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AMD's Sledgehammer gets first OS pledge

LinuxWorldAMD's Sledgehammer chip looks like it has hit the ground running. Only five days after publishing the instruction set for the new 64-bit processor, SuSE has announced that it has the GNU gcc compiler and some basic parts of the toolchain ready for x86-64, and similar announcements are expected from the other Linux distros at LinuxWorld this week.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Aug 2000

StarOffice creator on the GNOME pact

LinuxWorldSeeing as how we'd scooped the news of the creation of the Gnome Foundation without the benefit of embargoed press releases, Sun Microsystems was kind enough to let its kimono drop earlier than it had planned yesterday... and brought forth Marco Boerries, creator of StarOffice.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Aug 2000

KDE responds: we're not scared

LinuxWorldKDE might lack the PR attack dogs, spin teams or budgets of the rival Gnome project, but maybe it doesn't need them.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Aug 2000

AMD confuses world+dog with prices

Late yesterday evening, UK time, The Reg received a little e-missive from AMD talking about their faster Athlon and also confirming price cuts they made yesterday on their microprocessors.
Mike Magee, 15 Aug 2000

Boffins unveil world's most powerful quantum computer

Researchers from Stanford University, the University of Calgary and IBM have built what they claim is the most advanced quantum computer to date - a staggeringly powerful beast that uses all of five atoms to store and process data.
Tony Smith, 15 Aug 2000

Brits flock to the Net

More than a quarter of all households in Britain now have access to the Internet, according to Web watcher MMXI Europe.
Tim Richardson, 15 Aug 2000

HP revamps CD RW drives

HP is to revamp its range of CD rewritable drives next month and offer up to 12X write and 8X rewrite speeds on the top models. The drives will come with what HP describes as an easy to use software bundle aimed at helping users to convert MP3 files to WAV files and from audio CDs to MP3s.
Andrew Thomas, 15 Aug 2000

Jungle man has 80's pop star for best man

Steve Bennett has drafted in some celebrity status for his wedding next month.
Linda Harrison, 15 Aug 2000

Anand and Dr Tom check out Nvidia's latest

HW RoundupIamnotageek.com has finished reviewing the ATI Radeon 64MB DDR. The fruits of their labours can be found here. This review concludes it is worth considering, if you have the cash to spend.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Aug 2000

Gossip links IBM and Novell

No one at IBM or Novell was available to comment on speculation that Big Blur has set its sights on gobbling up the software company.
Tim Richardson, 15 Aug 2000

Cheaper notebooks by Christmas

British shoppers can look forward to cheaper notebooks this autumn thanks to falling TFT-LCD screen prices.
Linda Harrison, 15 Aug 2000

Dotcom share buying falls from British favour

Investors in Britain appear to have lost their appetite for buying and selling shares online, according to the latest research.
Team Register, 15 Aug 2000

Mobile phone scare over, or is it a Wind-Up?

UpdatedDespite the constantly conflicting arguments over whether mobile phones are damaging, most people must surely have the opinion that there is a real risk of radiation for users.
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Aug 2000

Totalise offers unmetered Net access

While Britain's ISPs appear to be climbing over themselves to ditch unmetered access, there's one, at least, which appears to think it's still a good idea.
Tim Richardson, 15 Aug 2000

Agenda to take on PalmOS with Linux

US-based Agenda Computing today launched a scheme to take on handheld computing giants Palm and Handspring with the introduction of a consumer-oriented palmtop device based on Linux.
Tony Smith, 15 Aug 2000

Tombola.com goes titsup.com in scratch card cock-up

Scores of Net users are counting the cost of a software glitch at online gaming outfit, Tombola.com, after they thought they had scratched their way to a cash prize.
Tim Richardson, 15 Aug 2000

Umax scans straight to the Net

The latest scanners from Umax will scan images straight onto the Internet, bypassing the hard drive for those who want to post photo's on their web sites.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Aug 2000

The sick world of knowledge behind cybersquatting

Cybersquatting is getting more and more interesting by the minute. Apart from the legitimate claims (which seem fewer and fewer these days), following the cases currently running through the WIPO tell you not only the sites where you can find criticism of big corporates but also where the self-same corporations are planning to expand into in the future.
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Aug 2000

VA Linux launches open source answer to M$N

So farewell then, Andover.net...
Tony Smith, 15 Aug 2000

Intel makes nice mobo – shock!

ReviewAfter the horror that was the Cape Cod 820 mobo fiasco, the launch a few weeks back of Chipzilla's first mobo using the new i815E chipset must have caused a few nervous twinges at Satan Clara.
Andrew Thomas, 15 Aug 2000

Bloomberg involved in Net sting

Two men from Kazakhstan face extradition to the US after allegedly attempting to extort $200,000 from the Bloomberg financial news service.
Tim Richardson, 15 Aug 2000

PC companies to get louder voice in Brussels

Keith Warburton has unleashed his European extension of UK PC builder trade group the Personal Computer Association (PCA).
Linda Harrison, 15 Aug 2000

Sega ISP to launch 7 September

Sega is putting its full weight behind online gaming, when it launches its SegaNet ISP on 7 September, part of a major attempt to keep its head above the marketing tsunami that will mark the launch of Sony's PlayStation 2 in the US and Europe.
Tony Smith, 15 Aug 2000

Achtung! Another 3G cash cow

There was much excitement today when the bids for the German 3G mobile phone auctions topped the ludicrous £22.5 billion paid by UK operators. It currently stands at just under £25 billion (DM80 billion) and is expected to increase further to £33 billion.
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Aug 2000

Red Hat loves IBM (true)

IBM has authorised Red Hat to bundle IBM's Linux-based software worldwide.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Aug 2000

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