15th August 2000 Archive

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  • AMD's Sledgehammer gets first OS pledge

    SuSE floats the iceberg #1 at Itanic

    Software 15 03:49

  • StarOffice creator on the GNOME pact

    Sun told me to do it

    Software 15 08:15

  • KDE responds: we're not scared

    Puts faith in binaries, not spin

    Software 15 08:15

  • AMD confuses world+dog with prices

    Official price far above real price

    Channel 15 09:13

  • Boffins unveil world's most powerful quantum computer

    Based on... er... just five atoms

    Business 15 10:11

  • Brits flock to the Net

    Triffik traffic news

    Media 15 10:42

  • HP revamps CD RW drives

    But will they work with Windows 2000?

    Business 15 10:54

  • Jungle man has 80's pop star for best man

    Steve Bennett likes a Tight Fit

    Business 15 10:55

  • Anand and Dr Tom check out Nvidia's latest

    GeForce 2 Ultra and Detonator 3 drivers in the lab

    Hardware Roundup 15 11:28

  • Gossip links IBM and Novell

    Who could start such rumours?

    Business 15 11:30

  • Cheaper notebooks by Christmas

    TFT-LCD screen shortages over and prices coming down

    Business 15 11:42

  • Dotcom share buying falls from British favour

    Orders drop by 30 per cent

    Business 15 11:52

  • Mobile phone scare over, or is it a Wind-Up?

    We look into gadget that claims to reduce radiation by 90 per cent

    Data Networking 15 13:01

  • Totalise offers unmetered Net access

    Who said free access was dead?

    Media 15 13:15

  • Agenda to take on PalmOS with Linux

    Unveils open source OS-based consumer handheld

    Business 15 14:11

  • Tombola.com goes titsup.com in scratch card cock-up

    Not a lotto flutter fun

    Media 15 14:25

  • Umax scans straight to the Net

    Get the picture? Yes we see.

    Business 15 14:27

  • The sick world of knowledge behind cybersquatting

    Dyslexic Yahoo, porn-monger Irish PM, Dell's new push

    Media 15 14:49

  • VA Linux launches open source answer to M$N

    OSDN.com to channel Slashdot, Freshmeat et al through a single portal

    Media 15 14:54

  • Intel makes nice mobo – shock!

    See? They can do it if they really try

    Business 15 15:01

  • Bloomberg involved in Net sting

    Founder helped apprehend two suspected hackers

    Media 15 15:19

  • PC companies to get louder voice in Brussels

    Trade group expands into Europe

    Business 15 15:26

  • Sega ISP to launch 7 September

    Focus shifts to PC as well as Dreamcast - so that's it for the console then?

    Media 15 15:36

  • Achtung! Another 3G cash cow

    More shenanigans, more money

    Data Networking 15 16:35

  • Red Hat loves IBM (true)

    Still at kissing stage

    Software 15 21:54