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The Napster Controversy

The RIAA vs Napster Analysis Napster will live or die by 'fair use' A Settlement? Bertelsmann eyeing up Liquid Audio? BMG attempting to merge with EMI Top Bertelsmann brass resign BMG alliance may hinder Napster cloners BMG, Napster deal damned by Universal Napster makes sweet music with Bertelsmann The case comes to the Appeal Court - again No verdict in Napster trial - yet Pre re-trial tussles Napster brief slams RIAA tactics US Patent Office dismisses key Napster defence US appeal court sets date for Napster trial Napster goes on offensive Napster goes to appeal Appeals court orders Napster stay of execution Napster comes to court Napster to close Friday RIAA dubs Napster defence 'patently baseless' Napster details copyright case defence Napster tries to talk its way out of RIAA suit DoJ's top gun from MS trial joins Napster defence New surveys cited in Napster injunction request Napster use survey takes heat off college students Napster loses preliminary hearing Napster's effect on the music biz MP3 to kill the CD by 2005 - MORI Downloaded music sales to hit £300m in UK by 2005 Napster nukes CD sales Napster enabled 1.4bn song swaps in September Napster-style sites to cost music biz $3.1bn by 2005 Napster has huge number of users - shock! Napster usage stats support RIAA claims Napster use survey takes heat off college students Sony and Napster Sony backtracks from anti-Napster spiel We will block Napster at source - Sony exec Metallica et al vs Napster Napster told to say 'Sorry, Metallica' Colleges defy Napster ban demand Metallica lawyer tells colleges to block Napster Napster fan hacks 50 more sites Pro-Napster hacker claims 60 site scalps Napster exiles 230,000 more alleged music pirates Napster Metallica ban proving hard to enforce Irate fans prep Metallica specific Napster clone Napster bans most alleged Metallica pirates Napster may ban Metallica's 'pirates' Metallica to shame - but not name - Napster 'pirates' Chuck D benefits Napster with on-line rap contest Napster and other bands Spice Girls tune in to Napster Smashing Pumpkins' MP3 tells label to fornicate off Radiohead new album pops up on Napster Spinal Tap to fill Napster void Madonna single leaked via Napster Napster vs The Offspring Offspring agrees to can Napster album giveaway Napster to sue bastard Offspring Legislative Manoeuvres Senator Hatch's Napster Epiphany Bush & Gore on Napster: compromise but pay up? White House sticks its nose in Napster appeal Napster's business VC pumps $15m into Napster
Tony Smith, 16 Aug 2000