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Asustek sales pale as Intel supplies fail

Asustek is to sell 200,000 mobos fewer this month than it had originally anticipated - and it blames lack of Intel chip supplies for much of the shortfall.
Drew Cullen, 18 Aug 2000

Hollywood 1: Hackers 0

It's official: the First Amendment may guarantee free speech but it is not an appropriate defence when the livelihood of copyright owners are threatened.
Drew Cullen, 18 Aug 2000

Microsoft casts WinME sweepstake adrift

ExclusiveMicrosoft appears to have abandoned a promotional sweepstake that promised fifty winners a day a commemorative edition of Windows ME signed by Bill Gates. This week the sweep has been suspended, with only a brief explanation on the front page stating that "technical difficulties" were to blame.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Aug 2000

Church of EMACS blesses GNOME-openoffice union

Free software evangelist and a self-styled saint in the Church of EMACS Richard Stallman has blessed Sun's release of its StarOffice suite in an email to The Register.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Aug 2000

Sega Dreamcast sales shrink

Sega admitted yesterday that US and European Dreamcast sales aren't going as well as the company had hoped.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2000

Transmeta files for IPO

Transmeta intends to go public, and yesterday filed its 400-page S-1 registration with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Aug 2000

Dotcoms to track people for UK Govt

ExclusiveThe British Government is to employ dotcoms to keep tabs on its citizens.
Tim Richardson, 18 Aug 2000

Sony unveils content site for Palm PDAs

Sony will next month launch a Web-based content service for its upcoming Palm-based PDAs - or Personal Entertainment Organisers, as the Japanese giant calls them.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2000

Universal to bring digital music service to UK

Universal, one of the world's 'big five' recording companies, will bring its Bluematter digital music service to the UK this autumn, along with an expansion of the service in the US.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2000

QXL knocks £500m off Ricardo price tag

QXL.com has knocked around 75 per cent off its original buyout price for German auction house ricardo.com. QXL has offered 34 QXL shares for each Ricardo share, valuing the company at £171.2 million. Back in May it offered 42.6 QXL shares for each ricardo share - putting a £668 million price tag on the company.
Linda Harrison, 18 Aug 2000

Pakistan invests in the Net

The Pakistan Telecommunications Company is to invest £1.75 million over the next year as part of a drive to provide Net access to 80 per cent of the country's population.
Tim Richardson, 18 Aug 2000

BT share drop over mounting debt

BT saw its share price drop again yesterday due to concerns over its increasing debt burden following the announcement it would buy another 45 per cent of German mobile company Viag for £3.6 billion. That price has now gone up to £4.05 billion because Viag won one of the licences in Germany's 3G auction, but more about that later.
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Aug 2000

Sanyo joins the Symbian club

Sanyo is joining the Symbian camp.
Drew Cullen, 18 Aug 2000

UK villains get their very own database

UK Criminals are to have the dubious honour of having their intimate details stored in a computer system which will make value judgements on their likelihood of reoffending.
Andrew Thomas, 18 Aug 2000

DVD playback on Linux just got better

Amid all the copyright brouhaha over DeCSS, the DVD encryption code-cracker, it's easy to forget that the Norwegian teenager who wrote the utility did so simply so he (and others) could watch DVD movies on Linux machines.
Drew Cullen, 18 Aug 2000

Yet another government IT cock-up

Oh dear, oh dear. The National Audit Office has slammed the government for wasting £1.6 billion on a computer system intended to crack down on benefit fraud. Accusing it of "organisational myopia", the NAO quoted rushed planning, extremely tight deadlines and lack of leadership/responsibility as the main reasons behind the system's scrapping.
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Aug 2000

Intel owed $13m as Fountain Tech files Chapter 11

US components manufacturer Fountain Technologies has filed for Chapter 11 and named Intel as one of its biggest creditors.
Linda Harrison, 18 Aug 2000

MS signs up for Windows-on-Linux API

Software developer Mainsoft has confirmed its MainWin Windows-to-Unix porting technology is being used by Microsoft. That said, its statement is pretty cautious about what Microsoft is actually porting, and for what versions of the OS.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2000

HW Roundup The GeForce MX's impact on budget machines

Anandtech has posted his monthly guide to value systems. Always worth checking out if you are thinking of putting a new system together. This one shows the impact of the GeForce MX on the affordable end of computing. Point and click.
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Aug 2000

BT linked with AT&T?

BT has dismissed a report that it is toying with the idea of merging with AT&T.
Tim Richardson, 18 Aug 2000

Thin client sales taking off

Thin client sales rose by 90 per cent worldwide last year, according to research by IDC.
Linda Harrison, 18 Aug 2000

Done surfing? Go fishing

A small gathering of VIPs who aim to put themselves in the forefront of the UK's e-government plans have started off small with the launch of a Web site where you can apply for a fishing licence online.
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Aug 2000

Flame of the Week We are drunk, lying, dying losers

[It's the old Mike-massacres-Rambus story]
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Aug 2000

Net censorship row is right cock-up

A Los Angeles attorney has been blocked from joining the New York-based BlackPlanet.com online service - because her name doesn't fit.
Tim Richardson, 18 Aug 2000

Wound up about WIPO

[We have been getting increasingly annoyed with both ICANN and WIPO. Considering there are probably the two most influential bodies on the future of the Internet, do we not deserve better?]
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Aug 2000

Government bunch of dirty buggers: official

[Only two emails on this one, but they're good uns. Linda wrote plenty about the RIP Bill and also about the discover that top White House staff in Washington were downloading some pretty sick porn off the Web]
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Aug 2000

Red or dead? The China argy-bargy goes on

[We wrote a humorous piece about the Chinese government shutting down a dissident Web site. That started some rumbling. We wrote another about how China approached the Internet and the flames began and the crazies started marching. Incidentally, The Reg team got on the wrong end of a Chinaman last night. Two sheets to the wind, he took exception to us taking pictures (Linda's leaving drinks) and demanded to know why we were taking pictures of him. He was pretty angry about it. Lester wanted to lump him, Mike reckoned there was a story in it and Lucy calmed him down by buying him a half of Guinness. And the pub was packed with the bobbies from West End Central]
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Aug 2000

URwired.com goes under

European Games and DVD etailer URwired.com has stopped trading.
Team Register, 18 Aug 2000

Best of the Rest: where do we start?

Are 1GHz PCs just penis extensions?
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Aug 2000

Readers' Letters Wimps, pimps and dog-shagging politicians

[It's a good week for letters. We've come back down to earth, so no more namby-pamby emotion shite. Stories. Responses. Best of the Rest. We tackled one hundred and one topics this week that seemed to spark off interest with your good selves. And we've had some blinding responses. What else? Well, today we say au revoir to Linda, who is going off to report for us from New York. See yer darlin. And, um, that's it really. Have a good weekend]
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Aug 2000

QXL.com fined £34,000 for dodgy software

QXL.com has been ordered to cough up £34,000 after being busted by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) for dodgy software.
Linda Harrison, 18 Aug 2000

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