11th August 2000 Archive

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  • Linux and notebooks boost Dell revenue

    Rack-mount Penguins driving the business now, says vice chairman.

    Software 11 00:55

  • Adabra disappears in puff of VC smoke

    Backers back off

    Business 11 07:21

  • Look-and-feel wars return as Adobe sues Macromedia

    Hands off our tabbed palettes

    Mac Channel 11 07:22

  • Dell lives in Intel parallel cosmos

    Distie model prevents domino pizazz

    Business 11 07:23

  • III sales flat as a pancake

    But losses fall

    Business 11 07:55

  • IDC pricks SCO-Caldera bubble

    Expresses 'strong sense of disquiet'

    Software 11 08:01

  • Pentium 4 to hit 2GHz next year

    And Willamette-479 drops a pin

    Channel 11 08:57

  • Sony to launch Net-based video channel

    Mega Channel dry run for PlayStation 2 digital content services

    Media 11 09:01

  • AMD fans currently a nightmare

    Athlon and Duron powers

    Channel 11 10:07

  • AOL pulls musical search engine

    It can't tell the good from the bad

    Media 11 10:35

  • Ricardo share price bombed by QXL jitters

    'Nothing illegal, illicit or fraudulent', says QXL

    Business 11 10:41

  • Net speak makes Oxford English Dictionary

    Don't get your chuddies in a twist, it's a living, breathing language

    Bootnotes 11 10:44

  • Woolworths join Net dunce brigade

    It really doesn't know what it's doing

    Media 11 11:58

  • Lucent and Chartered in 5-year development deal

    $700 million to spend on future of integrated circuits

    Channel 11 12:20

  • Amazon gets big in toy warehousing

    Its online future is distribution

    Business 11 12:24

  • MS and anti-trust: now it's India's turn

    Or not, as the case may be

    Software 11 12:39

  • Get paid to search the Web

    This means free stuff, just very slowly

    Media 11 13:16

  • BT launches cable offensive

    We put undercover operative on its trail

    Bootnotes 11 14:14

  • Angry

    Make yourselves a cup of tea and put you feet up

    Letters 11 15:22

  • Taxan to start building PCs

    Mesh man Kinsler to run UK

    Business 11 15:26

  • HP to declare Linux ‘strategic’ – again

    Once more, please, this time with feeling...

    Business 11 15:32

  • HW Roundup Dr Tom kicks off a budget board battle

    Find out if the SiS630, i810E or Aladdin 7 is best in a ruck

    Hardware Roundup 11 15:34

  • Flame of the Week Register is dull!

    And glib and arrogant and crap and racist and misinformed

    Letters 11 16:15

  • Confused

    Don't drag us into your peculiar world

    Letters 11 16:22

  • Sexed-up

    It's only take one little pic and the saliva starts

    Letters 11 16:29

  • CBI to press for longer RIP discussion

    Deadline is just two weeks away

    Media 11 16:55

  • Quizzical

    So you question us, eh? Oh, and this is where the techy stuff is

    Letters 11 17:03

  • Judge wants France ring fenced from Nazi auctions

    Calls in the experts

    Media 11 17:08

  • Readers' Letters: Emotional

    Crazy, fangled artistic way of representing letters from you lot

    Letters 11 17:25

  • Redundancies at Datrontech

    Morgan shifts to Data Connectivity

    Business 11 17:29

  • UK Linux group slams Sophos virus threat claims

    Anti-virus company is spouting FUD, says NetProject

    Software 11 17:32