking 18 11:01

  • UK villains get their very own database

    Big Brother knows how much you drink and who your friends are

    Software 18 11:37

  • DVD playback on Linux just got better

    But don't hold your breath

    Software 18 12:06

  • Yet another government IT cock-up

    This time for £1.6 billion. NAO is not amused

    Software 18 12:54

  • Intel owed $13m as Fountain Tech files Chapter 11

    MS and AMD also creditors

    Business 18 12:54

  • MS signs up for Windows-on-Linux API

    MainWin deal for Internet Explorer on Unix - will Office on Linux follow?

    Software 18 13:26

  • HW Roundup The GeForce MX's impact on budget machines

    And more of the Asus A7V

    Hardware Roundup 18 13:40

  • BT linked with AT&T?

    No comment

    Data Networking 18 13:41

  • Thin client sales taking off

    Citrix and Wyse shine

    Business 18 14:35

  • Done surfing? Go fishing

    UK top bods start off small

    Media 18 14:35

  • Flame of the Week We are drunk, lying, dying losers

    Tell us something we don't know you nutter

    Letters 18 15:23

  • Net censorship row is right cock-up

    Polical correctness plumbs depth of barminess

    Media 18 15:29

  • Wound up about WIPO

    It would seem as though you're very impressed with it either

    Letters 18 15:38

  • Government bunch of dirty buggers: official

    They've got a bleeding cheek ain't they? Politicians on both sides of the Atlantic

    Letters 18 16:26

  • Red or dead? The China argy-bargy goes on

    Nothing like a good cultural conflict to get the juices flowing

    Letters 18 16:29

  • URwired.com goes under

    Another cash-strapped dotcom bites the dust

    Business 18 16:31

  • Best of the Rest: where do we start?

    There's some good uns this week, check em out

    Letters 18 16:44

  • Readers' Letters Wimps, pimps and dog-shagging politicians

    You guys, you guys. You crack us up sometimes

    Letters 18 16:58

  • QXL.com fined £34,000 for dodgy software

    But can still afford Ricardo.com

    Business 18 17:00