14th August 2000 Archive

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  • MS dumping Win95 support in next version of Office?

    Not the old version checker gag, surely...

    Software 14 05:03

  • 3i takes III to court over domain name

    Hey, that belongs to us

    Business 14 07:36

  • Rambus sues Infineon

    It's like a diamond lane for your lawyer

    Channel 14 07:56

  • Safeway hacked in email raid

    Take your shopping to Tesco

    Media 14 08:45

  • Sun puts dollars and suits behind GNOME

    Come into my Office Suite, said the spider to the fly

    Software 14 08:52

  • Domain name registration more popular than car theft

    Probably always was with the car owners

    Media 14 09:21

  • Johnny Vaughan plans DIY Web site

    Sheds 'n things from the Big Breakfast star

    Media 14 10:04

  • Jobs trying to block my book alleges author

    Apple CEO out to gag unauthorised biography, apparently

    Mac Channel 14 10:20

  • There is such a thing as a free PC

    But would you want it?

    Media 14 10:21

  • M$ LINX vote delayed

    Even the tenterhooks are on edge

    Media 14 10:24

  • Sony signs Transmeta

    Crusoe to power upcoming Vaio, thanks to outsourced production deal

    Channel 14 11:01

  • Dixons couples with Gameplay and renames @jakarta stores

    Freeserve gets games channel

    Business 14 11:19

  • Dell to demo Linux on Itanium

    Texans to push open source OS as high end database system

    Software 14 11:34

  • Lastminute.com slurred by Church

    It needs to make a leap of faith

    Media 14 11:35

  • AMD fans fans' flames

    Fans for the memory, Slot A...

    Channel 14 11:42

  • Reuters slashes 1000 jobs to focus on Net

    QXL concerned about Ricardo's b2b set up

    Business 14 11:49

  • HW Roundup Dr Tom goes Linux crazy with Nvidia 3D cards

    And the cream of mousemats

    Hardware Roundup 14 12:03

  • Tecmar surrenders on Ditto drives

    Win2k drivers tougher than tough?

    Business 14 12:05

  • BT denies data centre investment climb-down

    So there

    Media 14 12:28

  • Bitboys' 3D superchip schedule slips again?

    Appears to have shifted from early 2001 to second half of the year

    Channel 14 12:32

  • Orange goes high-speed wireless

    Laptops at 28.8Kbps, phones in October

    Media 14 13:34

  • Nvidia releases third Detonator driver

    Offers up to 50 per cent performance boost, company claims

    Business 14 14:09

  • Big corporates ‘pained’ by Win2K rollouts

    But it's worth it in the long run

    Software 14 14:28

  • Are 1GHz PCs just penis extensions?

    What does the size of your hard drive say about your joystick?

    Business 14 14:38

  • Israel and England are one and the same

    Internet ties inefficient world together

    Data Networking 14 14:40

  • Big Brother to finally get online voting

    But keep Nick in there

    Media 14 14:48

  • Red Hat secures Stronghold with C2Net buy

    Beefs up enterprise services

    Business 14 14:51

  • Nvidia unveils GeForce 2 Ultra

    Spec. reads like a 250MHz GeForce 2 GTS

    Channel 14 15:18

  • Compaq runs out of iPaqs

    But it will have more soon

    Business 14 15:34

  • AltaVista: the silence continues

    Stand-off enters second week

    Media 14 15:39

  • Intel buys Ziatech for $240 million

    Slowly, slowly catchee monkey

    Media 14 15:44

  • Levi's and Philips create wired up clothing

    Be first to wear the phoned up MP3 anorak

    Business 14 16:26

  • Oh no! Here comes Captain Cyborg again

    Kevin Warwick - a book to plug and more nonsense to tell us

    Business 14 16:32

  • AMD ships 1.1GHz Athlons, cuts prices

    Chimpzilla attacks

    Channel 14 17:42

  • Linux bods petition over European patent laws

    Online protest gathers apace

    Software 14 18:24